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Really enjoying all this characterization and build up before some tragedy leads @vortex_egg into turning their disinformation research into super-villainy and the construction of a mind-control network.

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How did we end up at a state where tech nerds who write down command and function references for their use-cases call them "Cheatsheets" and not "Grimoires"?

Started watching Laid Back Camp since... hey I like camping, and need something calm to watch right now.

And while it is kind of nice to watch right now since I'm not in a position to be camping...

It feels an awful lot like an extended commercial for REI.

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Having received the Covid vaccine, I wake to find myself transformed into a monstrous microchip. As I lie here unable to move from my bed, staring up at my giant pins as they twitch in the air, I contemplate whether I will ever be able to return to my job as a software engineer.


My toots on the recent matter...

It's a pity to see that the FSF is really just a cult of personality without any substance. However, it is a relief to see that there are so many projects and other institutions that pretty much make FSF irrelevant to the entire notion of free-software.

I never really read or paid any attention to RMS until I donated to FSF a few years back... and their newsletter was so much fanning over him. So I shouldn't be surprised that they can't see a future for free-software without him.

Thankfully, I don't really see free-software as having any need for him in the last twenty+ years, if it ever did. Certainly plenty who've contributed code commits over the years to projects who never once read a word of RMS.

So it's no big loss.

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I'd be happy to go back to work in an office environment, as long as I have my own desk in my own office with my own restroom and kitchen, of course — oh! and I'll need to keep that commute under a few minutes and will be playing industrial at top volume exactly half the time while demanding complete silence for the other half

I've been playing around with using php -a as a repl for testing some php clients.

The one downside I'm running into is that it isn't possible to hot-reload a class once it's defined. So if I find that I need to make a change in a class that was already loaded, I need to exit the interactive shell and start over... loosing any state that I might have already built up.

I had the same thing happen this last quarter with my zazen. I set a goal to meditate for an hour every day. I usually do 20 minutes.

At 20 minutes, I never miss a day.

With an hour goal, I missed days all the time because I couldn't find an entire hour to spare in the day.

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The psychology of goals seems interesting.

Like I got a pedometer several years back and I set my initial goal at 10,000 steps a day. Which I never accomplished. I would look at my pedometer, see that I had done only 5,000 steps and decide it would be too much effort to get the other 5k.

So I set my goal at 7,000. Slightly above what I'd do without any effort. Then I started averaging 15,000 steps a day because I'd look at the pedometer -- see that I was just short for the day, set out get those last few steps... and then just keep going.

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that one is small enough for fedi

    O      O
| O O |
--| |--
--| |--
| O O |

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periodic reminder that YYYY-MM-DD is the only acceptable way to write dates


Woo. Now I can play... a 2D Solarus game. Which I probably didn't need the nvidia card for anyways.

So it looks like POP OS upgraded my kernel to 5.11, which the nvidia-driver-390 doesn't support.

Switching back to 5.8 in grub and installing the driver there appears to have fixed things.

glmark2 is back to framerates in the thousands instead of the hundreds.

It takes me 2 hours to fix this every time it happens. That's about half the time I was able to schedule for actually playing games. 😡

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So after nuking and rebooting the POP OS update center wants to install nvidia-390 through Flatpak I guess?

This whole apt + flatpak (or on ubuntu apt + snap or what have you) situation really confuses me.

Gave that a shot. Now to reboot again...

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installing system76-drivers-nvidia is never the answer.

Purging everything nvidia related and rebooting.

Trying to install the nvidia-384 package which is the oddly named package that installs the nvidia-390 driver...

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Keeps trying to upgrade me to shiny new drivers that don't work with my ancient card.

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Hmmm... was going to play some games tonight but made the mistake of rebooting POP_OS and it appears to have nuked the Nvidia drivers again...

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