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Hello World 2.0!

New account. Same screaming into the void.

Ordered the print bundle for this this morning, been enjoying reading over the PDFs this afternoon. Seems pretty well put together.

Regular pomodoro never makes sense to me except as a tool to break out of procrastination.

Twenty minutes is about the time it takes for me to really mentally queue up the models that I'm working on and get going. And a five minute break isn't even enough time to take a shit more or less get anything else done.

I've been trying a kind of super-pomodoro with work lately.

Two hours of focused deep work. Two hours away from the computer doing something else.

Yes, the result is that my work day is effectively starts at 0900 and ends at 2300. But so far it's feeling pretty good.

I can keep strongly focused and in the flow for programming for two hours. And a two hour break gives me time to actually get something done outside of work (walk the dogs, clean the house, take a solid nap).

I have this totally irrational hatred of the cat.

Like the dogs can do no wrong. They can totally destroy the house and I would still love them and get them a treat and tell them they're a good dog.

But I'm home alone this week and I need to feed the cat and take out its liter and every time I look at the cat I just think what a wretched useless pest.

I guess I've been under a rock. What's with the whole Huawei thing?

Credit scores are for the benefit of creditors, not the people.

fucking hate it when an evil badger kills my wife while i am working in the field and boils her into a soup

The other day something I left out was the reason I became a programmer: because programmers can make something out of nothing.

We’re not alone, writers can do this too, along with other digital artists, etc. Basically anything you can create with a computer can be made out of raw materials so small as to be nonexistent and zero-cost.

This is why I went from electronics to programming around age 5; I had no money and the computer was filled with infinite parts.

It's May. Stop snowing.

I've got relatives who won't visit because I live in Arizona. It's so hot and arid there. 😜​

People keep moving my meetings this morning. 😭​

Sometimes I wonder if humanity is ready for the borderless space that is the internet.

Looking at it from an average person's perspective, the answer I end up with isn't a happy one.

When I started the net was optimistic and naive but now it's a giant arena where various groups fight to influence and control its users with their brand of ideology and manipulation, whether nationalist or corporate.

I hate seeing countries working to cut themselves off the global net but I am not surprised, either.

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I watched the first season of GOT when it came out. Got half way through the second season and started to lose interest.

Think I'll go hit up Wikipedia and save myself a lot of time.

Kinopi, an unused character found in the data of Super Mario Galaxy. Despite appearing similar to a Toad, it is not friendly and will hurt Mario on contact. Due to being unfinished, there is an error in the texture mapping resulting in Kinopi having a second face under his chin.

Okay, I gave Bojack Horseman the three episode treatment. Followed by skipping ahead through a couple episodes.

My assessment: meh.

It's not bad. It's not really saying or exploring anything new. Ultimately, it just doesn't rise to the point where I feel like it's worth my limited time to watch.

Which seems to be the case for a lot of programs I often see touted as being great.

God does it feel nice when the unit tests are doing their thing.

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