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Hello World 2.0!

New account. Same screaming into the void.

Not going to get BotW done before Link's Awakening comes out. This game is a touch too big. I still haven't gotten to anything west of Hyrule field -- 3 more divine beasts and the castle.

Starting to think, I need to just run around and get the beasts and knock the game over before it starts to overstay it's welcome.

@aral So if you don't like Mozilla or Google, that leaves the one major browser engine you'd approve of being Apple's WebKit? I hope you can see why I say we need a Small Tech browser engine?

And from studying the current state of play, such an engine cannot afford the complexity of an efficient JavaScript engine nor it's extensive APIs.

@sir @flussence Web browsers were useful tools that worked well. Then js came along and webbrowsers became basically badly written OSs, and everything got fucked up.

But I guess Youtube is also an arbitrary bucket. If I go with all of Alphabet which this:

Article puts at $136 billion in revenue. Then this is a hard hitting $72 fine, or less than you would get for a 10 mph speeding ticket.

I should make a website that scales fines in articles to the average household income so we can get a sense of proportion.

So we have $170 Million fine.

This article puts Youtube's 2018 US revenue at 4.43 billion or 14 billion globally.

This graphic puts the 2016 US Median household income at $57,617.

So that put's this at a $2,200 fine (or $700 from their global revenue).

I did not watch all of Planetes while drinking countless shots of whiskey last night on a work night. I will not be going to bed immediately after stand up to sleep this off and start work after dinner.

I only just read this and it's blowing my mind:

I understand my rage and advocacy so much better now that I've placed myself on the code poet–hacker–maker simplex.

I have many thoughts.

§ The code poets are the vegan artists of the bunch ("your shit art don't pay, music eats ramen" per #Awkwafina, herself a poet). Gentle shoulda included "grad school, university" in their hangouts. But they CAN make 💰💰💰 at Galois, Jane Street, and a few other boutique firms.

Radical organizing seems pretty hyper-concentrated in cities, so I was wondering if anyone on here has experience organizing in rural areas? What unique challenges are there to it and how do you approach it?

I like how newspaper websites hide their articles with CSS instead of just truncating the article server side...

It would've been interesting to see how the internet would've developed if something like stricter domain isolation had been a thing.

Running Firefox with temporary containers + Google container can be rather enlightening to see where things break because they're trying to reach out client-side to communicate with different domains -- or a log in redirects through multiple domains one of which is a Google domain and breaks.

That and they seem to always come from for some odd reason.

Who follows these tootless follow bots? They always have a few.

Stay warm.

Buy a hoodie.

I know, I know... It's like 90f right now... but these won't ship until the end of September... and that is right before October.

Get your spookoweenie hacker gear.

It's warm.
It's got weird symbols.
It's got dead languages.
It'll make you more good looking.

37 hoodies sold.

If we hit 50, new server hardware!

1 day left.

Either way the EFF gets a nice payday out of this too.

This is it, this time around it'll actually arrive.

(My pre-order is only five months old...)

It also isn't like we don't see this pattern in mythic legends either.

Odysseus is gone for decades trying to get home from Troy. A lot of the Arthurian legends have knights setting off on quests only to get sidetracked for years is foreign lands.

I wish Link aged through all of this. It would be neat to storm the castle as 60 year old link having quested for forty long years to bring down each divine beast and track down the sword.

It's interesting how Breathe of the Wild starts off when Link awakens from his 100 years of slumber that time is of the essence. Zelda's power is waning, Ganon is going to be free soon.

Then the game sends you off far to the east to track down old friends. Adventure around the world defeating divine beasts and searching for the Mast Sword.

Dozens of blood moons go by unremarked.

If were really keeping track, I would say years have passed in-game since Link awoke and perhaps even decades will go by before he attempts the castle.

It would've been interesting if the game remarked on this extended passage of time.

$dayJob is switching from BlueJeans to Zoom. Not too happy about needing to install the zoom plugin on any of my systems after they demonstrated their brilliant security last summer.

BlueJeans, I was able to isolate to my phone and run it through a browser, not seeing a way to get that working with Zoom.

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