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So we beat on, tooting against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past

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Computer science belongs under the humanities as applied metaphysics.

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"Imagine, if you will, nothing but leftists, gay people, and German tech bros all spewing absolute bullshit all day. Memes last 10 minutes and once every couple months somebody says something racist so watch out for that"

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every day I wake up and start boosting real cyberpunk dystopia shit

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"Hardcore gamers": On the edge of their seats for the release of some overhyped 80$ AAAAAA piece of shit that's going to be the same game as the previous 5 titles in the series.

Me: On the edge of my seat for the release of this free Doom mod that's the sequel to what's probably the best Doom total conversion that ever existed:

In conclusion "hardcore gamers" aren't real gamers – they're the video game equivalent of people who only listen to mainstream pop music. 🧐

I see while I was away Facebook reached the rebrand yourself to escape your scandals era of corporate-hood.

So proud of them.

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opinions, cowboy bebop 

If Japan can arrest Carlos Ghosn for the shit he pulled they can arrest whoever is responsible for the Netflix Cowboy Bebop trailer.

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This toot got several "the war over the word '#hacker' is lost" replies, so I need to respond to it more generally.

Thankfully, I have a FAQ about it, since I encounter it so often:

1. Whichever other word we choose and fail to defend, is going to be abused; see: "hacktivist". I draw the line on "hacker".
2. LGBTQ+ community reclaimed the f-word, African-American community -- the n-word; it *can* be done.
3. Nobody gets to tell me what I can call myself, and what that means.

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The CEO of Danish Crown, a meat producer, has said that beef—which is unsustainable against climate change—will become a ‘luxury product’ in society. He added that pork, which is comparatively more sustainable, is society’s likely go to substitute for cheap meat in the future. (Danish Crown is largely a pork producer, but the logic stands.)

I sense a lot of religious friction over meat in coming decades as beef markets dry up and fish stocks disappear.

The spiders where hung
By the lantern with care
In hopes that the witches
Soon would be there

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Huge windstorm destroyed the ez-up tent. Found it rolling down the road torn to shreds.

It had the decency to hit the truck first and put a wonderful giant scrape across the entire side.

Oh where is my morning gyro cart to wipe away my tears.

Never did figure out how those bastards got around the bollards. They were the best damn food in the entire city.

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Drunkenly discover on a Sunday morn that the Purple Turtle is no more. Not that I'd ever go there again, but it is a sad loss of personal history.

I just discovered tailwind.css

Front-end has gone too far. They must be purged.

tfw you try to cut down on tabs by actually reading the articles and end up with more tabs open then when you started.

I see that Firefox has dropped it's latest WTF, why the hell would you think anyone who uses your browser would want this feature.

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PSA: Twitch 

2FA seeds were leaked.

You'll need to deactivate 2FA, and re-enable it to make it secure again.

Please boost.

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Good Morning fedi.

What's been hacked today? :breadbreadbreadpeek:

Have to hand it to distilleries. Unlike tobacco and Facebook, no one to my knowledge is actively trying to make alcohol more addictive or worse for you.

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ATFF — Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Facebook

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