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I'm a remote software engineer working the various F/OSS web-stacks from my remote cabin at 8,500 feet in the White Mountains of Arizona -- I'm prone to wanderlust and often grab some batteries, solar panels, and head out to work from my truck from whatever corner of these great open lands has cell phone reception.

Posts often about the trials and joys of remote work, venting about development (since I've got no watercooler coworkers), the usual consumptive vices of our age (film, video games, books), and chatter about returning to a more open web,
culture and society.

Oh, and I hope to meet plenty you at Defcon 28!

AIM culture really was something else.

Alerts when your friends logged in. Appearing away, so that you didn't alert people, but could still keep up with the people you *really* wanted to talk to. Direct connect file transfers.

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@lordbowlich 100%

Playback is part of the instrument.

This runs counter to most audiophile philosophy (“one wire with gain”) but it’s clear when you listen to recordings produced over decades (especially the same recordings remastered) that the prevalent reproduction technology of the time is a consideration from the engineer’s down to the songwriters.

Beyond that your points about the interface are spot-on. There’s always more investment in listening to a record vs a file or even a cd.

I do find myself irritated with how aggressive phones -- and well everything with a WiFi card are about trying to connect to everything.

iOS is constantly badgering me about that it's found some WiFi networks. Do I want to connect to them?


Why would I want to connect to some random network. I have unlimited data. I don't want you to talk to anything but my home network, ever.

Deleting all my saved WiFi networks except my two home ones -- since it's a convenient way for the unscrupulous to track movements.

Boy though, it's a walk down memory lane looking at the names of these things. Coffee shops from my home town. Employers I no longer work for. Coworking spaces I hung out at. Grandparents who passed away several years back.



Oh and brussel sprouts... although aren't those just cabbage as well?

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Discussing the victory garden tonight.

My idea of tilling the entire yard and planting potatoes was not accepted.

Discussed, potted tomato plants in the Arizona room. Getting starts going for green beans, peppers, cabbage. Leafy greens of some sort.

Lots of fencing to keep the Elk at bay.

Victory: Decision cites risks of pipeline spills to Standing Rock Sioux Tribe


I've only seen the first couple seasons, when do Lucy and Ethel finally get together? I can't take the tension!

covid uspol 

The 1 reason why I don't make websites with #Angular, #React, or any other front-end data-loading framework, is that they completely and utterly fail at #accessibility and #usability for the #JavascriptFree, and most of the time fail at #security and #privacy for the #JavascriptSufferers.

#Javascript is a great language and a great tool. Stop abusing it.

Blood for the Blood Gods.

"The stock market is up 11% because Trump started saying he'd sacrifice 3 million lives in order to send the rest of us back to work rather than providing for people's basic needs.

"Capitalism runs on blood. This week, the capitalists stop pretending it doesn't."

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U.S. Politics, Protesting during plagues 

The Folding@home team ( is ranked 1000 out of 242612 teams as of 2020-03-25 15:38:56. They have processed 5957 work units across 387 cores. The team's overall score is 80731396 credits.

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