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Hello World 2.0!

New account. Same screaming into the void.

@QuestForTori capitalism's fundamentally corrupt incentive structure strikes again at the heart of usability with its trusty weapon dark patterns

can't wait for the FOSS projects without any UX knowledge of their own to assume it's the state of the art and copycat it

Be nice if when I closed the lid on my Mac, vagrant/vbox would just be suspended instead of just totally unresponsive until I kill the process and restart it.

@lordbowlich the mnemonic for it is, F for Forward is the command once you're running less... And the + syntax lets you give less an interactive command from the cli

less +F, less +F, less +F.

I've googled this page probably once a week and I still can't remember that it's +F to go to the end and tail the log file.

/me slaps QA's hands.

Just because we let you click the merge button doesn't mean you should.

Time to go revert some things.

Got Night is Short, Walk on Girl on BD this weekend.

There are very few films that I watched two nights in a row. This is one of them.

Masaaki has yet to punt on any of his projects.

The animation is brilliantly stylistic. The world amazingly alive. I've spent years trying to find a movie that perfectly captures the feeling of night life. The transitions from evening partying into the long dark of the early morning.

One of those days crammed with meetings.

I want to dive deep into some dev tasks, but knowing that I'll just get called away as soon as I've got my head wrapped around anything makes me reluctant to get started on anything too involving...

All those old S&S style illustrations brings up so many feels. Which I had the time and access to a group for roleplaying.

Nothing local going on, and online RPGs just don't have the same kind of social camaraderie.

I think as games have gone into the 3D/realism route it seems like they have a very real problem of not making every world feel like the end times of the human species.

Like the Elder Scrolls games? The townsfolks to monsters ratio just implies that humanity is a couple more dragon encounters into extinction.

A more abstract style seems to make world feel more alive. Like I never thought of 2D Final Fantasy worlds as desolate. They seemed bustling because I always saw the overworld and maps as an abstraction of a much larger active world.

The void howls. The void howls. The void dances with sorrow because it hears the life that it will never have.

Esoteric thoughts bring about esoteric realities.

Make the cyber-occult utopia real.

Will it to be.

the sex pistols were the least punk thing to come out of the punk movement (they were put together like a boyband)

but they were the ones who started it

does that mean all of punk is therefore bollocks?

no, it just means all of punk is basically a happy accident

re: jetbrains, rant 

jetbrains, rant 

Looking for the where the cat is hiding while clincking glass bottles on my fingers.

Come out to plaaaay....

One of my neighbors is an 80 year old woman who smokes delicious smelling bbq on her porch while sitting in a lawn chair in a head scarf and sunglasses, petting her cat and chewing a cigar. This is now my life goal.

The forest screams. The forest cowers. The forest screams with glee because it feels the fear that it will never have.

"Everyone has to watch what they say because someone in the ... group could call you out. There's a world of difference between speaking in a group where you trust each other and speaking in a group where anyone could report you at any time, to the authorities, or shame you on #SocialMedia. So if you can imagine growing up where in your teen years you're always self-censoring ... [students] often accept it as normal ... that's all they've known ..."
- #JonathanHaidt

It’s a week of remembering #Apollo50th , when capitalism won the space race over socialism!

By using tax money to hire hundreds of thousands of people to collectively under the guidance of a public government agency invent stuff and advance science and technology.

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