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Hello World 2.0!

New account. Same screaming into the void.

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Well it's official. I've been with the new job long enough now that I'm stumbling on code I wrote when I started and thinking "Who wrote this crap" and then discovering it was me.

The time has come in the project where I have once more run out of back-endy type code to write and must now contend with writing the front-end UI for the web app.

I know I shouldn't think this, but I hate the part where my code needs to actually interact with a human being and not my pretty pretty unit tests.

In Hong Kong, a cyberpunk protester is using a custom-made "laser gun" while wearing a silver blanket, to reduce his IR signature and hide from thermal imaging equipment...

#CyberPunk #CyberPunk2019


The crisis of death and disappearance did not end when Dr. Scott Warren was arrested, our crucial field work has continued. This year alone we have put out over 12,000 gallons of water in Arizona’s deadliest corridors #nomoredeaths #waternotwalls

Watching a tutorial where the speaker is constantly switching between the mouse and keyboard to click into different parts of the code and it's driving me up the wall.


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@southpoleviews Is probably my favorite bot on here. I've been following the screenshots from the south pole stations all summer. Ships came last spring and for a long while it was pretty quiet, but now there's a flurry of activity.
These are my favorites from the last few days.

Plus you must trust AI's with red leds right?! #ZeroHour

Freedom of movement is probably one of the least defended and worst supported of the constitutional rights. It really should've been interpreted as something similar to a right-to-roam.

I'm a pretty big fan of fence hoping. And in my college days probably wandered through every office building in downtown Sioux Falls at one point or another just to check out the views.

Funny thing about this era of highly networked global communication. We're creating and destroying cultures nearly daily. Microcultures spin up around individual memes and launch off fucking t-shirt lines and hats and tattoos and tribal 'net warfare and then disappear within a few days.

The internet is finally driving a point home to various circles. Culture is highly ephemeral and transitory. You can't group people by culture so easily anymore because we're all part of dozens of overlapping microcultures at any given point. You are your own culture, a venn diagram of all kinds of fun stuff.

"Generations" never really made sense to begin with and are sort of the spherical frictionless cow of humanities and social scientists. Unfortunately, some folks really like tribalism and will use any possible reason to group and isolate people.

What fun is that? Be your own weird, your own microculture. Find folks with comfortable venn diagram overlaps and celebrate where they don't.

Granted, I suppose I could just write something that just follows every link it finds that's still on the same domain and just wget's it and puts in a folder...

Chatting with some old friends about an ancient phpBB that we still host but no one really posts on anymore.

Started discussing archival. Since it's an old version of PHP it's just a matter of time before it becomes difficult to host it.

So are there good tools out there that we could use to crawl and convert the entire monstrosity into a static site for posterity?

Works remotely from camp for a week.

Goes home.

The sink is clogged. A circuit is out. The chimney needs cleaning. All the mail is bills.

Works remotely from camp for a week.

Hacker News is like Fox News, but for religious zealots praying to the venture capital gods is the Nightvale of the hacking world.

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