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I'm a remote software engineer working the various F/OSS web-stacks from my remote cabin at 8,500 feet in the White Mountains of Arizona -- I'm prone to wanderlust and often grab some batteries, solar panels, and head out to work from my truck from whatever corner of these great open lands has cell phone reception.

Posts often about the trials and joys of remote work, venting about development (since I've got no watercooler coworkers), the usual consumptive vices of our age (film, video games, books), and chatter about returning to a more open web,
culture and society.

Oh, and I hope to meet plenty you at Defcon 28!

re: uspol 

Okay, now back to shutting up about uspol -- considering I have that world filtered, I'm doing a very bad job of ignoring it.

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For those of us who broke down on our principles and went out and voted for the lesser evil, despite really really despising Biden and swearing after the Obama administration to never do that again -- comes Bret Devereaux (of those fun LotR battle analysis breakdown blog posts) to offer the first bit of well argued rationalization that makes me feel a bit better about it.

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me, to anyone in a suit: "oh, dressed up as a bootlicker for the holidays? bit dark for a costume choice but to each their own I suppose"

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Four hours today hauling firewood. I'm beat.

By my calculators from prior winters, three more such days will get me enough to go through the entire winter.

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an important thing to know latines living in the US who fled socialist revolutions in central/south america when commies "stole their family business" is that their family business was probably agricultural slavery


Has the police considered, maybe, just stop murdering people?

I know it’s a tall order to ask.

But maybe they could give it a shot.

Start small. Aim for not murdering anyone for a month. See how it goes.

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US culture? Dumbness? History? 

Remember, all it takes is a well placed Lite-Brite installation to cause a panic.

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Hey folks, please remember: Indie games are usually made without the abuse developers suffer at the hands of AAA game publishers. The developers and artists are paid more, get proper credit, and aren't forced to shovel in microtransactions because of corporate meddling. Not to mention they're usually more fun as they're designed with gameplay in mind first (instead of many AAA titles which attempt to psychologically manipulate you into buying microtransactions).

Buy indie games, pirate AAA ones

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uh oh, china's economy is surpassing the US because they didn't spend the last 10 years redesigning their economy around giving money to failsons to make apps, time to do some saber rattling

I miss my brother laser printer from 2004. After having to replace the motor. Disassemble and oil it twice. It just chugged along. It always worked.

The new one is a piece of crap. Every time I upgrade my Ubuntu version the printer driver on it breaks.

Scanning in 18.04 was "okay." It would crash if I didn't run it under sudo for some odd reason and even then it had a 50% chance of crashing mid scan. Since the update to 20.04 it doesn't work at all.

And don't get me started on how it just shuts down if it has "low toner" and I need to fiddle around and put tape over sensors to get it to keep going. I'm probably a solid 100 pages after when it would've wanted me to toss the cartridge.

Previous company names

I really kind of want to know what it was.

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Was reading someone's blog today whose billed themselves a freelance startup CTO.

How do you freelance as a CTO?

We obviously have entirely different definitions of this term...

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My first game 'Crossing to the Cold Valley' is currently pay-what-you-want (including free) for this Halloween only.

It's short and a little awkward, but it's still a piece I'm very proud of.

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Hi, I'm an employer.

The fucking government should provide health insurance for everyone.

Thanks for coming to my TED talk.

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It’s so easy to tune out, but I feel like if I pay attention I can hear an engine even when hiking miles back into the wilderness. It’s like we’re trapped in the holodeck. Nature surrounds us, but there’s always that artificial noise reminding us that it’s not real.

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If electric engines ever take off, imagine the woods will again be filled with only the sounds of the woods and not the dull background hum of combustion engines.

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