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I'm a remote software engineer working the various F/OSS web-stacks from my remote cabin at 8,500 feet in the White Mountains of Arizona -- I'm prone to wanderlust and often grab some batteries, solar panels, and head out to work from my truck from whatever corner of these great open lands has cell phone reception.

Posts often about the trials and joys of remote work, venting about development (since I've got no watercooler coworkers), the usual consumptive vices of our age (film, video games, books), and chatter about returning to a more open web,
culture and society.

Oh, and I hope to meet plenty you at Defcon 28!

How far we've strayed from that vision. In 2020, making a web site is many, many times LESS accessible to the average person than it was with his original tools.

He wanted everyone to make web pages. We've decided that that is not a valid goal, not something we should strive for, and we've put up fences and barriers around the field, to keep it for ourselves.

We invented WEB DEVELOPERS, instead of trying to build tools to make this available to everyone.

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Sometimes I think I'm the only one on this planet who makes regular use of the description list element instead of just achieving the same effect with nested lists.

Definitely should've been in the base markdown syntax. :blob_cry:

I still don't understand why the default behavior in browsers is that if you double click a submit button it submits twice.

> 2019-100 - UPDATED
> A Vulnerability in vBulletin
> Could Allow for Remote Code
> Execution

Wait, vBulletin is still around?

@vertigo I blame a lot of cloudcrap on /exactly/ this. Thanks to NAT and rabid firewalling the idea of two hosts connecting has become so unthinkable you have centralization just so two hosts can connect to /some center/.

@requiem @cstanhope

@requiem I think the big appeal of the Web as an application platform is that companies can brand and tweak the user interface to their heart's content. they love that shit. and also stealing all your information and storing that for their big boi algorithms. yeah, and free reign to send you advertisements instead of actual information you asked for.

all of those were available in Win32 apps tho, just now the user doesn't have to install anything and the companies can send updates without consent.

I have zero intention to switch away from Firefox browser in the foreseeable future.

Being a human in the US puts you in an explicitly second-class status.

Just call up a business as a human, they'll treat you like shit.

Now call them as an LLC. Sure, the total number employees is still just you. But the treatment for business customers will always be a class above.

ripxorip is working out the links in this 3D printed ITX case on a Prusa Mk3s prusa bear printer (designed in Fusion 360).

Pictured with an RTX 2070 mini, Ryzen 3700x, hdplex power supply, and an Asus B550-i.

@cstanhope these are very valid points, and I would argue that the defeat of net neutrality and ISP’s interference with routeability lay the foundation for what you describe.

For these reasons and others we need alternatives at the transport and even physical layer as well. Fortunately there has been a number of advances in these areas, and protocol-first application design can make things like mesh, intermittent and asynchronous networks more practical.

alright so I gotta talk about asteroids for a second. This is Bennu, it's a lumpy hunk of rock about a half a kilometer in diameter. And it's covered in boulders, and really doesn't have much to talk about as far as craters go. It's surface gravity is 6 micro-G, meaning its escape velocity is about 1/3rd of a mile per hour... But before I talk about this asteroid, I gotta talk about trail mix and Legos...

Thinking about buying a pile of pilot fountain pens and a variety of inks so I can start color coding my dot journal/workbook.

Someone, please, stop this madness.

In a way the trend toward building “api-first” web applications may have softened the blow or eased the transition away from the browser. After all, we could all keep using the fediverse if we had to give up web browsers tomorrow by using native clients that talk to the api.

API’s give us some independence, but proper protocols go even further. Now is a good time to start thinking protocol-first.

No matter what happens to Mozilla, please everyone, don't start using Brave.

Woot. Thanks to certbot and let's encrypt, all my shit now has SSLs.

I should've done that a long time ago. It's been a while since I've managed SSLs -- back in the days where I'd need to download them from some site, stick them somewhere on the server, fiddle about with the apache config.

Brain dumping dev practices this evening.

Inspired by yet another client who handled all their dates in a totally ad-hoc manner until they had months worth of debt built up to sort out.

When you start thinking you are not a N00b, you just stopped growing.

always be a N00b.

- The drier buzzes that it's done
- Go look in drier
- It is empty
- Clothes are still in washer.

Well, don't I feel stupid.

RT The HOPE Matrix will be continuing! It will become hosted by the Matrix mother ship, rather than self-hosted by 2600, for the after-HOPE discussions.

This will allow some continuity of the great community that was HOPE 2020!

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