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John Horton Conway, author of the Game of Life, died because of Covid-19. So I made this, in assembler, on ZX Spectrum. R.I.P.

I find the ongoing so-called "old computer challenge" quite funny, because many of the machines are newer that what I actually use daily for various tasks and it never occured to me doing a challenge from that. Last summer I replaced my desktop with a 950MHz AMD Duron for a whole month and it was no big deal. As I said: funny stuff.

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"How the universe doesn't want me to be an Amiga user" - story of my last 25 years, trying to acquire Amiga and start to use it, always failing miserably.

People do stuff in all the modern programming languages 21. century can offer and I limited myself to Z80 assembly (with some Perl/Python/PHP when forced to). There is no hope for me...

Everyone should read this - gopher:// - and behave on the Gopher accordingly! Very well written.

I have extreme problems with this weekend. Is it just me & my connection, or is anything happening? @thegibson

Spent the whole day with my distraction-free computer. It's so old that it can't play online movie, if you ever start Firefox, you'll gonna experience pure terror, but there is nothing better for my ZX Spectrum diskmag development!

My current desktop. I'm thinking about adding the Conky to some corner, there is not much else I want to change.

Op.Sys: Void PPC
Win.Man: IceWM
FileMan: SpaceFM
Term: UXTerm

Time to do a review of my notes, where I have phlogs encountered in the last few months, and evaluate them for Bongusta!

Slackware 1.1.2 with FVWM 1.2 on an AMD 386DX40 with whopping 20 MB of RAM. Booted from a 200MB notebook IDE drive, removed from the Compaq Contura 3/25, where it was replaced by a CF card. I wanted to test some Trident 9000 cards before selling them and nothing better was available. The install happened in 2018 from floppies. Except for the Y2K bug in date command it was a nice OS. And still is, which is why all my PCs run current version of Slackware. And also Raspberry Pi. And MacBook.

Couple of days ago I posted the camera I found on the street near trash bins. Let me present you another street thing: my second street display. Found also near trash bins, because who needs perfectly working 1920x1080 LCD these days...

My second street camera, by which I mean camera found on the street nearby or on a trash can, thrown out by someone. And it makes cool photos!

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