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Trying to optimize my (czech) blog for Netscape Navigator 4.8. I'm not insane, my mother had me tested.

I'm more and more thinking about the 1.67 GHz 15" PowerBook. For some reason 15-year-old PowerBook is more appealing to me than a PC notebook of the same, I don't exactly know why. I'll replace the dying HDD in the 1.25 GHz model, I have now and see if it's stable enough to use it. The 2GB of RAM is enough for virtualization under 32-bit PowerPC Linux and I can't resist the idea of running OS X 10.4/10.5 and Void Linux at the same time. The 1.67 is the ultimate model, probably the best 32-bit PowerPC hardware ever made.

My 12" PowerBook had a little fall accident. Nothing serious and with my wife's jewery tools it was matter of couple of hours to reshape the aluminum to the original state, but after long 11 years together it's no longer in mint condition.

Installed second 1GB module in my new 15" PowerBook G4. Never had so much RAM in a G4 system. So. Much. RAM.

And here is the story about how someone got it from his original tape after it was for long years "Missing In Action" -

I (finally!) have a Fortran 77S compiler for ZX Spectrum. After years of searching...

On my path from PowerMac G5 (stopped using it 2017/12/31) to some POWER-based desktop (as the prices go higher and higher, it now seems to be more distant future, than year ago), I made a short diversion. After trying to use laptop in dock as a desktop for more than year and a half and never being satisfied with that, I built myself a desktop from mostly scrap or at least very cheap parts: at the moment Core i3-540, 4 GB of RAM, 64GB SSD, 2x 500GB SATA drives in RAID1, 4GB hardware SATA RAM disk, SCSI controller and a tape drive (DDS DAT4, 20/40 GB per tape). System is Void Linux, environment is i3. After the full boot to GUI less than 150 MB of RAM is used. The whole thing did cost less than 35 USD and it seems that I will have the possibility to upgrade the CPU to i5-661 (with AES) for free (and then sell the i3 to even lower the cost).

And why I'm even bothering you with this? Because it fits nicely with what I wrote on my Phlog in January: gopher://

I'm all for reusing things instead of buying new stuff all the time and sending the old across the world for recycling.

(And before anyone asks: yes, I know that if I bought current generation of hardware, it would have much higher performance with lower power consumption, but I don't need the first and all my electricity is from renewable resources, so I'm OK with that on the ecology side and I think than in let's say two-year period it will cost me less than buying new hardware would.)

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Do you prefer to use a desktop, a notebook, a table or someting else as your MAIN computer?

While editing some minor things on my gopherhole, I added a new motto:
"You don't have to be crazy to enjoy it here, but it helps"

I really need tips for additions to Bongusta. There are too many circumlunar things and other zaibatsus to go through them!

Weird. I never got much familiar with ViM, I always prefered joe and still prefer it for most of my typing. But on my webserver I started to use elvis and it somehow works for me.

Went through Bongusta, trimmed the news gophermap, removed all long time inactive phlogs (four of them) and found this solid piece of gold on FAX SEX: gopher://

One of readers of my (czech) blog sent me the Sony Xperia with SailfishOS to test it. So far it's a very nice experience. But the Mastodon client is not working.

I completely ignored all the gopherspace since the end of August, no time for the plaintext love. I'll try to refresh Bongusta with new phlogs in following days, though it will be harder as I am out in the wild with just my phone. The Acer tablet with W10, I used almost for everything last weeks, sadly broke to thousand pieces on Friday.

Last couple of weeks I have almost no time for anything, I even don't know why. Days just go by and nothing is accomplished.

At least I managed to visit ByteFest last weekend - the biggest retrocomputing event in Czech Republic. One of things I did there has nothing to do with retrocomputing, but one of my friends asked me to replace KaiOS in his Nokia 8110 G4 with unlocked GerdaOS. We did that and the device starts to interest me now. It's non-touch candybar phone, but it has FirefoxOS derived Linux based system with several dozens of apps available, 4G, WiFi and AFAIK even GPS. That's not bad for some 50 USD.

This is a weird week. I use an Android phone and it works for me better than ever before. I use a Windows 10 tablet and again - it works for me better than iPad or Android tablet ever did. Or Windows 10 on desktop. What's happening?

One of the few good things about Android is, that it's really a Linux-based OS inside. I installed Orange Recovery on my Xiaomi Redmi Note 5A, PixelExperience ROM instead of the original MIUI, rooted with Magisk, added Termux for package repository access and now I use my phone over USB cable as a SSH terminal to my server to read Gopher. I couldn't do any of this in our corporate network and I just can't fiddle with phone the whole day in our open space office. This way it's just another window on my screen and the phone is "just charging" over USB.

Since having a Core i5 based notebook with 12 GB of RAM I got used to use operating systems as any other software. Do I need something that runs only in Windows 2000? Well, there is the VirtualBox. W10? No problem. Mac OS X 10.5? The same. Do I need anything DOS based? There is the DOSBox. I have no idea if this is a good thing or not.

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Now I'm using my OpenPOWER Blackbird rather routinely.

There is actually very little number of things that run on the x86_64 Linux but not here (the Wine is problaby the most known example).

#raptorcs #openpower #power9 #blackbird

If I see correctly on Raptor CS website, the Blackbird is more expensive than it was. This way I'll never save for it and maybe it's time for some reconsideration.

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