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John Horton Conway, author of the Game of Life, died because of Covid-19. So I made this, in assembler, on ZX Spectrum. R.I.P.

If only had the same amount of determination, hard work and in the end success as @mntmn Reform has. My world would be perfect with Power-based notebook!

Learning OpenSCAD. It works well on ppc64le - I just had to unmask about every package it requires in Gentoo.

Listen very carefully, for I shall say this only once: KDE Plasma is actually a pretty good desktop. I'm quite surprised because I more or less hated the KDE 4. Not that I would use it on my personal private computer, but I find it much better than macOS on my company MacBook Air and also much more suitable when switching between Windows as Linux a couple of times every day.

In camera service shop, trying to get some service for my camera.

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RISC OS coming to iMX8M (and thus MNT Reform) thanks to work by Michael Grunditz.

RISC OS was originally developed by Acorn Computers in Cambridge (UK). ARM was originally the “Acorn RISC Machine”.

Born in 1983, I missed the original microcomputer revolution. Born in a socialist country, I missed the 16bit GUI revolution in the early 90s, because there was an embargo on 68k based computers and after it was canceled, these computers were extremely expensive here. The internet revolution came here a bit late, I first connected online in 1997. The first thing I followed from the start was publicly available GPS and mobile geolocation. First experimenting with USB GPS receivers (reading NMEA data from the virtual serial port), then using various GPS receivers with Palm PDAs, calculating position from data collected from modified Nokia 5110 service menu, then from TI OMAP registers on Windows Mobile. The beginnings were fun and exciting, now everything is geolocated at almost no cost.


Bringing Palm T|X to active usage, because I need a pocket database. Recently got a second one, which doesn't have problems with digitizer calibration and has a far better LCD. So now I'm beaming ten years of data.

And he did as he said...

...Slackware-current + KDE Plasma on a MacBook Air.

(There are countless people trying to get macOS working on their PC boxes. And then there's me, trying to get rid of macOS on Apple hardware.)

I got a company MacBook Air about a half year ago because someone with at least partial macOS experience was needed to publish our mobile app in AppStore. I used macOS in the last years of the Apple PowerPC era (it was called Mac OS X back then) and extended that era for myself till the end of 2017, although then I already dual-booted my PowerMac G5 with some Linux distribution. So with some 14 years of daily experience, I volunteered to be the only guy in the company with a MacBook.

And I have to say, that I'm thinking about installing some Linux distro in dual-boot because I can't simply use macOS anymore. MBA is a 2015 model, with just 4 GB of RAM and the system is quite unusable. Right after the boot, almost all RAM is full, because of memory compression the CPU is almost always under heavy load, and when I fire up just the necessary apps (which is _just_ Firefox and Citrix Receiver) I'm already 2-3 GB in the swap.

I know dozens of operating systems, that would just fly on any Core i5 with even less than 4 GB of RAM.

Build failed. Chromium on ppc64/ppc64le requires heavy patching to build and the package is built from mostly vanilla code, so no luck with that.

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OK, the new kernel has PAGESIZE 65k, so I can access the data partition on my NVMe storage. The very last thing I need to use Gentoo as a daily driver is Chromium. Let the build process commence!

The plan was to use Gentoo just to build a working kernel and take it in RiscySlack where kernel building is broken. But somehow I'm using Gentoo now and RiscySlack hasn't been running more than a week. Now I'm rebuilding kernel to use 65k PAGESIZE to let me access my RiscySlack BTRFS partition from Gentoo, so I won't even need to reboot to get to my data storage.

What about @pet84rik - is he staying on Gentoo?

Do you know anyone browsing web with unusual hardware and/or operating system? Out of the usual Windows/Linux/Android/iOS scope? Please point them here:

Explanation here: gopher://

If you don't speak gopher:

"Making of" screenshot attached.

(Boosting the post will help.)

Emerging Gentoo in chroot from RiscySlack on my Raptor CS Blackbird. Will this work in the end?

Trying to install Gentoo on my Blackbird (over serial terminal, of course). Didn't do such thing in ages!

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