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Trying to optimize my (czech) blog for Netscape Navigator 4.8. I'm not insane, my mother had me tested.

I decided to uninstall one unnecessary app from my smartphone and to delete at least one unnecessary online account of any kind in every month of 2020. One app is already gone and with the online accounts - well - that got a bit out of hand: ten of them deleted/closed.

If you don't have anything to read right now, try my lates phlog post: gopher://

I think it's geeky enough to entertain you for a while.

I found a screenshot from my very first PC-compatible machine. It was already ten-year-old when I bought it (I was 14 back in 1998) and the "shot" is more like "print", so I scanned the paper twenty one years after it was printed.

Tinkering with OddMuse. So far best Wiki+Blog CMS I've ever seen. I have about a dozen of questions, but I presume to sort them out during the tinkering process 🙂

I hate it when simple thing are done the most possible complicated way. For example: Markdown - very simple to type, human readable. Parser - in Node.js. Why?

I decided to create a small blog (in czech) about my HAM activities. Can anyone recommend some which operates on Markdown files, without database and has commends? Can be PHP, Python or Perl - my server already has CMS runing in all these. Thanks!
(Also thanks in advance for a boost!)

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It was supposed to be Geocaching Saturday, but due to quite a heavy rain and wind it was more like SGI Saturday.

@jynx Your iRulu reminds me of my Nintaus x10. Bought it about a year and half ago and loved it, it could play all my flac and cue/bin files. Then one day the wheel started to interpret all moves as counterclockwise and device stopped to be usable. No luck with warranty (China), no luck with finding spare part anywhere. Shame, the music quality was very good.

Couple of days ago I found on the street (near specialized public container for electronic waste) a LGA775 motherboard with Pentium D 820, heatpipe cooling system, 1.5 GB of RAM, gigabit ethernet PCI card and a 160 GB SATA drive. I replaced the power-hungry NetBurst CPU with a spare Pentium Dual-Core E2180 I had in the drawer and it's a perfectly working system.

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Retro68 – a GCC-based cross-compiler for classic 68K and PPC Macintoshes . Why? Because there is no decent C++17 Compiler targeting Apple's System 6.

#retrocomputing #m68k #powerpc

And Bongusta starts 2020 aggregating 62 phlogs! May this number ever only increase!


To all of you still living in 2019: it's 00:20, 2020-01-01 here. It's no different than 21 minutes ago! Good night.

I never really digged into MarkDown, because I didn't have the need. But as I've seen it now, it strongly reminds me of LionWiki syntax, which I use almost decade. So nothing new under the sun.

I'd love to finish 2019 and start 2020 with 60 aggregated phlogs on Bongusta!

Now there are 58 of them.

Dear Gopherspace explorers, could you - pretty please - recommend two phlogs with more than a month of activity?


Reading Gopher while installing Office 95 on emulated Pentium PC with Windows 95. All on my underpowered outdated low-end Android phone.

Is there an easy way to set up Android 1.5 development environment in Windows or Linux? I want to do something, but it has to be compatible...

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