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Trying to optimize my (czech) blog for Netscape Navigator 4.8. I'm not insane, my mother had me tested.

I spent several months reading about and from CB radio history, so I (again) a bit omitted Gopher and Bongusta. Any new interesting phlogs to visit?

Tried a new whip antenna for my VHF handheld. People were debating it on a local HAM forum, whether it's worth $4 or not, I bought the last piece the e-shop had, ending the debate. It works well.

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Folk understandings of copyright are so curious. People upload whole albums to YouTube (and good on 'em) and then write "No copyright infringement is intended" in the video description. This is roughly on par with stabbing somebody in the face while yelling "No murder is intended!".

This concludes my experience, however brief it was, of using Palm and BB10 in 2019 as a main phones.


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My first. I have to say, I'm quite tired, even though I slept through the whole afternoon.

Oh! I thought that during the upgrade Windows 10 switched display mode to mirror. No, they're just drawing separately the same content to every display, but not with the same speed. When dialog appears, it's only on one screen, so it's not mirror at all. Now I understand HOW I can have 37 % on one and 38 % on the other. I still don't understand why.

Upgrading my corporate Windows 10 to a newer build. Progress bar on the internal laptop LCD is slower than the one on LCD connected via docking station. Why? And most importantly HOW?

Back at work after holiday. Let the hell commence!

What do fediverse HAMs think about MBITX? Would it be a good entry into HF QRP SSB world?
(Please boost, if you are followed by a HAM, thanks.)

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New on RPoD: The RPoD Plucker Collection. I will be posting plucker files I make or find here: gopher://

Back from the vacations. Apart from two screaming sessions, our little boy made it like a pro. And he so much enjoyed all the water! And he grew about an inch in the single week. And - what's the best - he mastered the his first two words in proper everyday use.

Pineda de Mar, Catalania, Spain.
Nice tiny old street with oaks and palm trees.
And quite a magnificent multiband antenna system :)

What I already did in the area of HAM/CB/PMR this year:

- Passed my HAREC exam, became OK1ZXS
- Bought Anytone UV878D VHF/UHF DMR/FM transceiver
- Bought CRT ONE CB car transceiver and car antenna

What I want to do in the rest of the year:

- Buy/construct either RasPiZero-based APRS iGate or WSPR device
- Buy either car VHF transceiver + antenna or QRP SSB HF transceiver

Any recommendations by fellow HAMs are welcome, apart of 30 years of SWL and 10 years of CB/PMR I'm still a newbie.

Damn you, touch keyboard with autocorrect! I never made so many typos on my BlackBerry!

Not exactly the kind of vacation I would do if I hadn't family, but what the heck: at least I have some time to read the analysis of 1866 war while the kid is burying itself in the sand.

I still don't get it, why people who post comments like "I think you are a complete moron" or "This is a total garbage" that have no information value and are meant just like an insult, are so deeply shocked, that these comments are deleted. I'm not paying my hosting to host this kind of stuff, I don't want to read it on my blog and I certainly don't want to handle this on my vacation.

Two things are certain:
1. I still hate vacations in big hotels in sea resorts.
2. Our little autie hates them gazzilion times more than I do.

So this was our first and probably last try. Next time we'll go again into private apartment. You have to cook for yourself, but it's worth it.

OpenPOWER here, OpenPOWER there, OpenPOWER everywhere and I'm sitting here, at my 1.33GHz Mac Mini G4 with 1 GB of RAM and Ubuntu MATE 16.04 and do everything I need to do. I am a grumpy old man.

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