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Trying to optimize my (czech) blog for Netscape Navigator 4.8. I'm not insane, my mother had me tested.

It's really bad when you have to work from public wifi in the mall and the filter SSH ports!

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It took two weeks, but LionWiki can thanks to my wkp_Blog.php plugin be used for blogging. You can see it on
I still have to transfer comments from Blogger, but then I'm one service less dependent on Google.

(Oddmuse was my muse.)

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Found a nice crash course in sc, a free command-line spreadsheet calculator that runs on #Linux.

Don't expact a terminal equivalent of #LibreOffice Calc or Excel. But if you want to push some numbers into a text orientated spreadsheet, let it calculate, take the results, reformat them quickly inside the pipe, push them forward to Maxima, find a differential integral solution, pipe this to GNU-plot and add the result to a #LaTeX file, then sc is maybe right for you.🙆

Two days ago my Xiaomi Note 5A with Pixel Experience custom ROM went nuts. Last year the stock ROM became unusable after update changed notifications to black-on-black, so I switched to custom ROM with least amount of known bugs. It had some issues from ths very beginning, but was still usable. On Friday it randomly deleted some of my almost 2000 photos on SD card, started to report low amount of free space on internal storage for no apparent reason and in the end touch screen did crazy stuff. I switched for the weekend to old ZTE Blade with Android 4.1 and decided to (again) get some break from modern smartphones for some time, so I ordered Nokia 8110 4G. It will arive on tuesday.

Couple of weeks of studying Oddmuse made me want to modify the LionWiki I already use for more than ten years to be able to work as a blog. I'm going to try it, but many thanks @kensanata for inspiration!

Can anyone recommend a (preferably cheap) way to get to Usenet?

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I have got a new cable for my Elektronika BK 0010-01 home computer (has a 16-bit CPU which is compatible with the PDP-11). It connects to the SCART port of the TV.


Got it here:

Sorry for picture quality.

#retrocomputing @pdp11 @ussr #basic

@jynx nice phlog post! In 1993 there were 623 websites all over the world, absolute majority of them academic. I can't believe you were browsing them back then. I was 10 that year and was offline until 1996. Even then it was mostly FTP what interested me, because the WWW felt a bit empty, at least in czech language...

Current OddMuse mysteries:

1. Is there any way to use HTML template for the resulting page or at least "turn-off" some parts of the HTML and change others?

2. Is there any way to include a working PHP/Perl code in a page?

Let's go through the source and find out!

Second round of fiddling with OddMuse in progress...

The state of my Psion Series 5mx is not as bad as I thought!

- one (German) 5mx fully working
- one (UK) 5mx with strange vertical stripes showing on and off
- one 5mx working but with mysterious problem with case - it's changing shape when opening the lid
- one 5mx dead with little chance to be repaired, but with good LCD and plastics
- one MC218 with brokeb LCD cable but otherwise good

At least some of these have a chance!

I'm glad, that I didn't throw all that old PC junk away in the late 90's, today I sold three cards for ISA bus together for 175 USD. About a dozen others to go. With this pace I can buy Blackbird around May.

Merging data from several CF cards on my last working Psion Series 5mx. The right side of LCD frame is broken and the EPOC OS is in German, but at least it is operational unlike the four other I have, all broken. Today I found a company in Germany that has still repair service for Psion handhelds, so I will select one of the broken and send it for repair. The price will presumably be horrible, but for me this is still the very best pocket-sized computer ever made.

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This looks like a cool project.

"The Open Book aims to be a simple device that anyone with a soldering iron can build for themselves. The Open Book should be comprehensible: the reader should be able to look at it and understand, at least in broad strokes, how it works. It should be extensible, so that a reader with different needs can write code and add accessories that make the book work for them."

#TheOpenBook #OddlySpecific #Arduino

I decided to uninstall one unnecessary app from my smartphone and to delete at least one unnecessary online account of any kind in every month of 2020. One app is already gone and with the online accounts - well - that got a bit out of hand: ten of them deleted/closed.

If you don't have anything to read right now, try my lates phlog post: gopher://

I think it's geeky enough to entertain you for a while.

I found a screenshot from my very first PC-compatible machine. It was already ten-year-old when I bought it (I was 14 back in 1998) and the "shot" is more like "print", so I scanned the paper twenty one years after it was printed.

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