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John Horton Conway, author of the Game of Life, died because of Covid-19. So I made this, in assembler, on ZX Spectrum. R.I.P.

Testing ArcaOS on my (ancient) Asus EeePC 701. So far, so good.

I have a computer with IBM CPU for about two weeks and the company is already falling apart. How unexpected!

There are days, when I feel incredibly stupid. Like now - I don't know how to set time on my computer.

For HAM folks who don't have a Gopher client a HTTP version of my Remote Outdoor Off-grid Phlogging Challenge 2020 entry:

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MacOS X Tiger was peak MacOS X

It seems to me that ever since Leopard, things have gotten worse in some way every release. Also, I think the obligatory yearly release it's been on has taken its toll.

Apple never had very good software quality, even when they were "Apple Computer." Becoming "Apple, Inc." didn't help any of this.

Becoming a subscription-based services company certainly bodes ill for software quality from Apple, Inc.

I liked these high-polished Maxtor drives. And how silent they appeared to be!

As face mask is after sunny summer more or less necessity again, I shaved my face and removed the beard. So after couple of months my profile photo again corresponds to reality! 🙂

My new desktop is configured for use:
- Raptor CS Blackbird
- 8-core POWER9, 32 threads
- 32 GB RAM
- nVidia Geforce 210
- Void Linux + Xfce

It was worth the waiting!

Connecting from MIPS based machine to ARM based machine hidden on a POWER based motherboard. Just the usual.

My CB log from saturday evening. Just about an hour, whip antenna on car roof, FM, 4 W. I consider CB to still be alive!

I boldly moved into the information era and created for me a personal home page on this thing called world-wide-web! It conforms to HTML 2.0 as specified in RFC 1866. Even though it's quite simple, I hope you like it!

Starting August 2020 I decided to cut the amount of my hobbies a bit and refocus to just some of them. It's because when you do too many things at once, you don't do any of them properly. As I always considered ZX Spectrum, the activities and people around it to be the centre of my life, I started with that. So right now the czech ZX Spectrum scene has again a diskmag after almost twenty years ( - czech only). Then I patched the Prometheus assembler to work on BSDOS but without the DMA (it's already released on demodisk with the Speccy 2010 clone firmware v1.2.8 - I also managed to get the last Spectrum I didn't have yet - the +3. Several more things are in progress...

Connected second LCD to the Duron 950 I'm using since the start of July as my main desktop and did a full buch of usefull sthings: repaired filesystem on microSD card from my RPi2B, built zxspectrum-utils, configured FUSE emulator to suppord Didaktik 80 disk drive, converted one of the three remaining unconverted X-Mag diskmags for ZX Spectrum and started to create HTML version of it. All that while listening to Kohina chiptune radio and occasionally chatting on Jabber and IRC. The machine was all the time pretty responsive for almost 20-year-old piece of hardware.

I'm seriously thinking about writing a short series about digital minimalism and distraction-free environment on my phlog...

Quad-output LNB converter found on the street about 100 m from where @jirka lives. I will for sure test it with my Othernet Dreamcatcher. And I'm still thinking going back and save the 90cm alluminum dish, because that would be of use as well. -Waste

Sir Clive Marles Sinclair is 80 today. Cheers!

My BlackBird is probably already in the Czech Republic, hooray!

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