Day 4 of - Life & Growth. Skipping around a bit, because why not? Haven't done a Conway's Game of Life thing in a good long while. I don't think I messed it up too badly.

Added a drunken pilot and a crude HUD to this sketch. Think I'm going to call it done for now and take a bike ride!

Not that I'm going to end up with this exactly, but taking some inspiration from Escape from New York

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I've tinkered with this little color cycling doodle off & on for four days when I meant to wrap up in one. Maybe I'll call it done for now, even though I kind of wanted to add stars, sun, moon, some cars, etc.

I am just spending way too much time trying to animate a perpetual road trip in probably the most awkward way I can imagine

Keep thinking I'm going to make a game, but instead I just make lots of sketches. Maybe I'll make a game eventually, but it might be more fun to just make it easier to make & share sketches.

To wit, here are some bouncing balls as a "hello world"

Every song's great but "Every Atom" from that album has some epic lyrics:

"I waited round until the edge of time
I saw comets fly, Andromeda and the Milky Way collide
‘Cause if I have to split every atom just to find a trace of you
If I have to split every atom
That’s what I’ll do"

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There are many categories of endeavor for which I have Very Strong Ideas on how they Should Be Done Correctly - but I also don't have any enthusiasm to do those things. So I'm also aware that my Very Strong Ideas are quite possibly Full Of Shit because I haven't tried them.

I'm gonna wreck my eyes with all the black lights I'm planning to rig up down there

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The girl found us some arcade carpet for the basement! This has been a thing like almost 10 years in the questing


Because the song "Sunny Pie" by Majesty Crush came on the radio, I called this guy next to me "buddy pie"

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