First time roasting coffee outside. Nice out and I'm not setting off any fire alarms

Just a week shy of two months and I think my TiddlyWiki journal habit is going pretty well. Starting to think about gaffer-taping an RSS or Atom feed together for these entries

Thank you Cosmo #cat for sitting precisely on my notebook as i start the day

Keep kind of wanting to play with Gemini, but I think I'm a bit too enamored with JavaScript and the client side of the web right now

Apparently tonight, my brain wanted to make a playlist. So, here have a Spotify playlist called "walls of sound"

All this talk I've been seeing lately about the 90s web has me thinking about the 2000s web.

Kind of neat to poll the web and bake up a view of the last few hours of 200+ RSS feeds in about 7 seconds of execution time. 30 seconds at worst from an empty DB.

A thing I'm liking about what this thing bakes up is that it's just a pile of tiny HTML files and some JS that inserts them into useful places. No server smarts, just static files and careful filenames

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Playing with building another RSS reader. This one generates a static website every 30 minutes or so.

Still working on the CSS. Uses some light vanilla JS. Lots of HTML fragments loaded on demand. IntersectionObserver to lazy load images when visible.

Got sucked into a thread on the birdsite. Ended with someone telling me "You have quite the imagination"

I know they were being sarcastic, but I thanked them and muted the thread finally

Kind of feel like a villager at the campsite in Animal Crossing when I drop into an account on a different instance than usual

Oh hi! Someone let me in here and hopefully I don't break the place!

A bunch of technomancers in the fediverse. Keep it fairly clean please. This arcology is for all who wash up upon it's digital shore.