Watching a stream of old commercials and it occurs to me that this fiber commercial with Dr. Beverly Crusher must have been ~formative~ for someone

So I took a bike ride to a park. There's a girl on a swing, going really hard at it. On the next upswing, she screams "THIS IS HOW I DIE!" just before jumping off. Must've been a good 8 feet in the air, but she hit the ground running. Almost clapped, but that would've been weird.

So I'm trying out this mobile gacha RPG Shin Megami Tensei: Liberation Dx2 - because I like Megaten games.

It's got an "auto quest" mode where it kind of changes into an idle game and your demons just run through the turn-based fights over and over by themselves to grind up XP. They even reduce the animation frame rate to "save power"

Is this... fun?

Hmm, my funny video upload no worky. Guess I'll poke at that some more

Also continues to be wild to me that our neighborhood electric & comms grid is just lots of extension cords run between dead trees.

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Watching a dude install new fiber at a neighbor's house and whew does that look adventurous. I guess there's a steel cable holding the weight of him and the ladder but :ablobgrimace:

He looked so wide-eyed and hopeful too, bounded up our porch stairs like "friends!" and our cats were like "FUCK YOU TONY"

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Feel bad for this adorable young black cat one of my neighbors got. They let him outside and he visits other yards & houses.

He met me in the backyard and I pet him. He's met other cats in the neighborhood and they all hate him. Including our 3 indoor-only cats who all lined up at a screen door to yell at him when he trotted up our steps. Poor lil guy.

Have you ever felt stuck in a rut in a cul de sac on a plateau of a local maximum?

backhoes : outdoor cables :: bunnies : indoor cables

He is definitely not stuck, because he just lunged out to attack my foot, then scampered back into the cattris

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We have this Cattris thing, which is like Tetris pieces made of cardboard for cat scratching. Cosmo has transformed himself into a tetromino

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