Started to brain dump some notes about my tinkerings with Super Star Trek in JavaScript. Not done, needs lots of editing, may massage into a blog post. Or I may never touch this brain dump again. Who knows?

Still very quiet around these parts, but thought I'd share this item of holiday goings on in my office, having gotten all my old computers doing a thing at once

Hello. Been awhile since I last posted here. Kind of have gone into a hibernation mode fugue state of getting work done by day at the job from which I was not laid off and playing EVE Echoes at night. Brain feels pretty bruised from this year so far, so I think I've slipped into a dumb period.

Want to see something kind of chill? I spent all weekend soaking my head in Sunvox to cobble together a cover version of the C64 Swinth Demo cover version of the theme to The Stationary Ark.

More I want to do with this, but here's work in progress

Random thing: If I were looking for a game that evokes sensawunda and is not Mass Effect, what might I play?

So I took a break from not finishing a video game to glue together the SunVox Library and my glowy vector drawing code.

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And also I remembered that there's a deep groove made in my brain from hours watching the Swinth demo as a kid on C64

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So, like, I remembered that there's a JS / WASM version of the SunVox Library for playing songs from SunVox

There is a corner of my brain that is never not playing Something Good by Utah Saints

Uploading some weird stuff to in a misguided effort to motivate myself to make more things to upload to

Love too have Sunday Scaries on a Monday because I have the day off

While I fret about this, I have at least moved my laptop to a table outside in my back yard, opened a beer, and am watching bees be productive.

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Current status: I have several more days than usual off work. Woke up with many ideas of things do to. Started thinking I should organize these ideas.

... time passes ...

None of the kanban or todo apps I've surveyed are satisfying so I am now considering writing my own card sorting web app and maybe learn the Svelte web framework while I'm at it

As is my wont, I made another Spotify playlist while doing my space trucking in EVE Echoes. It's kind of weird but I think it flows.

Hnnngggg, I want to get good at SunVox so I can make music like this for the game I'm working on that I will never finish

Playing a bunch of EVE Echoes lately. There's search on the star map. It's case-sensitive. A Redditor speculated that Chinese devs missed that English should be case-insensitive.

Regardless of truth, this makes me feel some sympathy for all the Unicode crap we've screwed up.

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