@aster Let’s bring back snooty elitism but for taking public transit.

“Calm down with the honking, Jesus. If you had somewhere important to be, you wouldn’t be driving a car.”

Eating, Inability to 

I’m having a really hard time getting myself to eat. It gets to the point where I’m in pain and still can’t eat. Nothing feels like food, nothing seems edible. I really need to eat, but what? But how?

Lower Decks S03:E06 

Aaaaaaa they’re gayyyy!!!!!

I opened my work laptop but Leo fell asleep on the keyboard. Guess I’m taking care of emails 🤷🏻‍♀️

#KeePassXC (@KeePassXC): "Beware of unofficial #Microsoft Store listing! We are not the owners of the below store listing. We are still trying to get the official app listed in the store. Always get @KeePassXC from our downloads page: keepassxc.org/download


TIL my mask has had a built-in N95 this whole time 😮

When you point a camera into it’s own video monitor some bizarre stuff happens

Fun fact: this is how the old school Dr Who openings were made


What did I expect at a trans healthcare clinic… so many cute trans people 😍 I just aaaa I’m so gay

Re: Re: Morning Rant 

Sweet, walked in 10 seconds before the 15 minute screening window. No Covid test it seems though, they just asked if I had symptoms.

Re: Morning Rant 

We’ll, the stress payed off. I am here 20 minutes too early for the Covid screening. At least I won’t be late for my first appointment, but now I’m waiting out in the 14 degree wind

Rant, mornings 

Uhhh.. I have to get up at 6AM tomorrow. That’ll give me 2 hours to boot, one hour for public transit, 15 minutes for a rapid Covid test, and 15 minutes of buffer for my intake appointment with a new trans healthcare provider. Really not looking forward to taking the buses, rail is where I belong.

I love heavy metal, I listen to Freddie Mercury all the time

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