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Hello world! So I have received some feedback on version 2.0 of the Queer Emoji Pack, but while I'm still working on that, I was finally able to migrate over to a personal Gitea instance. As such, the Queer Emoji Pack v1.0 has now been published!
With this change, the license for the pack has been updated to CC-BY-NC. All further versions of the pack will be released under that.
A patch to allow for the Pleroma emoji downloader will be included very soon.

The original nextcloud link is no longer functional.

Thanks for all the support, y'all!

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Everyone who is interested, I'm working on what is going to be integrated into the 2.0 set. At the moment, I have various kink flags, plus the queer flag. If anyone has ideas on a replacement for the lesbian flag (one that *wasn't* created and use by a racist, and preferably not just aimed at lipstick lesbians), I'd appreciate the input! Also, if there are any other flags you'd like to see integrated, please send me a DM or reply here! If you can include a source for the flag, that's also good!

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Money donations post 

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cw meta bullshit, asking for cws is not oppression! 

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cw meta bullshit, asking for cws is not oppression! 

hi everyone. i'm sorry i've been failing to stream the past few weeks. i've been doing a lot of project work lately, and that's relatively hard to stream while maintaing opsec, which is necessary.
we'll get back to the art hopefully sooner than later. both of the furry variety, and the mockups for DR. in the mean time, i hope y'all continue to stay alive.
we are working to bring new streamers in, but some technical crap has gotten in the way. we're getting there!!

right i need some help.
does anybody have a pdf of an electricians textbook that i can get?

welp. i accidentally assigned the same ip to two servers a few days ago when i fixed the netplan problem. it took until today to figure out why, and now that it's fixed, i'm... *sigh *
whatever. we'll see if it fixes some other problems. ugh.

"I know better than to forget my vest when I'm working with Mr. Happy." lulz

____ is bullshit

good luck, i can't set it to multiple choice!

new information:
using online systems, i cannot dig anything via ipv4 from this server either, or from other networked computers. so it's only resolving on ipv6. i cannot figure out why it refuses to resolve on 4.

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@gled i was told to ping you by @kemonine
Would you be willing to spend a few minutes shooting ideas on this matter?

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... right
i'm back on my DNS bullshit
and i need some help

BIND9: resolves properly when i "dig A www.opennic.oss @localhost" returning with the ::1#53. but when i "dig A www.opennic.oss @" it uses the regular root servers for some reason.
now i've disabled the standard root servers in BIND entirely. removed the file even. it shouldn't even be seeing the ICANN roots, much less be using them. but it still does with ipv4. not with ipv6 though?? ftr i'm using OpenNIC [] DNS as my "root" resolvers. my server is effectively a OpenNIC tier 2 resolver, and works fine from the outside according to the projects server tester. but i can't get it to work internally on ipv4.

does anyone have any ideas? i've been dealing with this problem for a couple week. disabling ipv6 means it doesn't resolve at all, only using the ICANN roots.

so as it sometimes happens, i woke up Late and i'm still trying to get to functional. As such, we are once more on a stream delay. There will still be a stream today! it'll just start at either 1830 or 1900. it is with 99% certainty that this will be a NSFW art stream.

no minors!

stream is runnin! we're workin on... somethin code related-ish. more "sysadmin" than code. whatever. come join me!

hi everyone! i will be streaming today, but it's on a bit of a delay on account of accidentally staying up until 0500 working on DNS.
the stream will be starting at 1700 Mountain / 2300 UTC. i think today will be a DNS working day. or maybe not. we'll see!

( @kieran once more i bring you Things i Think You'll Be Interested In)

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Gonna stream at 1800 Mountain. About two and a half hours from now. Going back to working on furry, kinky art today!

NSFW. no minors.

stream today!
be starting in about twenty minutes. today is gonna be working on mock code, probably.
SFW, cept for my cursing.

Lowkey stream
No audio, no mic, just krita. Gonna be researching on and off during the stream


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