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Hello world! So I have received some feedback on version 2.0 of the Queer Emoji Pack, but while I'm still working on that, I was finally able to migrate over to a personal Gitea instance. As such, the Queer Emoji Pack v1.0 has now been published!
With this change, the license for the pack has been updated to CC-BY-NC. All further versions of the pack will be released under that.
A patch to allow for the Pleroma emoji downloader will be included very soon.

The original nextcloud link is no longer functional.

Thanks for all the support, y'all!

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Everyone who is interested, I'm working on what is going to be integrated into the 2.0 set. At the moment, I have various kink flags, plus the queer flag. If anyone has ideas on a replacement for the lesbian flag (one that *wasn't* created and use by a racist, and preferably not just aimed at lipstick lesbians), I'd appreciate the input! Also, if there are any other flags you'd like to see integrated, please send me a DM or reply here! If you can include a source for the flag, that's also good!

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... kay so my curiosity is getting the better of me. on average, how much time do you spend listening to music a day? constrained to time spent awake. please boost cuz i'm curious.

updated the graphics drivers the other day, fixed some screen issues...
managed to get the X32 connected today... evil giggle

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to my trans siblings:
i love you all. i will never be able to know all of you, but i love you no matter what.

be kind to yourselves today especially.
if anybody needs to talk, DM me and i'll be there for you.

i love you all. we'll get through this.

in this household we start counting from ZERO


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I need some help.
My spouse and i are trying to figure out a better way to track our finances, while using software i can host on my servers, and that is open source. We have a piece of software but it's double entry accounting. So, are there non-double entry systems that are self hosted, open source, and still allow secure access from external systems? We use a LDAP authentication.
Alternately, any *simplistic* explanations of double entry accounting would be very appreciated. I'm in the process of doing my own research, but any help would be really nice.

Boosts and answers appreciated!!

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..... money can burn
Eat the rich
Kill all landlords
Destroy capitalism
Program the machines to do the work
Share the tools with your community
Destroy the idea of one family households
Create healthier communities
Raise the kids together
Everybody has something to contribute

It's not like we're going to fucking stagnate if we don't have to work to survive
No, we'll make ourselves better
Innate fucking drive to

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For every EULA you read completely, lose 1D6 SAN points and gain 1 point of Forbidden Lore.

If you merely glance at or skim the EULA, lose 1 SAN point and gain no Forbidden Lore.

If you close your eyes and click Accept without reading, roll 1D6. On a 2 or lower, lose 1 SAN point anyway (you peeked) and gain no Lore. Otherwise, breath a sigh of relief - you have escaped with your mind unscathed, for now - but add one point of Corporate Dark Karma, to be used when the GM chooses.

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I googled "does planting flowers really help bees" and the answer came back yes. Humans have replaced too many meadows with farms and bees are helped by having more food sources available to them. Native plants are especially helpful.

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Dear white, male, cis, straight allies in tech: We need you out there de-radicalizing your racist, sexist techbros friends and coworkers (who are much more likely to listen to you than any of us) more than we need your code. Thank you.

and sometimes the solution to low tech is high tech.

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the joys of low tech solutions to high tech problems...

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Just woke up less than half an hour ago.
my sleep schedule is sliding again, dammit. Won't be able to fall back asleep for a good while at this point, so. Guess i will just have to get shit done anyway...


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