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Hello world! So I have received some feedback on version 2.0 of the Queer Emoji Pack, but while I'm still working on that, I was finally able to migrate over to a personal Gitea instance. As such, the Queer Emoji Pack v1.0 has now been published!
With this change, the license for the pack has been updated to CC-BY-NC. All further versions of the pack will be released under that.
A patch to allow for the Pleroma emoji downloader will be included very soon.

The original nextcloud link is no longer functional.

Thanks for all the support, y'all!

(Repost due to domain shift!)

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... i started having thoughts a while back, in a particularly annoyed moment, about the proprietary nature of so much of the audio/music industry. As an audio engineer, this is a particularly true sentiment, as so *incredibly* much of the gear my fellow engineers and i use is entirely proprietary -- both in the software and hardware departments. From how our soundboards are not-entirely-but-close-enough-to black boxes, to how the new digital age has brought so many new proprietary "standards" -- Dante, AES50, etc. There are actually open/non-proprietary standards out there for audio and video transmission over networks, and for sound control. There is no seriously good reason why we should throw hundreds of thousands of dollars at single pieces of equipment.

With this in mind, i started a new project: OpenSourceStudio. The goal of the project is to create open hardware versions of the tools we use on a daily basis in our work, and to allow for a far more modular studio. So far, i have a... start, in the form of a wiki. While this project is still early stages, i believe it has great potential to make our lives better and our work easier.

The wiki: (Registration is closed, and edit access can be requested through the Matrix community.)
Matrix community:

i look forward to working with those of you who see potential in this project! And please, spread the word! Thank you!

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Money donations post 

Hi y'all. If anybody feels the want to donate to me to help me feel a little less worried about money shit, it'd be hugely appreciated.

I can be found on:

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Introductions post 

Hi! I'm Lindsay. She/her pronouns please. Self-teaching sysadmin and network engineer living in somewhere, Colorado, and originally from Kentucky. Outside of computing, I'm a photographer running in the grey area between hobbyist and professional, an audio engineer working on a couple of podcasts, a digital artist, an amateur/student metal fabricator, and I dabble in other various fields. Queer as fuck, and don't particularly like (or bother) trying to hide that.

I'm a spoonie in the process of building a home network to host multiple servers and services. A need to bring some digital privacy back into my life has pushed me towards decentralization in as many aspects as I can manage.

I am happy to be on this instance as it gives me a good place to discuss my tech projects and be around other hackers. So, hello all!

Alright let's do this.

What am i building? If you know the actual answer cuz i have told you, no telling!

Give me your best right answer!
Then your best wrong answer!


financial help request, car, :boost_requested: 

My car has decided that it doesn't want to exist anymore. Fixing it at this point is going to cost more than it is worth. As such, i need a new vehicle. This is going to cost me a whole fuckton of money (five digits worth).
i am stressed and scared and frustrated. and i need help. Because there is still a chance i can rescue a partner from an abusive situation, but it's more money on top of having to replace the car...

If anyone has some money they can throw my way, it would mean a whooole fuckin lot. Thank you.

Cashapp: $LindsaySchm

boosts and donations enormously appreciated.

Regarding @shadow8t4 : She's an amazing, sweet, beautiful dork, and a spectacular best friend.

also, a butt.

Money request, dysphoria, tails :boost_requested: 

Thank you to those who have been able to donate thus far. It means the world to me, and is making the wait that much shorter and less agonizing. Thank you ever so much.

Thank you to those who have boosted this. Having the visibility makes things that much more possible, and it means so much to me. Thank you all.

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Money request, dysphoria, tails :boost_requested: 

Hi everyone. my dysphoria is spiking and i need to ask for help again.
There aren't many... serious attempts at helping with transspecies dysphoria, if any whatsoever. That lack has led to no decent prosthetics, and no support in most medical communities (which is to say, any medical communities i have found).
A lack of tail has been a major dysphoria source. As such, i am attempting to obtain a tail from The Tail Company, plus a pair of positionable ears. All told, this is going to be around $300 what with shipping and stuff, last time i checked. While i am slowly saving towards that goal, any help getting there sooner (and hopefully relieving some of my dysphoria sooner) would be immensely appreciated.

Thank you, all. Please boost and donate as you can.

Cashapp: $LindsaySchm

for the love of all creatures!
Caption your images!!


walks across your timeline
offers you giant hugs

Money request, tail, alternative method 

Cashapp: $LindsaySchm

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Money request, not a prank, tail 

... i am trying to get a tail, of the kind that can move with one and everything. At the moment, it looks like the best option is The Tail Company. Getting a tail is an attempt at mitigating some of my species dysphoria, and of course, being a snow leopard, my tail is long.
All told, i am looking at approximately $300 for a tail. If anybody has some money they can spare to help, i would absolutely appreciate the heck outta you.

Liberapay: Lindsayschmocker

Chag Sameach to all Jewish creatures!

And a giant fuck you to all xtian imposers!

Note to those who utilize the services 

i am out and about on something that is entirely unavoidable. Despite having recently set up the services, i can't even remote into my firewall to check it. And according to Muggle, it looks like the network itself is out.
i will be home as soon as i can and figure out what the hell is going on, then go from there.

Sorry everyone.

CW: medical, update; POSTED FOR 

@yuki followers:

Hi guys, I'll have to stay at the hospital because there was an issue with the medical equipment and my echo was scheduled for tomorrow. I'm talking meds and am feeling fine so far. In the future I'll need to change my diet and habits, but for now it's doing tests and getting a full diagnostic.

Family has been supportive with the expenses and I'm insured (the only good thing I got it of the job ๐Ÿ™„). Now it's matter of waiting.

Unfortunately the hospital WiFi is blocking my instance and I can't update you.

xoxoxo to you all!

Money begging 

Addition of a Cashapp: $LindsaySchm
help is infinitely appreciated

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Money begging 

Sorry for having to ask again.
Too much debt and i'm scared about my partner's job, which isn't their fault. We're too close to the edge and we desperately need help, if nothing else to get rid of some of this debt.

i mentioned before wanting to work on a personal project but like. i have also applied to too many jobs and the one answer i got out of the more than 20 applications was a rejection without even an interview. Yes, i know things are hard right now, yes i know it's bad for everyone.

We desperately need more help. Please, i am begging.

Paypal (address has changed)

Thank you for reading, and thank you in particular to those who can help. Boosts are greatly appreciated.

Of the "Please Help with Money" variety 

to those who have donated: thank you. it means a huge amount, and i greatly appreciate you.

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Of the "Please Help with Money" variety 

Too damn much debt and never enough money.

i am trying to work on OSStudio but capitalism makes it extremely hard to concentrate on that when worrying about being houseless.

Please help a queer girl out?


any help is incredibly appreciated

hot take: if the only way to install your FOSS software is via docker? it ain't FOSS.

cause shit, get the block.

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