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@maddiefuzz @bryceyoungquist @thegibson Yes as long as you can tolerate the winter.
The winters in Portland are basically 40 - 45 F on the low side 50 - 55 F on the high side. Rain showers, overcast skies like something out of a depressing Nior film, and 12 hours of night.
Seattle is pretty similar except replace the showers with insufferable unrelenting drizzle, the best way I can describe it is you're living in a cloud.

Use of the term ‘Mastodon™️’ without Eugen’s express written permission and several character references is expressly forbidden by The Mastodon™️

Pol, Making fun of Moxie, Signal, Decentralization.
As much as this is probably the wrong time to point this out, but if signal was the thing that Moxie hated soo much, decentralized, this wouldnt be a plea right now NBDJS. My iranian buddies that use Tox, Matrix, and other things that are more decentralized than Signal have had no problems.

Now on the flip side if you can run a proxy. Just because Im taking a dig at Moxie doesnt mean we cant multitask and help people in need out.

Well I think its time to give vivaldi a swing because horizontal tabs

Military adolescent penis jokes 

TIL about the B-1R and that the pentegon has no sense of humor

So the platform is affectionately known as the B-One or Bone, the B-1R would have been the BOneR...

People trying to play the game 

"looking to buy any size raspberry pi 3 or 4s"
"Ill bite I have a 4gb 4 I could be convinced to part with"
"45 USD"
dude first off MSRP of that thing was like 65
second off the are quite literally unobtanium
the chances id part with my Pi for less than 70 are pretty close to 0. I appreciate their hustle but you'll have to give me at least a song and dance.

re: Marijuana use, Snoop Dogg, Infosec Humor, Drug humor 

Oh because I forgot the caption
Me: I hope the CVSS score isnt high
CVSS Score
Image of snoop dogg smoking a blunt.

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Marijuana use, Snoop Dogg, Infosec Humor, Drug humor 


I didn't realize that my local university did APRS earthquake announcements... till today.

so I got a VNA and decided to put my 5/8ths wave 11m antenna under it and well son of a, its 1.8:1 for 2m, and 1.2:1 for 70cm...

MH history, PTSD 

Having a discussion with a buddy it was fun to point out to him really there is nothing new under the sun, we just didnt have words for it. He challenged me and I was like "Dude PTSD, go look at the stories of antiquity of retired soldiers, like really read them with a modern lens, those guys are text book untreated combat PTSD down to the self treatment alcoholism..." and when he tried to counter and looked for stories from history even more modern history with like WWI he started to realized holy eff how long have we just let people suffer with their demons....

>>>>> “If autism isn’t caused by environmental factors and is natural why didn’t we ever see it in the past?”

>>>>> We did, except it wasn’t called autism [ . . . ]
>>>> [ . . . ] “little Jonathan doesn’t talk but does a good job herding the sheep, contributes to the community in his own way, and is, all around, a decent guy.” [ . . . ]
>>> [ . . . ] The Myth of the Changeling child, a human baby apparently replaced at a young age by a toddler who “suddenly” acts “strange and fey” is an almost *textbook* depiction of autistic children. [ . . . ]
>> I think it’s worth noting that many like me, who are diagnosed with ASD now, would probably have been seen as just a bit odd in centuries past. [ . . . ]

>> [ . . . ] If I went back in time and lived on a farm somewhere, would anyone even notice there was anything odd about me? No police sirens, no crowded streets that go on for miles and miles, no flickery electric lights. Working on a farm has a clear routine. I’d be a badass at spinning cloth or churning butter because I find endless repetition soothing rather than boring.

>> [ . . . ] What I’m saying is that disability exists in the context of the environment. Our environment isn’t making people autistic in the sense of some chemical causing brain damage. But we have created a modern environment which is hostile to autistic people in many ways, which effectively makes us more disabled. [ . . . ]
> “How come nobody ever heard of ‘dyslexia’ until widespread literacy became a thing?”…

food, period talk 

my partner always is amazed when I go to help her during that time of her cycle. Towards the middle of it she craves McDonald's fries. Tonight the closest one was over ran and backed up down the block, so I have a mission and I'm going to complete it! So as i reach the next one over she pings me "are they growing the taters?" and I explain what happened, shes like "I'd have aborted" and I said "no maam I have a mission" fries were had

Money help request, car wreck, mental health -----, just... bad, :boost_requested: 

So uh. i was driving Long Distance and made a Mistake and smooshed my front end into the ass end of somebody else's car. They got a slightly bent in section.
i lost my AC compressor and the radiator fan literally can't spin... plus a bunch of cosmetic plastic.

i am over a thousand kilometers from home. Luckily, i have family in the area who are helping but... one of two things is gonna happen.
One, they deem the vehicle fixable, fix it.
Two, they total the vehicle.
If they deem the vehicle fixable, i am out a vehicle for a few weeks plus i will have to come all the way back out to pick up my car.
If they total it, i will have to deal with the bank... and trying to get a new car.

i am stressed to fuck and at the end of my rope and it's fraying pretty hard. Can anyone help please? Money will help offset some of the stress and make things a little easier to deal with.

Venmo: @K-Schmocker
Cashapp: $LindsaySchm

Thank you to everyone who may donate and to those who boost.

"You can drop the host to single user mode before editing the disklabel. If you're a COWARD." #omfilesystems #nonotryagain

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