Well I got my Degree started. Hopefully I can power through it then work on a graduate degree.

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8 deep into the call stack: "I'm not making it out of here, turn back now and save yourself!"

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climate change 

“These results suggest the growth at risk from climate change may be large and support additional research on the effects of climate change on economic and financial stability.”

Even the fed says buckle up and get a hobby that can help support your community.


I finally got the problems with my 3d printer dialed in a bit, it looks like I was printing too cold.

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oh my god... the owner of Current Affairs (thee premier leftist publication) has fired all of its staff writers for trying to form a workers’ co-op

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US employers save $22K annually for each full-time remote worker over having them onsite. Double that number for expensive tech offices in major cities. They should "pass on the savings" to employees by increasing pay or offering incentives like more PTO.


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However, one didn’t actually need to log in – it simply assumed that all parameters that were passed to it after were correct!



nice some OHV enthusiasts have been filling out the OHV trails on AllTrails.

Hard pass, I'm a person not a cog in your money extraction machine... And no Uncle Larry, I don't care if Papa Jeff got his space dick into space before you even thought about making one.


Things that are harder than they should be Car edition:
Updating the firmware on my $50,000 dollar truck. Why do I have to shop around to find a guy to plug a laptop in and click "Update from the internet"

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This looks like it could be a lot of fun for some folks here: :hacker:
"A fully open source dual-channel SDR Raspberry Pi HAT with up to 6 GHz tunable range"


Messing with my 3d printer I think I might have some workable vertical wind veins, I need to go play a visit to a junkyard to get an alternator to test

Put in my notice at work to go do basically the exact same job for the exact same money somewhere else that doesn't play games with "well you're remote so we don't have to compensate you like your peers that made bad choices"

I have my VFIO gaming rig up and running pretty solid, now my main beefy machine has no windows on it outside of a small electrified KVM jailcell, as it should be.

Open birbsite, see Kaminski died, close birb site. Today is a sad day for the community.

Ive been slowly getting lured back in by the sirens song of bug bounties. Someone tell me its not worth it to hack for swag...

For some reason lately I've been hearing a lot of bemoaning about "WHERE HAS EMPLOYEE LOYALTY GONE!" I'm going to let you in on a secret that they don't want you to know and Ill tell you where to find it.
So this is a long trip, grab some snacks and get in the car, now go down the highway waaay out of corpo town and take the old town exit, take a right on the exit and follow it back you'll see this warehouse called "Classic Corpo Values" pop on in there.
As you walk through the warehouse you notice a lot of chains and cables all over the floor and huge boxes labeled things like "Pension plan", "Fully covered medical insurance", "Fully funded dental", "Time off and leave", "Profit sharing", "Promotion and development tracks", "Bonuses". As you get closer and closer to the center of the warehouse you notice more and more chains and cables and here in the center of the factory is a box you haven't seen in stock for a bit it says "Employee Loyalty" so you think "YES THIS IS WHAT I NEED" and try to pick it up to discover all the chains and cables are locked to it and as you try to pull it back to the car you notice you have to bring all this other stuff with you.
That's what happened to employee loyalty. If you go back to when it was a huge thing and a thing to be proud of there was generally one common thread for companies that had the most loyal company men and it was "The company takes care of me so I take care of the company" When you jettisoned the company being a collective in favor of increasing the profits at the top you slowly chipped away at that. Now I know what you're thinking here if you're the kind to ask where company loyalty went, "BUT LOYALTY IS A TWO WAY STREET..." and Imma stopping you right there, youre right its a two way street and you broke faith first so guess who gets to be the first to say I'm sorry and give back to start rebuilding trust and loyalty, yep you. So if you want employee loyalty and trust and sacrifice back you need to start sharing the bounty with your employees, if you like things the way they are and want to see you lose more stuff to insider threats and corporate espionage just go back to bed samurai.

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