first weekend with using the wayze cams outside un-shielded, they seem to be holding up well, but I still have to tack the cable against the wall better. but now I can watch the front door, and playroom all from my commander seat. A few more and it will be one of those sweet cyberpunk books where I can pop the door open when I see the protagonist bringing some cool tech for me to hack.

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Historians complain that we were bad at keeping records of important events but are baffled because they find scraps of very detailed ledgers and things.
I submit look around us at how we store records and use encryption, and maybe our ancestors were not terribad at recording history but they use a form of encryption that we have long forgot and we cant find enough scraps of non bit rotted info to see it, so what we have left to us us is effectively the shitposters of the time! #ShowerThoughts.

Happy Sysadmin Day out there to all the #sysadmins out there.

Im no longer doing sysadmin work but I still appreciate all the work to keep my stuff going so I can keep breaking things.

a little bit of sweat out in the 90 degree heat and I can now monitor the porch for packages from my home office. I had to order some longer power cables though so its not as clean as I want yet

Writing with the apple pencil and having it convert it to text is like I am living in the future

Personal project expansion, soulsveilence. 

Glad to join the Now to regale everyone with stories of my projects. From here and my BSD related account @kusuriya

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