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@maddiefuzz @bryceyoungquist @thegibson Yes as long as you can tolerate the winter.
The winters in Portland are basically 40 - 45 F on the low side 50 - 55 F on the high side. Rain showers, overcast skies like something out of a depressing Nior film, and 12 hours of night.
Seattle is pretty similar except replace the showers with insufferable unrelenting drizzle, the best way I can describe it is you're living in a cloud.

I wish I had the determination of my kid. The book toy he has want's him to have me load the software for the book. I told him Ill do it later because it means I need to delete old book apps and all that. Hes been at it for an hour.

Request for help, to CDL A drivers, Denver/Colorado Springs Colorado area, ELDT, boosts requested 

I had my CDL A a few years back. Like, 2015 was when I finally quit after about three years on the road. I am trying to get back into it because a friend needs a local CDL A driver and I want to do it.

Due to the new rules by the FMCSA (ELDT), the local schools are fucking swamped and not accepting refresher course drivers who only need a couple days.

Since the schools are swamped and I need to get my license back sooner than later, I only have a couple options. One: I take the test dry after as much mental preparation as I can. Two: I ask for help from a local driver who can work with me in renting a Ryder rig and sit with me while I go through and brush up on my skills before the test.

I need about a day and a half with the rig. Half a day on the road, and a day doing skills. I did plenty of docking when I first drove, so I'm not super worried about that side of backing and parking. My biggest worry is parallel parking, hence needing to work on that.

Are there any drivers near Denver or Colorado Springs or even Pueblo who would be willing to help me out with this? I understand it's a pretty serious ask but this isn't my first rodeo, I just need some practice first.

(Please boost if you can. If you are a driver and are willing to help me out here, a DM would be hugely appreciated in a reply on this thread.)

aaaand I have the source code for their kiosk because this vendor was nice enough to not use obfuscation in their JAR.

wow each of these chargers is like artisanally crafted with care and dedication, so much so they left all of the installers and license keys on the charger...

hm this charger's POS is java based, uses nothing windows specific, why did they move from Linux to Windows 10?

The rise in recent teenage hackers from Britain has indeed been noticed by me... while I applaud their work... someone really needs to teach them about Opsec.

There is a chance I might be able to get ahold of a wall volt charge post to take with me to Defcon, the vendor seems to be interested in the idea, and my work seems to think it could be an interesting idea to let people play hack the charger... I think I just have to get legal to go "this isnt a bad idea"

birbsite, infosec twitter drama, seriously 

Protip, the appropriate response to what they pointed out should have been "damn that was clever" not adhomenim attacks. When did so much of the rando larger infosec community stop admiring cleverness?

hooray almost got killed today my the hotel valet because they couldn't be bothered to look before they gunned it...

AAAAAAND got disk images of the last couple charge posts. Like I suspected they are enthusiasts. the drives are not encrypted, cloning them is a breeze, and Im 99.999% sure I could change the branding on all of them to read "Hack the Planet" but that whole do no harm pentest thing :(

So it turns out every major commercial charger is made from some interesting commodity components like the RAPL-D3LA, and a really really cheap 64 gigabyte SATA SSD, or a broadcom arm board, or something that looks like a CM4. all but 2 of the most expensive ones I took apart today ran linux, 2 of them were just basic ubuntu 16.04, the 2 high end ran literally windows 10 pro... no crypto on the firmware disks. its wild as hell.

Im pretty sure I bombed that interview today :(

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