Think I just found the worst thing to step on. Triangle shaped Nvidia shield remote right in the middle of my foot horizontally.

Sometimes I dream in slack messages. I need to get out more

First Shot: 3/6, Second Shot 3/27, Delta Breakthrough: 8/13, Booster 1/19 -- What a year indeed.

The URLs project takes all the extra URLs from the main projects and shoves them into this backlog. its a dumping ground but its everything and anything that needs to be archived. Everything saved using the warrior is uploaded to the Wayback Machine (

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If you ever wanted to help the Archive Team, I suggest looking at two links: 1) The URLs Project 2) the Warrior (Use the Docker one) if you take the warrior and assign it to URLs its amazing and very long running. 1/2

Screw it, Here you go nerds: -- Its a KOTH, your goal is to keep a qrcode on screen and kick out the others, you have a limited shell and a wide open X11 server, Try and break it!

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I'm looking for some beta testers for a Linux based King of the Hill using an x11 server. If you're interested, slide into my DMs

Doing a Bob's and Angle's Run in Factorio and I have the next two weeks off, SEE YOU IN 400 hours!

Note: when installing Openstack Kolla + cephadm you need to bootstrap with kolla FIRST then cephadm works ok, then kolla will deploy correctly -- stupid me though this was going to be easy

Just finished updating the Archive Team Wiki! (Wait.. why is it 4AM?)

I love this website: Browse the web like its 1999

I have a interesting issue. I need help solving. Lets say I have 16 sound cards on a windows machine. How do I script a sound to play on any of the sound cards at a whim? Fully automated and scripted to respond to any event I wish.

Dyson Sphere Program is pretty damn good looking. What you are looking at is from upper Venus, The view of Sol with millions of solar sails and a Dyson Sphere being built in the distance. Can't wait for it to be done!

Power outage in Webster, NY. And only a 60% charged phone

2 hours to get a tire fixed and a rotation at a dealership. This is nuts

I still stand by them, Even now completing a rather crude application, these things just keep being useful for making simple "SPAs" I've even started doing cross frame javascript reloads to update sidebars and what nots

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Man framesets are freaking useful for making layouts... why did we ever get rid of them?!

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