warning! Bally is doing baggage checks! and are disallowing outside booze!

Just got done packing hatching I'm going to do it checked baggage this time I wonder how many TSA notices are collected in it when I'm done

Lets say I have a 36 foot wallboard, its 5760x1080, Whats the best Game/Demoscene/Pretty thing I can put on it? Right now EVE Online is winning.

Is it weird that my cat stares at me while I sleep

I found a dead fish in the back parking lot of the global cyber security institute. The closest water source is a quarter of the mile away!

I've got a cursed PHP bug -- For some reason '$hdstats[$tickettypekey]["domain"][$hdticket["domain"]]["high"]["done"]++' is not adding the numbers, it just keeps setting it to 1


Global variables use 1870 bytes (91%) of dynamic memory, leaving 178 bytes for local variables. Maximum is 2048 bytes.

this is some magic, SSH Supports the key format ed25519-sk, This format is to be used with FIDO2 keys to 2FA your keys with a FIDO2 Token!

So I just watch Gundam vs Hello Kitty myanimelist.net/anime/39674/ -- This has to be the craziest crossover ever -- It even explains why SD Gundams exist!

So I just watch Gundam vs Hello Kittyhttps://myanimelist.net/anime/39674/ -- This has to be the craziest crossover every -- It even explains why SD Gundams exist!

Ah HA! I figured out my NSX Issue, I have to set a edge cluster for the segment and T1 router!

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