For the love of God, don't go to the Caesars Form, it's the Caesars Forum, it's behind the Harrah/Linq, Not attached to Caesars!

Well.. only myself and the crew are wearing a mask on my full flight :(

Flying out today on Flights DL 4752 and DL 1159 -- Wish me luck!

Is it bad that my backpack full of crap like laptops, irons, batteries is heavier then my suitcase about to become a black hole

Just got done packing my main tiny suitcase -- I think it might cause a black hole if I decide to cram another sock in it.

The new CGP Gray video is great. Magnets be damned

I manage a room where each desk has a subwoofer attached to it on top of the 10 speakers in here listening to the Mass effect. Soundtrack has been amazing The feeling that you get whenever the strings kick in is out of worldly

is canceled this week?

You know how the transfer speed of a station wagon full of tapes is faster then the internet? I think is trying to beat that record right now

I've got a little CTF live at -- people keep trying to jndi it, so I do this back: while true; do cat /dev/urandom | strings | head -n 100 | xargs -n1 -P100 -I {} curl -v "http://$URL/{}"; done

Got my burner phone, got my VPN, got my laptop, Paper hats just came in, Its TIME

Don't forget to get practice wearing a mask again! May I suggest something a little more hard core? I suggest something like a Elastomeric Half Mask Respirator with Source Control. A good one I'm testing out is the GVS SPR643 ELIPSE P100

Turned on some Deep Space SomaFM and now we are really cooking with gas

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I found a screen big enough to handle the sheer raw resolution of the

Fullmetal alchemist brotherhood has a better ending to Neon Genesis Evangelion then Neon Genesis did

Sometimes I hold my breath. I don't know why. It's like I forget to breathe sometimes. I'll get distracted, it's usually only for a few seconds. If you're ever around me and hear me sigh. It's because of that.

Maybe it's just me, but Wegmans never has lime sherbet..........

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