"Let's ban plastic and paper bags statewide. What could go wrong?"

"This is New Jersey."

"Oh, Riiiigggghhtt"

Hamster Buddy, I put all the phone numbers on the fridge. Call if you need anything. We'll be back by 11.

I just wanted the nutrition info for Oat Milk. Instead I've been taken back to GeoCities.

Tried to quell the FOMO over skipping HOPE with getting some pizza and catching up on Westworld. open subtitles and the universe had other ideas.

It's killing me to skip HOPE this year. The FOMO is strong. But every time iv'e errored on the side of caution it's been proven the right choice. have to go with gut on this one.


Josh Hawley should Google “the Dean scream” to see the last 10 second video that ruined a political career.

Cat mildly uncomfortable and being overly dramatic. 

I try to keep the doors and windows open for a few hours in the morning of hot days. Get some airflow before all day AC. Plus, sometimes I worry the cats don't like it so cold. This morning they offered a rebuttal.

I’m thinking it’s too hot and infectious out there to do the HOPE conference this weekend. Guess I’ll watch from my living room with air conditioning and GrubHub.

It's going to suck out there today. The National Weather Service recommends moving your AC into the bathroom and spending all day in a tub of cold water.

I just learned a 5k is 3.1 miles and not 5,000. This is going to be easier then i thought.

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The Orville has been taking some really big swings with subject matter this year. They haven't missed yet.

If you think your Monday is going bad. I just spent 20 mins installing a latch on my new retractable screen door.

Message for Susan Collins... 

if a stranger offers you candy, dont get in the van.


Section 31 spotted at Jan 6th hearings. it’s all starting to make sense now.

The thing I miss about the 90’s AIM/ICQ scape is being able to wake up at an odd hour and haveing a list of which of your friends were also awake and online.


Watching this press conference and getting angrier and angrier. You can't say it's mental health issue AND that the gunmen was pure evil. you need to pick one.

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