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there’s countless xeons in landfills with 10k+ CPUMark scores.

there’s warehouses full of unsold DDR3 ECC

you can look in dumpsters in any major city and find 5-10 year old dell precisions that still run fine

and we’re still manufacturing new, flawed consumer tech - and making extremely substantial compromises to keep it cheap.

Moore’s law has slowed down enough that we can just use the old shit. If it was good enough for businesses five years ago, it’s good enough for me today

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reject compromised consumer tech
embrace off-lease enterprise tech
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@Shufei This reminds me of a fun story.

Once upon a time it was illegal for US amateur stations to make contact with their Cuban counterparts.

One day a US station hears a Cuban station down on HF (I forget what band). US station says to his buddy "It's a real shame we're not allowed to talk to Cuba because I'm hearing <callsign> 59 here."

Cuban station then says to nobody in particular "It's a shame we cannot talk to the US because I hear <callsign> 59 here."

No regs were broken that day.

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Rare photo of mother wrench feeding her hatchlings in the wild. Breathtaking

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I love how it's a terrible idea to open Office documents from unknown sources

good thing you never want to open documents from people you don't know, what an outlandish usecase

Since moving back to the Fediverse, Twitter is starting to get jealous. In desperate attempts for my attention is now just making up notifications for things that don’t involve me at all. It’s pretty annoying. Probably going to have to dig into the settings and disable this “feature”.

Think I'm going to let expire in a few weeks. It was a project to give a semantic web interface to hackerspace data, but never really went anywhere. The hackerspace has moved location twice since I started this project, so probably time to let it die.

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@irl I feel like this encapsulates why blog engines are depleted uranium ammunition for nerd sniping.

This evening's project is migrating a FreeNAS system to OpenBSD, but I still haven't written the IC-9700 terminal mode blog post I promised. :flan_writing:

If you have a static site generator blog, how do you manage images in your blog post? Right now I'm manually copying them into the static folder and then manually typing out the path to them in the posts. This seems like it's a source of friction that's preventing me from blogging.

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Making a midi controller! Holes drilled and some preliminary soldering done. Lots still left to do but it starts feeling real when you get things in the enclosure

(I don't actually have a pre-paid contract anymore, I switched to If you're thinking of joining, it'd be cool if you ask me to invite you because that gives me 1GB free data I think.)

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Just realising the Fairphone 2 is more than 5 years old now, and is still perfectly fine for everything I'd want from an Android phone. The iPhone XS won't even talk Bluetooth properly to the car because the car is 5 years old and I guess Bluetooth moved on or something, but I can see myself still using the Fairphone 2 in another 5 years.

It's a shame you get such cheap crap on contracts, but not phones that are made to last. I wonder if anyone does 4/5 year contracts where you're paying off the handset over a longer period because you actually expect it to last that longer period.

It's also ridiculous that at the end of phone contracts, you don't automatically drop to a lower rate. Assuming that means you've now paid off the phone, you should just be paying for the service. The whole thing just isn't very transparent.

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@hibby apparently we were meant to log the frequencies, so the system complained at me. I think it has accepted it but it wouldn't have given us points if we had entered properly. We'll remember for next year.

@tj did you have a picture from today I can put on

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@florian is asking for data from unwind users on #openbsd by using pf rules to check how many times unwind hits the root zones :flan_thumbs:

It's really easy to enable it.

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