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In a world where the income gaps grow daily I wonder. What defines"value" to a human?
Not enough choices, I know, but you can try?

If you're into climate awareness, energy preservation and catastrophe thinking (like me), read up on Jevons paradox.
Otherwise the Nordic bronze age was a really interesting read too.

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I binged the hole Lost. All seasons during maybe two weeks.
I never saw the final episode.

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A website disables zoom / resize

This is ...

Note: "Web deisgner" here means engaged in designing or producing websites in any significant fashion. I'm trying to distinguish viewpoints of designers vs. users here, if any

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#polls #Web #WebDesign

Saw a psychologist friday, the doctor today and now I'm clinically depressed.
This is not a bad thing.
I got medication and therapy.
Maybe life will be worth living again?

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Cyclists are a disaster for the economy!!
- don’t buy cars
- don’t borrow money to buy too big senseless bolids
- don't buy fuel
- don't pay for repairs
- don't use paid parking
- don't cause any major accidents
- don´t need multi-lane highways

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"After we reminded GitHub of (a) the pending questions that we'd waited a year for them to answer and (b) of their refusal to join public discussion on the topic, they responded a week later, saying they would not join any public nor private discussion on this matter because “a broader conversation about the ethics of AI-assisted software seemed unlikely to alter your stance”".

To me, this is the biggest reason why #Github must die in a huge ball of fire and leave no traces behind.

They make big profits with FLOSS software, included the code that I've developed and hosted on their platform over the past >10 years.

They don't share any of those profits back with me and other FLOSS developers.

They claim to be on the developers' side, but they offer no chances of appeal nor legal support to developers when a DMCA takedown requests comes in and developers lose months or years of work, often without explanation.

They claim to be the largest FLOSS platform on the planet, but their own source code is not open, and they already refused multiple times to open it up.

They trained their co-pilot with my code and tons of other FLOSS code, when they could have simply used their own codebase, or that of Office/Windows, if they're really in good faith and into the idea of giving back to the world.

And, when we ask them to sit and talk together because we have legitimate concerns (especially around the amount of open-source licenses that the co-pilot violates, since the underlying code isn't Github's intellectual property and licenses must be respected), they behave like jerks and say "well, our conversation won't change your mind anyway [about the fact that we're filthy jerks], so it doesn't even make sense to have it".

Change my mind ABOUT WHAT? It's my f*cking code, intellectual property and licenses that you're talking about, and I'm entitled to decide how you use it, or at least opt out of your programs if I don't like them, you filthy pieces of shit!

If I had ripped your own source code and gave it away for free, with no references nor credits about the original authors, and you asked me for explanations, would I be able to get away with "my explanations aren't going to change your mind anyway, so I don't even want to talk to you"? Or would you unleash your whole army of lawyers against me? So just because individual FLOSS developers can't rely on an army of lawyers like you do we're expected to be your unpaid slaves, you scum of the earth?

These disgusting parasites are still bent on their parent company's embrace-extend-exterminate strategy, nothing has changed since Ballmer's times. But keep in mind that, unlike with Windows, they are NOT the authors of the content on their platform. WE are the authors. If we all pull our code out of Github and move it to Gitlab, Gitee or other solutions, they'll be left with nothing. Let's make sure that this is indeed the case and Github joins the cemetery of evil projects with no added value.

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We are people from all walks of life with one aim: To make it impossible to own a huge polluting 4x4 in the world’s urban areas.

How to deflate an SUV tire, with lentils:


NATO pol 

So, in order for Sweden and Finland to join we must actively support turkeys fight against the Kurdish people.

At the same time I read in the news how heavily armored police strike down on the Pride festival in turkey.
Last time I checked we, in the north of Europe, are really pro-pride.
What leverage are we using to at least let the people in turkey have their freedoms?

I fucking hate world politics.
And I stand up for my fellow Kurds and lgbtq friends!

I do like the idea of urbits phonetic IDs and sigils.
As many of my friends around the , I've developed a serious allergy to nft-s and blockchains.
Are there some other projects out there trying to accomplish the same without all the bullshit?
I'd like it to be not monetized, for once.

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This is a fun one. 

@thegibson you know, it would be a shame if someone accidentally cross-referenced these names against an offshore leaks database, like this one...

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"Jesus vs. Jeezus", by Tim Kreider, 2005

(eye contact, one slur)

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Amazed out how many people responded to my "do not announce your intent to commit crimes" toot with variations of "even better, don't commit crimes at all!"

Look: not all laws are moral. The law can, AND FREQUENTLY HAS BEEN, used to oppress people. People who helped slaves escape to freedom were breaking the law. People who sheltered Jews and gays and Roma from Nazi genocide were breaking the law. Sometimes, there is nothing a moral person can do BUT break the law.

I'm not saying ALL laws are immoral. But if you cannot imagine ANY law ever being worth breaking, you either need to read some history, or you're comfortable living with oppression because you're confident it will only ever oppress other people.

And if it's the latter, I'm not particularly interested in your opinion.

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@bob @noa also cops across Northern Europe gained a massive win recently in terms of arrests and PR/propaganda with infiltration of Encrochat plus crackdowns on middle class drug use that involve matching up the locations of "burner" phones alongside suspects' personal devices.

And many Encrochat users were involved in genuinely nasty stuff like violence/guns/murders, so cops/media can now easily put across the message "encryption/privacy = bad"

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made a post on a local queer internet forum attempting to incite a riot over roe v Wade and now undercover cops posing as drug dealers are messaging me

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