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The simulation we live in is abandonware.

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My goal with my Zen & Copy project is to be referred to as "The anti-Ben Settle" by someone whom I can use that as a testimonial

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‘Three passions, simple but overwhelmingly strong, have governed my life: the longing for love, the search for knowledge, and unbearable pity for the suffering of mankind,’ - Bertrand Russell

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5 years ago today, I took my place in permanent hacker history by getting published in 2600.

All of you are experiencing me subjectively.

We can all agree the metaverse is something that’s going to happen, right?

Whether we like it or not.

The simulation we live in is abandonware.

I think I might spend my evening surfing the web from my iPad while I lay on the couch.

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It’s okay to take the weekend and just chill.

It’s been a rough week.

And if your week wasn’t rough, you’re still allowed to chill :)

I guess it would have to be like a fingerprint YubiKey device if we wanted to go physical with these things but I was just throwing that out as a possible answer not a definitive solution.

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Serious question because I don’t know:

Without Earth destroying blockchain is there any way we could have guaranteed persistent identities across a decentralized “metaverse” (not Facebooks bullshit but a real metaverse)?

My first thought was “duh we do this now with email” but I’m not satisfied with that as the answer because email services can come and go as any other service could and it’s not something the general public could just simply host.

I guess what I’m picturing is something like a YubiKey where a code represents me and that standard (ANSI + ISO?) would be adhered to across the decentralized metaverse.

I’m just curious if there’s a tech that already exists we could use for this that I don’t know about.

The U.S. Advantage in Intelligence may not be the Superpower you think it is

(TLDR: it's diversity in the workforce)

Teach everything you know.

Even if it's already been taught 100 times before.

The experiences you've had and the way you word things will be different than the 100 times before.

Because of that, there are people that it will just click for them.

Because you taught it.

Subscription serfdom - we don't own anything anymore, we're just renting it from our feudal lords

The ballot or the bullet,
some freedom or some bullshit
Will we ever do it big,
or just keep settlin' for li'l shit?

What do you do with most of your emails?

My goal with my Zen & Copy project is to be referred to as "The anti-Ben Settle" by someone whom I can use that as a testimonial

I started posting this to mock a EFF post but the more I typed the more I nodded my head “yes…yes!!”

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Striketober is over but now we move into Strikesgiving.

After that we have Strikesmass and only a week later we set our New Years Revolutions.

We strike forever.

Never go back to your job.

Homies who dress in “mens” clothing:

I need to drop some $$$ on new socks and underwear.

Looking for recommendations.

I’m not super active but I do exercise. I don’t need anything high performance.

I just want to be comfortable and look good in em and I want them to last.

Thinking Bombas for socks. I have one pair and I like them. I also like that they donate pair for pair to a homeless shelter.

Considering merino wool. I had a pair of merino wool socks that were comfy af and I like that you can just rinse in soapy water and hang to dry and it’s clean (no clothes washer energy/water use).


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