please share this with people who won't listen cause "experts" lie to them

he's a "good old boy" who might get through where others have failed

his channel is good as well

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covid - greed - privately owned hospitals 

health care is too important to be a business

"We’d lost the coin toss between us and another floor,” the nurse said. “We were now going to be the covid floor.”

They immediately began staffing the floor with some full-time nurses...

...Some nurses were going directly from treating covid patients to administering chemotherapy to cancer patients, who would be especially endangered by a covid-19 infection."

covid - under reporting - NY City - economics 


the count of deceased individuals
April 1-5 in 2020
by the FDNY is
up to 8x the number
for April 1-5 in 2019

so those silk suited bastards saying we are almost through this and it's almost over

don''t believe them

covid - stats - limits of testing - US 

i'm kinda a number junkie
when it comes to this pandemic
and my brain is kinda sideways
i worry about logistics
behind the numbers
and how to detect them

i noticed that the confirmed cases in the US increased by approximately 30k a day
which is linear, not geometric expansion

so i check how many lab tech in US
time to complete test: ~3hours

and ran some numbers

i took the log of each day's cumulative total and subtracted the previous day's from it

covid - US - hospital and ICU bed coverage by county 

know your county's risks

my county has 16
the county north of us
has no hospital

I know it's cool and all to climb the paywall and get it for free

all i'm saying is support journalism yo!

\\yeah yeah information wants to be free
\\but gathering information is expensive

[seriously the NY times have a deal now for $4 a month for the next year
it's the price of a cheap latte]

{the trick is going to the site and reading an article, have it tell you no, and then push the button for subscription options)

[the washington post has a a deal where for $39

you get 1 year of the paper
a bonus subscription to give away
a 30 day monthly pass every month to share
and access to Washington Post ebooks]

i don't work for these places
but i do
subscribe to them

i like how he just pops in black and white

he's just a black hole in color, completely disappearing

but wow

the texture of his fur
the look in his eyes
everything feels so intense
he wants something
and he wants you to know

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covid - palm sunday 

getting up early to go rollin
through town

looking to see which church
has volunteered
to host the next hotspot

covid - NY memories 

this place is now a hospital

found these pictures and it hit me

[just mysted up there]
[got something in my eye]
[i'm not crying, you're crying]

description: 4 pictures of cosplayers at new york comic con in 2013 at the javits center located conveniently near hell's kitchen (which is a really nice neighborhood) in manhattan

the last of the reserve
ready to become the source
of the bounty

we are more than we seem
we have hidden stores of resolve
that are deeper and vaster
than we will ever believe we have

and when we pass through
the valley of the shadow
and come out the other side
we will have but tapped
the least of our stores
for we are resilient

covid - statistics - thoughts and ruminations on several weeks of monitoring statistics 

going through each day
watching places
monitoring their rate of doubling

seeing the statistics for all who have passed

and starting to see things in the numbers

disturbing things
things that suggest
the hiding of numbers

either to keep home values up as a county is a safe with the best healthy people and reporting will just hurt the county's image

or the nation state
that hides how badly they have suffered to appear strong even though it kills their own people

or the places where they will never know who has died from he virus because even if they wanted to buy tests they would never receive them

or the nameless others who died in their homes, the cause of death appearing to be something else and so they are not counted

i currently only trust numbers of deceased from a few countries anymore and i can't even trust the numbers from my own state all i can trust is the bad places are at least as bad as they report

and what is not reported there is truly horrifying

covid - manitowoc - WI - first case 

it has been brought to my attention that the first case of covid for my county has been confirmed

i thought you all could do with a little dog therapy

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