video card was loose
issue presented as a disk issue

reseating video card
fixed it
for now

when dealing with crows
make owl noises
this always makes the situation better

label printing system down
think it's a video card
that it doesn't need
pulling that after work

it's my last windows box
and the only reason i need it
is i can't find drivers for the printer
outside of Windows

like a certain cat
i fade from view
leaving only my smile behind
until that too

learning to live in sync
with your mind and body
in the face of societal expectations
is a challenge
worth accepting

really need to take a better photo of that

and can really see how much compensation
i'll have to adjust for to make it line up proper like

went to bed hella early last night
really just pulling in on myself

i am suffering through
a realignment of projects at work

to fix something
sometimes you have to do
a lot of stressful work up front
to get to the place
you should have been at
all along

and that's the place we are at

finding that
learning to sketch
with a sharpie
and then reducing size of pen tip
until one day you grab a pencil
is a good way of blowing past
the basics

there's a lesson there

a dog temple
to pupthena
would be the

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