keep thinking

bento box
for lunch

as if it's an elected office
not a daily occurrence

Will you follow me into fire?
Into packet storm?
Into darkness?
Into death?

and the sysadmin said

what if the official language
was the one
we couldn't understand the whole time
(puts down the kafka)

deleted cause
i'm sure many
don't know who
turd blossom

and what i learned tonight

those reflecto hearts are not gonna happen
string broke about every 200 stitches
or about once ever 2 minutes
and once it caused the machine to lock up

i'll try it in the sewing machine to see if it can
edge stitch without breaking
but -- as a design element
not happening
[at least now]

gibbon 2020
sounds like an interview show
animal planet

thanks to that joke about the nursing home
i know have three elderly folx
having a conversation in my head
(and they are not nice)
(i think one just said)
<have a blessed day>
[oh yea they fighting now]

the nursing home residents
won't like it one bit
what with them thar furin sunding werds

turn signal?
thought you said sigil
now gotta redraw this one

fell into a youtube trance
....magnet fishing was the best thing i saw

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