a version of this is happening

they seem quite happy
as they imitate
sea lions

i followed you
because you were
the only one
who'd help me hide the body

i thought someone had a crush on me
then i thought
i don't live in that country

this ain't ant tricks
this is a farm race


since you can't listen to the hackers 2 soundtrack from streaming service

i created a playlist
from the tracklist
substituting a similar track
for one that is no where

(been bouncing all day)

our os installer
does bios updates
as part of the process

(i thought it was a nice improvement)

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you know you use
too many wireless keyboards
when you start
assigning them numbers

ok win 10
you really don't like
your menu and search
(neither do we)

video game
python script

video game

i really need to start writing those python scripts to clean up my old server

how to tell if your dev needs to be let go

(says something like)

<can't trust the end users to know what's best for them>

look like today's standup
is a lounge in the lobby

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