men who stare at goats
meant more
this viewing

David v Goliath (economy/business) 

will be a click trance night
with bjork and bjork adjecent

if today stays going like it started
all I'll be able to do when I get home
is to put on my headphones
put on the bjork
and get in a click trance
in a video game

on the run all morning
if it wasn't for the SAD med
I'd have curled up under my desk
an hour ago

(don't need coffee to feel jittery
any more)

one can't truly understand
my little pony: friendship is magic
until they have watched it
in the original

if I'm gonna fix all these phones
then there's a couple tabs
I'm cutting off

one doesn't know true joy
who has not successfully
a Cisco desk phone

(you must work through the pain)
(to reach that joyous snap)
(that says the phone is)
(once again)

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