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"Trump's Twitter account hacked after Dutch researcher guessed password"

I kid you not, "maga2020!".

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TIL about systemd-analyze. the "blame" sub-command seems useful:

>This command prints a list of all running units, ordered by the time they took to initialize.


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As a programmer it's been really hard to wean myself off of thinking in terms of global solutions. This, in comparison to building local or community technology.

Thinking this way can make things harder (now your tech needs need to scale to the world) and not useful (different people in different places have different needs).

This kind of blew my mind: like, you can just go and build a piece of tech and only give it to your friends & the immediate people it's helpful for. You don't *need* to design for The World. I think this kind of thinking is really important for breaking away from capitalistic modes of thinking.

this is hilarious:

"Earlier this month, KrebsOnSecurity received an email from a researcher who said he got a .gov domain simply by filling out and emailing an online form, grabbing some letterhead off the homepage of a small U.S. town that only has a “.us” domain name, and impersonating the town’s mayor in the application."

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Reminder that SeaGL is this Friday and Saturday at Seattle Central. Free to attend.

#seattle #linux #devops #foss

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Got my pwnagotchi working so printed a case and took it for a walk, got a handshake (of a network with a good name.)

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Anyone in the Seattle area? I’ll be at Elliot bay book store tonight 12 Nov at 7 pm talking about my book!

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So does Ubiquiti just have zero docs on how an external captive portal server is supposed to work?

The NFC tags seemed to be of interest, so I called the place I bought them from and bought a few more. open to suggestions for what to do with them, either next year at or something else ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Almost through the whole bag, got some help handing them out. Now to see if I actually get any interaction...

These are writable NFC chips. I wrote the URL of my profile here to a bunch of them, and have been handing them out at . If you got one and don't know what to do with it now, I have been using "NFC Tools" for Android to rewrite them.

If you want some and you're at , let me know

Watching Senator Ron Wyden's talk about election security (or complete lack thereof)

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RT from Joe Grand @joegrand

The #DEFCON 27 Badge features a new mounting method: lanyard straps! Keeps the badge in place and frees up the clip for #badgelife.

Original tweet :

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