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Each time I see someone correct someone else with a pedantic edge case, my brain now sings: "You've been hit by, you've been struck by, a Well Actually" to the tune of Smooth Criminal.

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@cwebber I guess another way to put it is: "Anything is a number if you're brave enough".

I have only one question about that interview... How did they fit Dave Kennedy into a nerd suit?!

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**Ransomware Finally Came for the One Thing Americans Care About: Gas Prices**

"Locking down IT systems for hospitals, universities, non-profits, and local governments barely register. But raise gas prices a few cents? Now you've done it."

#news #bot

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Welcome to the dystopia. Save yourself and then save the world 🌍

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Wer von euch hat Lust dabei zu helfen #peertube ein wenig besser zu moderieren?

Derzeit ist es leider so, dass im deutschsprachigem peertube echt viel Verschwörungstheorien und Querfrontzeugs Raum einnehmen.

Da peertube Entwicklis hauptsächlich englisch/französisch sprachlich sind gibt es dementsprechend Überforderung von deren Seite damit umzugehen.

Was es bräuchte wäre ein kleines team, dass eine "allow list/block list" moderiert, die nicht deutschsprachige nutzen können zur eigenen Moderation.

Hast du Lust, bzw. vllt. gibts ja schon einen Ansatz?

hab hier mal ein pad angelegt:

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Hypothetical, malware, blockchain 

What if somebody released a virus onto the blockchain that deletes it from every computer it is on 🤔

Oh the role of roles in keeping things rolling...

Me, tidying my desk, finding unfiled papers: I've got to have a word with my secretary about this.

.. I am my secretary.

I legit didn't realize that my main driver is a 13.3" laptop. For the last n years. 🤨

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@scruss @ifixcoinops Last year I saw a funny comment about it.

> 2020: GE sold light bulb business after 130 years

> iancmceachern: So GE doesn't make light bulbs, HP doesn't make test equipment, IBM doesn't make computers, and AT&T doesn't have any phone lines. What a strange new world we find ourselves inhabiting.

> Aeolun: But look at all that shareholder value!

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This statement attempts to invalidate every act of justice ever done in the name of activism, journalism and human rights.

Private, digital conversations are a human right — one which is likely exercised even by the politicians who wrote this bill.


how do I clean The Last Bit of wax off a 3d printed part?

It's not essential, I got enough off for it to operate (and dude, i love these things, they're so cuuuuute), but I feel a bit of a doing-it-wrong about having just brute forced it with a finger nail.

The instructions said warm water and a toothbrush, but that was only moderately effective. Should I try warmer? Toothier?

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Everyone is focused on the ransomware… they should really be focused on the delivery mechanisms.

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datasheets that look like summoning circles/magic incantations

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elaboration: we need a better, weirder future than the one being handed to us. i'm starting to think that whether we deserve it or not is immaterial. we may have much to answer for but we won't be here to answer at all if we don't make it for ourselves.

comfort the inflicted. inflict the comfortable.

Overflow? Off by 1 error? I turned the backlight level down and the other half came back on.

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