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Don't know why but I like this shot.

This is an unsoldered nice!nano v2 mcu socketed in a low profile machine pin header on a Corne that I screwed up

When you know you're hitting the ground, how do you make sure you're gonna bounce? How do you light the fire one more time? What turns the gears when you have to drive the grind, fill the form, type the boring code commits and heat the forge back up? (Damn right this is a music recs question.)

I was bouncing off battery zero before the last fifteen things went wrong. I was grinding a hard turn before literal death and destruction came knocking. So yes I'm bouncing back hard; think Hulk on a bad day. No point in being a small hammer, no sense in being less than I am. Time to play as if I were running on a full charge.

Because every time I thought the pool was empty? Game on. And yeah I have not, on any prior round, gotten all the way back up. So what. Game. On. Lets see what no holding back can do.

We've been so tired. All of us.

2020 will be a number carried in infamy.

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Senfcall.de is a FOSS-based video conferencing site which aims to provide a privacy-friendly alternative to proprietary services. You can follow them at:

➡️ @senfcall (in German and English)

Their website is at senfcall.de/en (English) and senfcall.de (German)

Calls are made within the web browser using the libre BigBlueButton system.

#SenfCall #BigBlueButton #FOSS #Privacy #VOIP #Deutsch #AufDeutsch #Libre #FLOSS #FreeSoftware #OpenSource #ConferenceCalls

Are we doing this? We're doing this, right?

[insert your own 'this' as needed]

And I admit, the excuse to name each of my 'vaults' after a stone is appealing.

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Obsidian is surviving its first trials as a knowledgebase platform for my use.

Still haven't put it through the real paces. But at least it's usable, discoverable, and pretty. Which means much less cussing than org-roam induced.

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money beg, career-changing, not my own 

A good online friend of mine has finally (finally!!) obtained an opportunity. This will get her out of the frying pan and back into the wide world of the employed academic. I cannot express how hard she's worked for this!

Just one catch: She has to get there.

"A university in Armenia has hired me at short notice, but they don't reimburse my airfare, my various paperwork costs or my housing deposit." -- Mel


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Looks like it's Penguin Patch Tuesday.


"The local privilege escalation bug (dubbed Sequoia) found in the Linux Kernel's filesystem layer is being tracked as CVE-2021-33909 and it impacts all Linux kernel versions released since 2014.

Qualys researchers used PoC exploits they created to get full root privileges on default installations of Ubuntu 20.04, Ubuntu 20.10, Ubuntu 21.04, Debian 11, and Fedora 34 Workstation.

Per Qualys, "other Linux distributions are certainly vulnerable.""

Anybody know where the anti-aliasing controls for fractional scale display setting are on ? I could use this not looking like I need new glasses.

Never Don't Scan That Page.

Especially if you have to hand it to someone.

ALWAYS know what passed through your hands.

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What is the present state of civilisation and challenges facing it?

(Piggybacking off @cwebber's thread / poll.)

Intent here is to focus on the relationship and scope of problems, not the specific problem(s) themselves, if any. Though I suspect some may wish to discuss that in comments....

#Poll #BigProblems #ExistentialThreats #Risk #ThreatPerceptions #PaulChefurka

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What is your outlook on the future of human civilisation?

(Piggybacking off @cwebber's thread / poll)

#BigProblems #Civilisation #Collapse #TechnoOptimism #TechnoPessimism #Singularity #Transhumanism #Rapture #Resilience #TransitionTowns #TransitionMovement #Polls

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What is a markov chain but context loss enduring?

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one time a CS professor took points off an assignment (build interpreting calculator in assembly) and I had to bring in my number theory textbook to demonstrate that it is in fact the C language that does division incorrectly

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