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I'm not leaving the net. But I am leaving the UI.

At least for a time, hopefully permanently. Enough is enough. I know timeline is a dark pattern for me. I know better than to allow dark patterns to soak up my time.

"The app" is the lie they had to sell us - that for us to receive information, we had to run their code and see what they wanted us to see in the order they wanted us to see it in. I reject the app model.

I will emerge my crystal towers of knowledge above bitstream fields of data. I will do it on my own terms. There is no efficiency in succumbing.

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I am not interested in equality via self applied foot-gun.

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Ftr, this account does not willfully discriminate against partially or wholely synthetic intelligences.

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fun fact: when using a hacksaw-bladed reciprocating saw (hereby known as a "hecksaw"), it is legally and physically required to unleash your most extra witch cackle as you saw through whatever you are cutting

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tired: Posting to social media, and backing it up on your laptop (if you remember)

wired: Posting on your laptop, and publishing it out to social media

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The Heritage Craft Association has added 37 more crafts to their 'red list' of traditional crafts that are on the verge of extinction:

There really needs to be a way of explaining to people that you'd gladly talk to them all the time except have a nervous respect for their seeming so busy and important that you don't want to barge in with idle chatter but really wish you could just sit in the same room and work in order to spend time together even if you are all terribly busy and important.

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Ah, those were the days. Computers weren't exactly a consumer product; you needed to learn the stuff.

It was some kind of mysticism; to use the spellbook, you need to learn the basics of magic and become a wizard. It's not going to be easy but it will be awesome.

Today? It's not a spellbook anymore, it's a genie in a bottle and you have to sign a faustian contract with several demons.

Not cool.

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@​sillystring I see information viewed as quantized, with a (functioning mind you) 8088, and a hoodie that comes with my answering machine.

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if you're a wizard then all your hats are wizard hats

This makes me a lot more likely to overcome my aversion to recording. Despite that I'm discovering I'm far too "thin skinned" to be on the net.

Wireless earbuds feel like the talking is inside my head. I lose the "this comes from" referent entirely. It has no location, no device (I can't feel them), no wire... so my mind assigns it to a within-but-aside location in mental space. One normally occupied .. by abstract data structures, and text strings. My mind blinks, puzzled, to find a voice there.

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The fortune teller regarded the crow perched upon her scrying orb. Her window was open, so its presence was not inexplicable.

It held in its beak a large silver coin.

"Are you an omen?" she asked in a cautious, polite tone.

The crow puffed up and shook its head, then dropped the coin into her payment bowl.

"Ah, I see," she murmured, taking a seat," This will work better if you sit elsewhere."

The crow hopped down obediently.

#TootFic #MicroFiction #Writing #TerylsTales #UrbanFantasy

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I don't like that. Rather than respond to a psychiatrist, psychologist, or therapist to get socks on my scanner for multi-page documents. Even when there's printing on both phone and tablet don't have a compulsion to add your own money. Use other people's.

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The first rule of magic
The most primordial lore
In all realms digital or real

Names Have Power

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