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The horror of an era replete with magic (technology) is that your choices matter. You can lose your life in here, gazing blankly into a whispering void. Or you can seize great power... wisdom of ages at your finger tips, should you know the correct incantations (search strings) to seek it. But noone will rescue you from the former, should you get distracted in your quest for the latter.

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I'm not leaving the net. But I am leaving the UI.

At least for a time, hopefully permanently. Enough is enough. I know timeline is a dark pattern for me. I know better than to allow dark patterns to soak up my time.

"The app" is the lie they had to sell us - that for us to receive information, we had to run their code and see what they wanted us to see in the order they wanted us to see it in. I reject the app model.

I will emerge my crystal towers of knowledge above bitstream fields of data. I will do it on my own terms. There is no efficiency in succumbing.

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I am not interested in equality via self applied foot-gun.

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Ftr, this account does not willfully discriminate against partially or wholely synthetic intelligences.

If history repeats itself.
If the present is propaganda unfiltered by cyclic revision of prejudice.
If the most popular free publication is the most manipulative.

The news is less accurate than the tarot deck.
The tarot deck is less accurate than the recorded past.
It doesn't matter which part of history you pick.
It does matter, that it is obscure and tediously academic, far from manipulative value.

Give yourself a thousand years of experience, or even just a dozen.
Any dozen, so long as it differs from the man beside you.
History repeats. You will be more powerful, and less predictable.

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Let the traces of copper on the board form a warding glyph, carrying forth energy that is the evocation of the language of the machine.

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“But remember: the fact that you are not paranoid doesn’t mean they are not out to get you.”

mind, this is by the same g👀gle that thinks 'recovery email' means 'haha f you', so really, f them.

Irony: Getting dropped in the spambin when I'm running mail-in-a-box, when my half-assed cobble together setup that didn't do half as much 'looking proper' didn't get spambinned.

I think I am going to do the responsible thing and let mail-in-a-box handle it.

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the average human only uses 10% of their computer

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@troubleMoney i am very glad that somebody has noticed this.

remember when all OpenSSL developers were from NOT America, because of the weapons export laws, that included cryptography?

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Okay this Huawei thing is really bringing up a few issues around a lot of standards bodies being based in the US

The SD Association is based in California which means that Huawei can't say their products support SD cards

And the Wi-Fi Alliance is based in Texas which means Huawei won't be to certify that their products work with wi-fi

And the Bluetooth SIG is based in Washington, which means they can't use Bluetooth

This is a problem

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Reports clearly indicate that the SSL cert has expired.

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Mind, exporting a few pages of experience for later study shouldn't put me down a wrist. Grr; wrong pen.

I'm more effective when I'm down to one wrist, or on a slow net. Why? Because I have to /think about what I'm doing/ and that moves my perceived subset of presented information from the visceral to the intellectual.

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Here's the keys 🔑 if you can count the Earth!

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Archimedes HATES this, Solve cubic equations with this one weird trick! Show more

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The lady narrating this chemo education video sounds worryingly like GlaDOS. I am trying not to laugh.

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