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I have reached the end of the internet.

I'm not turning back... I brought a machete.

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Please be obscure.

The common can survive without your help.

The obscure needs you.

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The horror of an era replete with magic (technology) is that your choices matter. You can lose your life in here, gazing blankly into a whispering void. Or you can seize great power... wisdom of ages at your finger tips, should you know the correct incantations (search strings) to seek it. But noone will rescue you from the former, should you get distracted in your quest for the latter.

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cyborg agenda minifesto 

- To construct the interface between biological and technological selves in a manner oriented to support their underlying nature.

- To support the integration of technological with biological selves in order to extend personal capability.

- To defend the interface between technological selves and the external network in order to protect personal integrity and autonomy.

- To disseminate the capabilities so obtained as widely as the desire for them supports.

financial daydreams 

What I'd do if I had money,

look, I can and do live on less than half what someone with my background should get paid on the open market for many of the things I can in theory do. (If it were just me, I'd spend a lot less, but family is family even when I wonder at them sometimes.)

If I had a salary twice what I need for my current lifestyle... I wouldn't change material lifestyle at all. I would hire people more competent than myself for all the speciality stuff I'm crappy at. Starting with a secretary.

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Forget the Oxford comma; how do you feel about the terminal comma?

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@dredmorbius Yeah that applies in non-digital spaces as well.

Just spit-balling a concept here, but I could see "identity" as being the emergent property of (one of many) ongoing communication feedback loops that an observing self has with some contexts, where the identity is a kind of attractor in dynamical space that the observer revisits with frequency in their learned responses to stimuli within that context, coupled with an internal feedback loop of self-observation that produces self-identity.

To try to drive all the different contexts and internal selves with which the individual is in conversation down in to a singular identity would either result in cognitive dissonance among the selves, or require an extreme amount of self-knowing and psychic integration (probably from a lifetime of meditation practice).

I see your threads.

You're on the wave.

I'm sorry I don't have time to be there with you. I have to set up the next one...

But I see you ride.

What does not satisfy,
in solitude and darkness,
will not suffice in the light.

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Night shift gonna play the tunes this time. Night shift got plans... that the day didn't suffice to fulfil.

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Tips for Americans trying to use the internet 

1) If something is "national", you need to specify it is the _American_ national thing. Other countries have their own national things.
2) If talking about states, you need to specify it is _American_ states. Other countries have their own states, and they don't care or know about yours.
3) Same for "the government", unless you are talking about all governments in general.
4) The majority of countries in the world are "other countries" and not the US.

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@dredmorbius Sometimes we have to unlearn things in order to learn new things.

Sometimes we have to undefine things in order to make better definitions.

Conversations are not just about hearing and recording all... they are also about overlooking that which we do not want to carry forward.

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LB: Just reminding myself as to the stance towards interoperability of organizations that adopt a "privacy" protecting posture.

Any organization that positions itself as being uniquely positioned to protect your privacy is a single point of failure for your privacy. Diversity through interoperability is crucial to managing your privacy and your attention.

Because of the few-tone color schemes, @PixelOccult 's work looks stunning on eink screens. It'll be a while before I can throw them any coin again, finances being what they are, but wow. The new deck is brilliant.

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here's a recording of big ol' lecture I wrote & delivered for BMOLab and Vector Institute last month, entitled "Language Models and Poetics," in which I claim that computers not only *can* generate poetry, but in fact they can *only* generate poetry.

the discussion touches on GPT-n (of course), speech act theory, William Carlos Williams' _Spring and All_, Frank Lantz (twice), and more 🎶

(the audio didn't come out great, happy to supply text/slides to interested folks)

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The real story is that ‘developing’ nations have done remarkably better at fighting COVID-19 than the rich and white. The real story starts precisely where the western map ends. Here be dragons. We be dragons.

The real story is that places like Vietnam and Mongolia have completely kicked COVID-19’s ass. The real story is that places like Rwanda and Ghana have innovated and survived. There are countless stories like this — from Sri Lanka to Trinidad & Tobago, but you wouldn’t know because we’re not rich or white. But you should know. Because we’re right. This information could save your life.

(But please keep posting about a vaccine, eating like normal, and relying on your institutions to save you. It'll all work out for you I'm sure.)

What do we find hot?
What do we find villainous?
What do we follow, and fear?

That which is, and does, what it is.
On purpose, in each moment.
No matter what that may be.

Wouldn't we rather it were...

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It isn't your intent.

It's your intentionality.

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The head is traced off because I haven't practised drawing, but... some perspectives on soft vs. hard angles in mask designs, especially around the eyes. I've been thinking a lot about this lately and want to try mocking up a few designs.

If a green new deal requires a massive wave of industrial retooling and production, it's an epic inherent fail.

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