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This is hard for me to say, because in ordinary times I oppose it, but these are not ordinary times...

Check on folks. Make sure no-one just .. goes silent. Don't find yourself wondering, a month too late, why you haven't seen them in a while.

uspol / fedi meta 

I do not and will not condone violence or the wishing of harm upon anyone. We all have our feelings, but if that's a line you're willing to cross on here, leave the timelines of myself and my alts and do not return.

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So apropos of… something… we got to talking about the etymology of 'gunwales', and thence of 'gun'.

It turns out that “…Gunnhildr … was a name frequently given to ballistæ … on the introduction of gunpowder, be given also to cannon … the regular ‘pet-name’ in Old Norse for Gunnhild-r would be *Gunna , which would give Gunne in Middle English”


It is the very first instance of “I call it Vera.”

#words #language #etymology #firefly #whedon

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Hard Drive Guts, Very Dirty, Backup Day 

Today might be a good day for backups. It's almost always a good day for backups.

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This is cool: People are hacking old games to remove the full-screen flashing effects so people with photo-sensative epilepsy can play them safely! romhacking.net//#article2423

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Pandemic streetwear 

It took me a LOT of stitching to make, but how cool is this mask?


🤦‍♂️ Yes we have wtfiots too. (Man hits cigarette dispensing machine with bicycle, falls off .. down convenient house cellar.)

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Leave me alone! I finally got rid of the lab tech wrapped around my arm after drawing blood. I think it might be useful. I hope we ended on a new system entirely.

timeline meta 

Remember the stress of opening the mail?

Reconciling, all over again, that my expatitude may be permanent.

Turned the heat up too high. 1/5 of the way in, the 21st century is done on the outside and raw inside. From here on, it's just burn.

Not on voice today. Still barely rolling. But I'm textually here.

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attn anyoen who knows anything about communications:

I know that cellular carriers keep a record of a SIM card's serial number, because it has to be mapped to the IMEI of the phone and a customer account for payment tracking. What else do they keep about a SIM card, though?

Would it be possible, in theory, to get a clone of a SIM's contents from a cellular carrier?

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@cadadr @alcinnz I have my problems with NPM (horrible from a reproducibility standpoint) but I actually don't think it's possible for package managers at this point to provide total safety. There's just too much to manage.

But there is an alternative option. An object capability approach to package management means that the event-stream type incident wouldn't happen medium.com/agoric/pola-would-h

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CW question, screen readers :BoostOK: 

For people who use screen readers, are keysmashes such as "aasjighasg" a pain in the arse for you, or are they okay?

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