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Measuring the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on trans health & trans health care

saying I love you to my close friends has such a powerful effect. some of them are taken aback and almost in shock hearing it, but they still can't help but say it back. it's honestly beautiful

tell your friends you love them, you cowards!!

OK folks, this is not a drill - virtual retro tech meetup happening in just over a week!

TFW a coworker abruptly takes a better job with two days' notice, and your work is preempted by an ongoing project that you despise doing, for the forseeable future.

This is not cool.

“Privacy professionals” are just that: professionals. They are paid to work in privacy and protect the interests of their employer. So when someone tells you they work “in privacy”, don’t assume they work to protect you. Ask them who pays their salary. That’s who they protect.

look, if ur not coming out of this quarantine:
-wearing full plague doctor gettup
-having discovered a long lost elder god in ur waking dreams
-having perfected your shitting technique

it was never time it was motivation

tiktok but it's all weird cyber nerds cutting 90s style wrestling promos about hacking each others boxes

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