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Do you find yourself thinking, hey maybe this guy wants a job?

Well thank you.

I will be a junior. I do have lots of varying experienced, some production Go. Cloud systems, mostly the goog. Plenty of Linux and Docker. I know The Web™ (html, css, js) but only brief experience with js frameworks.

I have used SQL and NoSQL databases, when I was working on The Athens Project I got to implement a storage driver for S3 and compatible backends.

My networking isn't the strongest, but I know enough iptables to get bi directional traffic over wiregaurd - allowing me to use a cheap vps as my public ingress/endpoint for a home server.

I'm currently about to start learning C.

Ask me more if your like. I do also have a resume outlining most of this available on request.

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New townie post 🤓

Just a nerd, sitting in front of a terminal, hoping to change the world.

I like developing software, front to back. Hacking on hardware and programming microcontrollers. (Also , , analog , and )

I host what I can, for myself and others.

I don't know exactly what I want to do with my life, but it would be nice if I could work remotely doing something with technology. Maybe even doing some good for the world. I feel directionless at times, in regards to what to focus my studies on.

Feel free to ask me anything.

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help pixel pay for college :boost_requested: 

hello friends

I just got my final bill for my last year of college. $17,200. I only get about $2,000 in loans. That still leaves $15,200.

I currently live with my transphobic parents and cannot sustain living here after school. I've paid for all of my schooling through working up to five jobs at a time up to now, but with each year that passes by, the school has been rolling back my financial aid and it has been very difficult to keep up. I'm still living on a meal a day.

If you'd be willing to toss coin to a neurodivergent, queer, trans, east/southeast asian person, my handles are below.

Thanks to everyone who has supported me thus far.

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I swear I saw somewhere, a 3d printed enclosure for old laptop motherboards, so you could reuse them in projects or as little servers etc.. But it's lost to me now

Time to start shrinking the web again, and software in general

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Modern web app documentation be like:

System requirements - 2 cores, preferably 4 cores.. Lots of ram is better too...

What has happened to us

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This is an obvious reminder that there are MORE THAN two genders because gender is obviously a social construct.

Gender is NOT the same as sex.

Also, trans people, non-binary people and intersex people are always valid, awesome, beautiful and handsome people!

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Okay I just searched for "lithography diy" and this is mindblowing what people actually do?

Like this lad made 1200 transistor chip

Even with previous simpler chips there was a guitar pedal already.

if we can do diy photoresist (see and can get good-enough silicon we can actually produce ICs, collapse or not.

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Let me know if you hit a paywall for any of these, and I'll post a non-paywalled version.

A UK company testing out a 4-day work week to attract employees says it's seen a boost in productivity, profits, and morale

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If you had to choose between having a working smartphone and having a working full-size (desktop, laptop, etc.) computer, which would you choose?

Assume you have backups even if you don't.

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who bought all the fucking raspberry pis?
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job search (please boost) 

looking for remote work, either at a queer-owned business or at least somewhere that is unionized... i have 11 years of IT support experience and am also open-minded to a career change

thanks in advance! :-)

any good guide on simply network namespaces? I did this in the past but forget how.

The goal is to run a few applications in the namespace to use the vpn connection only, but allow access over the local network.

I found this post,, but it isn't quite complete as I do not already have a bridge. Do I need one?

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uspol, abortion access funds 

Unsure how you can help with reproductive healthcare access, specifically abortion access in states limiting or banning it? Consider donating to an abortion fund that's already got "boots on the ground" and support networks:

I set up a monthly donation to the Northwest Abortion Access Fund, which'll have their hands full getting people from Idaho to Oregon or Washington for supportive care.

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