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my therapist told me that i dissociate to logic

she's not wrong, but neither am i ;-)

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i shitpost you not: i aim to create zettlekasten-aided narrative out of my own thought compost

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just wanted to say out loud that finding this space has been very good for me, hope it has been that for you too

"wherever there's a crowd, there's a pickpocketer"

i want a federated version of clubhouse

my new mindset for difficult conversations is "nothing is a big deal, we're all really wrong"

one person's G.O.A.T. is another person's goat


foxitis: it's dumbititus but on the brain instead of the skin

NCAA athletics is a cesspool of money, power, and bullshit

A: Just in case any of you decide that you need to get your dogecoin from Binance.US and don’t have an account yet…
A: I’ll get a referral bonus if you sign up using that link.
B: haha. dear god. if you must gamble go to vegas and bet the pass line. Vegas at least has drinks 🍺
C: A, Are you still hodling Bitcoin?
B: yup.

C me B A lunatic

“At some point, something is just real,” said Sam Bankman-Fried, the Hong Kong-based chief executive officer of the FTX crypto exchange. “If Dogecoin is stupid and valueless, it shouldn’t be worth $90 billion. How about gold or Bitcoin or euros? Our collective imagination has given them value, and now we just think about them having value.”

perhaps it's time for a "self-critical theory" coin

what's a good name?

petit-a coin

jouissance coin

perhaps slavoj coin?

egonauts ought not fully unknot things lest their space ships become empty were ships

re: uspol 

also, now that you've brought up pollution ...

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maybe people should, i don't know, do things that encourage companies to behave they want to behave

> On Sunday, in a fulminating New York Post opinion article, Rubio wrote that “corporate America eagerly dumps woke, toxic nonsense into our culture, and it’s only gotten more destructive with time. These campaigns will be met with the same strength that any other polluter should expect.”

warlords across the world stan ayn rand

my boy slavoj

Now, people look at it and say, "Oh what is the message that he’s half naked?" There’s no message. The message is that I was fucking tired.

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