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The UK Post Office accounting fiasco may finally be settled.

TL;DR: beginning in 1995, a new accounting system, #Horizon developed by #ICL / #Fujitsu, was planned, rolled out (1999), and subsequently, destroyed the lives of 500+ postmasters falsely accused of fraud.

Coverage in major outlets is ... poor.

Several, a BBC reporter, #NickWallis, but even more so, #ComputerWeekly, who've covered this SINCE 2009, have done a far better job.

Background / soapbox


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Ok, but seriously, how do i find out about protests without Facebook?

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here are some levar burton replacements for the drake emojis if you want them for your instance

I speak pictures to people, whether they can see it or not

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there are people still alive that have been around for the entire development of machine computation

looking for tooling recommendations for RDF triples with temporal information

any ideas?

Striving for excellence motivates you; striving for perfection is demoralizing.

Harriet B Braiker

Freedom from fixed social position is linked so closely with freedom from fixed geographical position, that when super industrial man feels socially constricted, his first impulse is to relocate. This idea seldom occurs to the peasant raised in his village or the coalminer toiling away in the black deeps. 'A lot of problems are solved by migration. Go. Travel!' said a student of mine before rushing off to join the peace corps. But movement becomes a positive value in its own right, an assertion of freedom, not merely a response to or an escape from out-side pressures. A survey of 539 subscribers to Rebook magazine sought to determine why their address had changed in the previous year. Along with such reasons as 'family grew too big for old home' or 'pleasanter surroundings' fully 10 per cent checked off 'just wanted a change'

Future Shock

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hackernews nerds don't know the difference between distributed, decentralized, and federated. so here's an oversimplification:

distributed: when separate systems coördinate. placement of authority is a differentiating factor of their design.

decentralized: distributed system that can elect to defer or migrate central authority. mutable actions may be negotiated.

federated: distributed system that has nomadic and often competitive authorities. actors negotiate their own activity at any point.

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Twitter's decentralization play 

I used to view missing a piece of a sentence as horrible: how can we reasonably expect to communicate if we don't share as much information as possible.

Now I view it as a fun puzzle and an exercise where I can "look up the answer" if I think I need to or want to double check my solution.

"Still another development is drastically altering the man-thing Nexus: the rental revolution. The spread of rentalism, a characterstic of societies rocketing towards super-industrialism, is intimately connected with all the tendencies described above."

Future Shock

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the problem with the world is that everyone's wetware is on different API versions and we spend the majority of the time in protocol negotiation

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