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tired: "demonic possession"
wired: "soul proprietorship"

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Pension funds: old you beating young you into submission for old you's peace of mind

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Unsuccessfully, killing innocent civilians, radicalizing the next generation and thereby never completing the mission?
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driving across states over a couple days and I can tell you: the cities are tense and in rural areas they're pretending everything is normal, including completely packed restaurants with not a mask in sight

oddly learning more about people as a brain in a jar than I was when fully operating my meat suit!

I think my logical processes would be much different right now without i3wm

the strong AI with human empathy we've all been working towards!

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empathic entertainers as societal site reliability engineers: they know how to identify, diagnose and resolve the dissonance in people's minds

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The Chinese city of Hangzhou plans to turn it's contact-tracing app into a permanent health tracker. This is a warning sign for nations using surveillance tech to combat COVID-19: "temporary" security measures can outlast the pandemic. thenextweb.com/neural/2020/05/

short answer seems to be

shopt -s extdebug
declare -F $function

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Maybe I should start a list of links with amazingly detailed information about specific questions you can ask about the world


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If you have a Google account that "doesn't exist" anymore but you have that account forwarding email to another account, when you send an email to the "non-existant" account, you get both the message you sent forwarded to you and mailer-daemon failed to receive notice. :ablobgrimace:

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seattle, protests 

Is it just that they don't think that deeply about it?

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Why don't all the anti government people (on the right) see the govt force used against minorities as a threat against them and protest against it?

Is it so calculating as to be positioned as "great, fuck both sides"

Imagine if they were carrying semi automatic weapons like other protestors have done in other places.

Protests spread across the country, briefly locking down the White House.


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