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my therapist told me that i dissociate to logic

she's not wrong, but neither am i ;-)

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i identify as "post left office": i work from home

you can only become a peer if you impeer
-- british royalty

modern day economists are closer to the augurs of antiquity than they can admit to themselves

what happens to the "traditional" / nuclear family structure in a space colony?

new turing test: the AI does a self-hosted rebuild and populates the environment variable $GENDER

Something about the matrix has changed: the toob of yoos is giving me wacky commendations

re: uspol, pol 

What we are witnessing in the Ukraine conflict is in many respects a product of the processes that dissolved the power of actually existing communism and of the Soviet Regime. With the end of the Cold War, Russians were promised a rosy future as the benefits of capitalist dynamism and a free market economy would supposedly spread by trickle down across the country. Boris Kagarlitsky described the reality this way: with the end of the cold war, Russians believed they were headed on a jet plane to Paris only to be told in mid-flight “welcome to Burkino Faso.”

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uspol, pol 

Furthermore, resort to “military Keynesianism” became a favoured exception in times of difficulty to the neoliberal austerity regimes otherwise periodically administered to the populations of even the advanced capitalist countries after 1970 or so. Reagan’s resort to military Keynesianism to orchestrate an arms race against the Soviet Union played a contributory role in the end of the Cold War at the same time as it distorted the economies of both countries. Before Reagan, the top tax rate in the US never fell below 70 percent while, since Reagan, the rate has never exceeded forty percent, thus disproving the right wing’s insistence that high taxes inhibit growth. The increasing militarization of the US economy after 1945 also went hand in hand with the production of greater economic inequality and the formation of a ruling oligarchy within the USA as well as elsewhere (even in Russia).

baudrillard: that sociological GOAT that brings that heavy intellectual cream and causes that cognitive gout

can i have democracy, with a side of capitalism, hold the imperialism?

oh, the imperialism is already in the capitalism sauce? okay, ... can i start with the democracy and a minute to look at the menu?

Rational National -> Nationalism Rationalism

ideology is a popularized, sentimental degeneration of a world view

technology is an ideology

All the Blockchain boneheads who keep looking at how much more their wallets are worth don't realize they continue to fetishize fiat cause the size of their wallet ain't changing

Right: Trudeau in low fidelity?
Left: Lo, Trudeau infidelity!

I'm conflicted about whether to tell him about mastodon ...

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