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my therapist told me that i dissociate to logic

she's not wrong, but neither am i ;-)

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Daryl Davis wants to shake hands, Keane Rose doesn't. I'm with Daryl.

Maybe the lawyers who pass the Voight-Kampff test have souls and we shouldn't bladerun them?

Legal powerhouse Boies Schiller Flexner has experienced a rapid exodus of several top attorneys, many of whom were bothered by purported decisions by the firm's founders.

uspol, covid 

Surely the numerologically inclined conspiracy theorists must be working on this

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uspol, covid 

Are there more than 911 9/11's worth of global deaths due to covid?


I don't care whether bro jokin thinks he took horse dewormer, I'll put money on him not having any worms πŸ˜‰


Something monumental happened, and it completely changed my opinion on the whole situation ...

i appreciate that you keep writhing to do the trite thing πŸ™‚

a is a simultaneously a and an expectorant (expecting exudate)

how will the neoliberals deny global warming now that the wifi is drying up? i'm sure they'll find a way ...

i think one of my socialization issues growing up was that my thoughts are mostly shitposts

post gender arguments: "B said, C said" (as reported by A)


conservative cultural cinema is so engaging because they are the master projectionists

seeing Friday and Stranger Than Fiction side by side: Biutiful

There's something very Marxist ( at least anti-colonial) about the movie version of Total Recall

alternatively: impossible sauce for imsaucable pasta

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