You’ve heard of alphabet soup, now get ready for

Times New Ramen

"this is impossible ... it's almost at the bad server!"

I am saying yes to new things. that is what I do now.

I can't wait until we finally onshore clickfarms!

Society at large should learn how to say “no” again.

“Sesame Nori” should have been called “Sea Weeds With Wee Seeds”

Conservatives, boomers 

Recent thought: Shared libraries are promises that can't be kept. Versioning them was treating the symptom. The problem was always human error. Static binaries are the ugly solution previously too expensive because of storage. I believe this helped fuel the container craze.

Security benefits of shared libraries are completely gone in many modern container deployments.

Sometimes adventure awaits... sometimes it doesn’t, but you’ll never know if you don’t give it a chance.

Someone is jogging at 03:42
Late shift or early shift?

plumber looks at basement

"we implemented a hotfix
to the network architecture
until the network engineer
could implement the upgrade
of the underlying
network infrastructure"

plumber looks around dazed
saying only
ok....... sure.....

Remember Netizens... you are only free because you haven't threatened the right people.

Talking to some relations, I now believe it's mostly nature, not nurture </only half joking>

The plural for ibis is ibis
The dude does *not* ibides!

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