I'm kinda regretting getting this work mat for my soldering. It's OK for keeping parts in order, but the thing is a perpetual dust magnet that I have to keep washing all the time. Dust and SMD parts *do not* mix

Another lost treasure of the internet is the sci.electronics.repair FAQ.


Just look at this goddamn thing. Thousands and thousands of words, chock-full of battle tested wisdom, enough to help anyone with some motivation solve their problems. Zero monetization, zero bullshit. What ever happened to that Internet? I sure do miss it.

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Theory: Teslas keep crashing into things because they're installing cloned brains of Florida Man into their cars

I'm putting speech synthesis into every smart device I make so at the moment of getting fried, it will write its own death poem

In better news, I found I can just barely squeeze an entire ATMega328, optocouplers, and my experimental 10V-52V switching power supply into a single board. Which means, I can connect this to a car battery or similar directly and/or solar panel and share the same rails as the device(s) it's controlling

Welp, there it is

is now banning "sexually explicit conduct". However that's defined. Meanwhile, nudes are still allowed. Guess the funding was worth it


There are no amber alerts for any of my thoughts kidnapped by an ill-timed sneeze

Playback on loop, from ba.ck to front and back agai.n. Sm.al.l impe.r.f..ec..o..ns g.r..w in.t..l no.t...h..n...

"We take the safety and privacy of the faeries seriously" said the demon while eating pudding out of a faery skull

@niconiconi @cypnk

they had a 6502 second processor to run the Econet server at my high school computer room (12 BBC Micro Model B, 4 BBC Master + the server from 1986-1989, some Archimedes appeared after then but they didn't get put on the Econet as they were in a different area of the school).

(I put a RAT in the Econet system in 1986 馃榿 馃悁 )

It's weird to see the Stanford prison experiment carried out on a global scale

My choices while waiting for supplies before heading out for a remote gig was going over the checklist or have light yoga session and then curse at my crotch in pain for the entire 6 hour car ride to the work site

I chose poorly

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