The best cybersecurity presentations happen when the presenter cosplays 🤓

Right now ours is wearing.a smoking jacket and covering DLP

So i finally found the Microsoft explanation for why reject doesn't work in and I'm kinda pissed off. If a DMARC fails, instead of rejecting it is instead marked as spam 📧

Our experience has been that even with the spam designation, spoofing the domain bypasses the spam filter most of the time. We've had no way around this until these rules were proposed and today we saw our first win against this scourge! Thanks!

I would be interesteed in your thoughts on something:

Why is unionizing in IT so difficult? What can we do to facilitate it?


Whoops, update to 2.8 broke Again. I'll try to recover the most recent database and migrate to my Azure space sometime in the next few days maybe.

Also still considering a instance, and waiting for 😁👍

Breaking in my new t-shirt by going to the Cybertronic Spree at the Cleveland House of Blues 😎🤖🤓 :cyber_heart:

And of course toot chat goes down the same day I leave for a week long work trip 🤦‍♂️

Woo, I have a #RaspberryPi working with #Docker, #Portainer, and a massive external battery. I have a #ClusterHat and several pi zeros on order. Now I just need a screen and a makeshift case or easier way to design a 3D Printed one!


Introducing "mood text!"

Mention @noisemakerbot, the keyword "mood", and then some text to "moodify."

Reply to an image toot, provide your own image attachment, or just let the bot generate the background for you.


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