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Reply with niche scientific or technical papers you'd want to read 🤓📚📑📓 :boost_requested:

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The older I get, the more convinced I am that "normal functioning adult" is a myth

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Today's mood: Luck is where preparation and opportunity meet 🤔🤞🍀🏋️‍♂️🏃🏼‍♂️📚

How is it /still/ Tuesday?! I'm going to bed 😑

Food 🍔🧇 

What if... Smash burgers....
In a waffle iron? 🤔

Still very much considering a set of knuckle tattoos that count from 1 to 512 if I can find a compact, stylized, and intuitive numbering system to use 👀🔢

At least in waiting to play Rimworld, folks will have time to update their mods to support Ideology 👍

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Click Here to learn these tricks with gummy worms that drive other fishers nuts!


Life doesn’t end at 23. 30 isn’t old. Fetishising youth as the ultimate desirable characteristic in a person is actively harmful to both young and old people. Some of us lost our teenage years to abuse and recovery, and can only begin living when we’re at a different life stage.

Artisanal on demand small batch cottage industry bioreactors 👩‍🔬🔬🧬🧫🧪🦠

I don't feel like I have time to responsibly split between and 😅🙄

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I only regret that I have but a single time slot in which to sink into video games 🎮

Honestly? I'm kind of excited for a wild era of radical new merch and to see what people will attempt and where they will take the new mascot 🤔
if you want to be creative, now is a great time to write a new tradition into your favorite baseball team 👍⚾

Getting an idea so bad and so plausible you don't post it because it's too bad and way too plausible :blobsweats:

This video looks all the in the eye and tells them their dick isn't so big as they think it is 😏😂

This AND treat yourself like your best furred friend too 🐶

It's what they'd want after all 🐱


Pro tip- mix a few treats into your dog’s kibble. They aren’t going to live forever, and it’s nice to give them little joys.



Always write your APIs (and documentation) like an axe wielding madman will be waiting for you in a dark alley to exact their revenge some day...


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