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I make love songs for capitalists

I build soil, grow food and save heritage and

I dj @tilderadio @live and for the smallest of koha hell I'll live stream dj your garage sale

recovering dev and IT manager

accidental academic fear the acronyms


right arm fast bowler

firefighter and medic

lifelong rewirer of all the things (sorry mum)


and one time I accidentally played a low tier professional football match

from the I'm not even mad it's 30 years old file...

It was great then, great now, will be great forever. I'm not what you would call an upbeat or positive kinda guy but it's just a calming listen all the way thru as is every Opus III album.

Opus III - Mind Fruit 1992

I'm a bit more partial to see also Guru Mother 1994. "when you made the mountain" is my spirit animal.

Roll up, roll up! returns this week with another great lineup.

@jumboshrimp starts the show with his Catch of the Week, then onto monthly slot Unpopular Stream (ironic because folk love it).

The brilliant Dance Attack with Ruffy is finally back this week which is always one to look forward to, then we Get Ready with the lovely Andrina.

Worky finishes things off with a recorded set from Buff Club.

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Catch the next w0rmh0le Interview Series this Thursday @ 19:00UTC, with guest @gabek

Every episode airs live on and questions are welcome!

#wis #wis2022

I am sooooo tired of writing articles about rampant unregulated satellites destroying the night sky (and polluting the atmosphere, and increasing the risk of full Kessler Syndrome, and dropping giant pieces of space junk on the ground, and and and).

But I'm almost done writing yet another article. Hope it helps...

great news team. I just received a first contact with the subject "Second Notice" that I am receiving a lost inheritance! we did it! only need to give address and phone.

I asked them to please send a certified bank cheque to:

Kendrick Frederik Cumberdale

and gave an address and phone for a KFC in Lagos

from the OK i guess that was 31 years ago but still pretty swoon worthy files...

I'm more of a motorcrash kinda guy but this was a swell crossover kinda jam. the discount department store aesthetic on the programme though.

well here we are. knew it was coming, but from the god damn it time, why you gotta be so relentless files...

next month = 20 years since the greatest show ever recorded dropped. I will fight you, and you are wrong.

RIP Firefly

anyone else make the chorizo pic your wallpaper? space, the meat stick frontier. to boldly smoke what no one has ever smoked before.


ok that did not dissapoint. so true to the work with very clean padding. borderline great visuals. solid acting. kinda shit balance on the dialogue mix. boo. hopeful for going forward. 30 year dream realised.

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damn it clock. baby step to Sandman o'clock!

I'm on the record as hating darn near everything. I have NEVER been this excited for a "tv show" ever.

The joy I got from watching Gaiman getting joy from walking around sets a few months back has had me jumping out my skin with anticipation.

Hope this doesn't let me down as I have already been yelling around the house how much there needs to be a Death series and then mystery theatre, and then, and then.....

posted with slight stat adjustment by @kiwix but I ain't trying to link bird and the meaning stands...

"So to download all of Wikipedia you'll need just shy of 70Gigs and nearly double that to download Modern warfare.

We truly live in a Society."

a "gaming" "team" literally sold naming rights for their tacky ass "compound" to Hot Pockets! I can't even.

If you had any shred of hesitation remianing that Idiocracy was a documentary....

re: Prodigy

I was pretty neutral in the rave days, by the time fat of the land came around I wasn't interested as it was overproduced Sony pop. however in restropect and old age, I reckon it was buckets better than its contemporary over produced pop. Liam is hands down the big beat pop crossover champ.

anywho, get thee to a corporate video hole and find the best footage of "Take Me to the Hospital" from last weeks Brixton series of shows. Sweet jeebus yes. you're welcome.

no brainer, the sophomore effort Candy-O is also on the list

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in a world that normalises nay worships the goldfish name some albums you just can't help but play all the way thru in their intended long play format with glee and constructive abandon

this is absolutely on my list

The Cars - The Cars 1978

URL for the call:

Password for the call: UnwieldyAmusedDistractIdly

Dial-in info for the call:
Dial-in: +1.512.647.1431 PIN: 2412 0971 81#

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join the party crew at @jnktn_tv this Saturday

I will have a mix set of 80s alt, synth, dance, freestyle, pop, wtfery at 1800 BST magically presented whilst I dream of electric sheep

check the schudule here see also @gabek rocking a live set

who was your favourite Menudo cast member? we stan Johnny

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