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Are you a creative or advocate and need some help or want to offload a segment of the nerd crap that gets in your way?

I want to provide cheap help in overarching design, research, advising or routine. I have space for commision work and retainers available having soul crushingly missed out on a healthy remote opportunity. It's end of winter and there is little produce income on the mini farm.

While I am a garlic farmer that makes angry industrial music, I am also a well spoken battle hardened veteran of IT, media, advocacy and the arts. I'd love to help creative and ethical folks in meaningful projects.

Here is the why and the what on this mutual benefit:


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I make love songs for capitalists

I build soil, grow food and save heritage and

I dj @tilderadio @live and for the smallest of koha hell I'll live stream dj your garage sale

recovering dev and IT manager

accidental academic fear the acronyms


right arm fast bowler

firefighter and medic

lifelong rewirer of all the things (sorry mum)


and one time I accidentally played a low tier professional football match

from the from aw shit son memorial compost pavillion at controlfreak field, the state of the compost is.... HOT. too hot

built a new lasagna the other day, first new pile of spring. had been keeping manure and wood dust accumulating but not too active all winter.

went to check on it on day 2 and the wood holding down the tarp was warm. over 70C, ditched the tarp, its calming a bit today. let's go berkeley!

my point is, your neighbours will love Burnout at the Hydrogen Bar 1993 by Chemlab, max volume and rip off the knob.

fuck dirt, let's soil. garden hard!

stressful day with a helicopter working out of a paddock across scaring my assistant into hiding and a cold soaked through miserable muddy boot day for the human

current status

doom kitty:
human: ugh

soil reports to come

51 years ago George Clinton produced the absolute ripper of a beast that is the album Maggot Brain. It is perfectly weird and you should enjoy the entire work in a sitting. "Super Stupid" in particular is out of this world, sure there was Hendrix, Cream and Sabbath, but this as an ensemble and production just goes waaaay harder. Legit heavy as fuck and I am here for it, you should be too.

see also all 10+ minutes of Wars of Armageddon heck yes.

successfully cleaned up and filled the other "half" of this raised bed that has aspargus rooted in the foregreound with 20 strawberry runner starts mostly from our old patch in the big berry cage along with some complimentary seed for flowers and greens. we've decided to let the orignal patch fade and use the space in the tall walk -in cage to be all raspberry. On this raised bed we can easily slap over a cloche or bird net in a light frame.

and Supervisor Doom Kitty approved the work and rewarded me with 20 head bonks.

garden hard!

wow wow wow

just realised 3 year old live clips these had been uploaded recently and there is 30 year anniversary release of hormonally yours.

this here is excellent!

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well then. from the ok it's 30 years old I get it, I get it, yeesh, file.


it's no secret I'm a huge Siobhan fan. but this total package is absolute chef's kiss. end of.

in a related note, sharing space on the mostly hot garbage uk top 40 chart at the same time was Justified and Ancient by The KLF w/Tammy Wynette, and this is my biennial reminder that if you A. do not heart The KLF, and 2. blast the white room at max volume +1 for the neighbours, then do please get off my lawn.

you might just make out the outline of mature comfrey leftovers between the fruit trees.

comfrey is awesome as an orchard companion, and when finished for the season makes a heap of awesome material for compost catalyst and dry crumbling into planting areas espcially for spuds. like a phoenix from the flame it does it again season after season.

shouts out to the bad ass allies like comfrey that get shit done in the background

garden hard!

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yesterday was one of those 4 seasons in a day. morning was out doing some field prep and sweating violently digging raking and tilling. after lunch the wind shift and boy howdy is winter not done with us. ended up working in rain and snow for a few hours before retiring to in front of the fire.

given the external pressures on our fields from underneath (historically unchecked california thistle) and adjacent grasses and weeds from open paddocks, it takes a number of years to achieve no till or light till. we have done so in the kitchen garden over almost 6 seasons. now it is light manual gristle removal and a gentle raking or top dressing while continually building up.

here in one of our larger spaces it's a work in progess of tight mowing, spot treating thistle/weeds/grass with pine oil, chain dragging, repeat tilling and a fair whack of manual hand work. while building up compost and matter each year we get closer to being able to grow dense and intense, clear/cover, build and repeat with a lovely fine active soil.

my point is LARD is the greatest industrial supergroup ever.

be radical, don't use dirt, build soil.

garden hard!

I dont like many things but one thing i heart is when folk ditch the googles and the amazons streaming holes especially for team

come check out @drh testing his shiny new streaming home at

because some days you just need to figuratively burninate the countryside

no judgement, let fly

The Interior Department announced that it officially voted to rename more than 600 places in the U.S. that include a racist slur against Native women. Sq**w Creek is now Nammi’I Naokwaide (Shoshoni for "Young Sister Creek"). Sq**w Mountain is now Mestaa’ėhehe Mountain, honoring Owl Woman of the Cheyenne.

Obviously it's spearsmint... It's a slow starter, last years on far end hopefully with a bit of a jump this spring will be ready to plant out, new seed started in the foreground.

Garden hard!

The proverbial early spring blank canvas.

For frost and ice last night pushin 30 in the greenhouse is rarher toasty.

And some early spud variety boxes setup before we get them into outer fields en masse for market.

Garden hard!

Report from the field

On fire duty, enjoying the last of the burn pile as the sun sneaks away. Biochar for cutting in new fields.

Watching lambs play king of the hill stuntin with their hops and jumps in the next paddock

And lastly my new ghostbuster spray backpack, been using hateful cheap spray bottles for years having to bend in half to pump every 5 seconds. This one made compost tea spraying the orchards a couple song job with zero up and down dicking with garbage. Plus I get to sing the ghostbuster theme the whole time.

The point is, always be sure to play Orbital - Satan, any mix or version at all at max volume plus one you know, for the neighbours.

garden hard

Fuck yeah! It's AdWorld time! Who of you are going? I'll probably get there early to stand in line for Nik Sharma. Super pumped to see what Accenture has in store this year and that omnichannel paid ads strategy panel is going to be off the chizzle y'all!
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