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I make love songs for capitalists

I build soil, grow food and save heritage and

I dj @tilderadio @live and for the smallest of koha hell I'll live stream dj your garage sale

recovering dev and IT manager

accidental academic fear the acronyms


right arm fast bowler

firefighter and medic

lifelong rewirer of all the things (sorry mum)


and one time I accidentally played a low tier professional football match

Not sure what you are up to today, and I'm not saying it's a contest, but you might have a hard time matching this one.

I just vacuumed the crumb tray of the toaster.

Since we are pushing an olympic pool thru a straw all afternoon with some massive fibre outages and ALL carriers are blacked out so even our LTE fallbacks are dead, it's mame and chill this evening listening to records...

Join us Thursday as we have @nikluz as our next guest on the w0rmh0le Interview Series.

Also, you can find the VOD from last week's interview with freelance art generalist Jake Griffin at

Please forgive the technical issues during the first episode -- this is our first time using and we're working out some issues with video quality and audio during transitions. It's only going to get better!

#wis #wis2022

sooo. i spent months trying to secure some 100% remote work. took something not ideal but probably could deal with it theoretically for a year or so. however, in 3 days from multiple people whom none have seen me nor spoken to me outside of onboarding there has been so much casual racism I'm ready to punch thru the screen. In addition to a kinda shitty business model, and a garbage onboarding process, wretched security procedures, yeah, the family has given me the green light to OH HELL NO this shit...

ok back to get fedihired?

"the future's not all it's cracked up to be"

from the oof that's almost 30 years old file

please set volume to "dedicated to the neighbours"

*not liable to speeding citations*

your argument is invalid


what an advert for ibuprofen

either way, the pleasant old neds sound great!

"the future's not all it's cracked up to be"

from the oof that's almost 30 years old file

please set volume to "dedicated to the neighbours"

*not liable to speeding citations*

from the livin the dream files

near the end of the line on a rural water scheme and while it is treated for use by the next village over and microbial safe, to say there is a bit of sediment in the tanks and lines upstream would be...fair. This is just the first stage polyspun 1micron, we have 3 or 4 other stages after for house and garden. pulling this every 3-4 weeks is still fucking gross.

Before and After

Don't get me wrong, I am over the moon that Kate Bush is getting plays and super chuffed she actually retains her rights so she is getting paid a bit not just corporate fucksticks.


That so many people are only exploring the catalogue or specifically that song because of a tv show 36 years later, that is just imo BAD PARENTING.

Alright late night crew (EDT) and anyone else who's awake; you get to see it first:

I finally deployed which means I can finally start promoting the event!

First one is tomorrow, btw (2022-06-23 (I know, I cut it close with the site launch))

I'm so dead tired, I don't even know what else to say right now.

Come watch the interviews, spread the word, ride a bike, compliment a stranger, pet an animal!

#wis #wis2022

I missed so here is a mid week hit of momma and getting big kitten snuggled in front of the fire.

from the yeah ok sure thats 30 yrs old file fuck me. If all you know of EMF the band is "unbelievable" you really should pull up the entirety of Schubert Dip '91 and Stigma '92 totally listenable end to end. Its like if the Happy Mondays had tried a bit and had some depth....

Anyway my point is, when I grow up I'm definitely marrying one of the Minogue sisters. Re: EMF though their cover of the much covered "search and destroy" is actually my favourite!

Todays dirt pics are of our winter solstice planting of garlic for market. We got about 3000 cloves in today in the kitchen garden and an outer market garden paddock.

Luckily had the ground prepped and covered weeks ago before a horrendous run of frozen wet.

Bonus anti scurvy winter citrus in the greenhouse and the test barely hanging tough despite nightly freezing.

Garden hard!

Hey #musicians of the #fediverse

The w0rmh0le summer interview series 2022 is approaching fast (this Thurs. is ep. 01!) and I'd like to feature some original music during the credits of each episode. If you have a tune you want the world to hear, shoot me a DM with a link!

Explicit lyrics are okay if it's tasteful and minimal. We're shooting for a PG-13 production.

This is a non-commercial CC BY-SA licensed production so your track should be licensed appropriately.

boosts 👍

#wis #wis2022

do you like roller coasters? do you LOVE Vincent Price?

you're welcome

When I'm feeling a bit argh, I just watch Vincent say weeeeeeee on the "rolly coasters" and my hate levels come down to a much more managable 250%

words cannot convey the overwhelming hateful grudge I have held against Chiwetel Ejiofor because Serenity. But behold as I tuck into some humble pie because the new remake of The Man Who Fell to Earth is OUTSTANDING. The entire cast is excellent, writing excellent, just plain excellent. I can never watch anything without just skipping ahead or just reading 2 line synopses of every saeson past episode 1 because . Here is an exception and thats my review. -fin

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