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Re:// Introduction 2.0: The Reckoning (Part 12) 

Hey there! I'm Meryl, i.e., Eyeshadow 2600 FM. I've been making electro/ambient/darksynth/retrowave since 2017. I spent a lot of time alone, in front of digital synths, after leaving my job with Walmart the first time (mega transphobia problem) and developed an anxiety disorder because of it. (please keep this in mind lol)

But I have returned to the Wall of the mart, and so continues the balance of retail and artist endeavors.

Outside of that I am a trans woman and I came out in 2012. Things have been extremely rocky, and HRT access even harder to keep. But wait, there's a light at the end of the tunnel?? maybe?

I'm into music (obviously), gaming (ps4, xbox, pc), goth girls, your girlfriend, cyberpunk, big tall glasses of water, space, the final frontier, star trek (separate from space, the final frontier) and way more lol

Check out what I do thought on Bandcamp, or support me on Patreon and help keep some of my paychecks in my pocket.

xbox servers have been down for nearly 4 hours, just wanna watch yhoutube on my tv screen bruv

I don't know anyone who is deeply in the know about second life stores but blueberry is so extra unreasonable now it's disgusting lol

i was gonna go in on my day off tomorrow, you know, after working 7 days, having one day off, then working 6 days, and having today off

after being home for half a day i texted my supervisor and told her sorry, but i need tomorrow off lol

Oh I know, a mom and pop shop that'll be eliminated the second walmart moves into town

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Was watching a podcast by some 20 somethings would left Walmart talking about how you gotta get outta there and get a real job at some point, and it makes me think

What other jobs do they think there are

Target? Amazon? A temp for an office building? Or maybe a specialty job where you get paid 7 dollars an hour lol

if you know of walmart's online pickup and/or have taken your hot wheels car to the store to get loaded up with 5 billion items, this is for me and you

i ask my one friend at work about this and hes like 'it be like that'

Like every straight girl at work is flirting with me on and off and I've noticed this and also I don't know why

facebook orders your list of friends on your profile page based on who interacts with your page the most, i think ??? and if that's true, then


this vape store lady said my 30ml of juice would last only a few days but i've had this one for over a week now and it's only now almost empty lol

i think she vapes more than me

pushing someone to the left is easier when you can talk plainly, and without twitter threads

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when i approach people in meatspace and get involved with them for that matter i always approach them in the assumption they have no knowledge of the internet and its discourse, and 90% of the time that is 100% a correct assumption

a lot of synthwave producers hate this guy and also this track but i

listen to it constantly

i support sex workers monetarily frequently, but i have a request, please don't message me with your retail voice i work at walmart i can feel it in my bones

having a drink and buying a sword art online game even tho i have no idea what sao is

last night when i was at this coworker's house [smoking] i made him turn this on and hooboy

after 7 months or so of being back at walmart i've found that if i just suppress anxiety i can do literally anything

one of them will get jealous and then i'll either have a g/f or two women who are mad at me

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