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Re:// Introduction 2.0: The Reckoning (Part 12) 

Hey there! I'm Meryl, i.e., Eyeshadow 2600 FM. I've been making electro/ambient/darksynth/retrowave since 2017. I spent a lot of time alone, in front of digital synths, after leaving my job with Walmart the first time (mega transphobia problem) and developed an anxiety disorder because of it. (please keep this in mind lol)

But I have returned to the Wall of the mart, and so continues the balance of retail and artist endeavors.

Outside of that I am a trans woman and I came out in 2012. Things have been extremely rocky, and HRT access even harder to keep. But wait, there's a light at the end of the tunnel?? maybe?

I'm into music (obviously), gaming (ps4, xbox, pc), goth girls, your girlfriend, cyberpunk, big tall glasses of water, space, the final frontier, star trek (separate from space, the final frontier) and way more lol

Check out what I do thought on Bandcamp, or support me on Patreon and help keep some of my paychecks in my pocket.

drugs reference 

i pop an edible, sit down at my pc and immediately read about sims 4 getting story progression and i'm still not convinced this is the real life

maxis is officially bringing story progression to the sims for IN A WEEK

holy shit my pants

i kind of want to pay someone to make me a cmdr nova logo but if i say this on twitter i get 30 thousand bot replies from people who do warzone gamer logos

everything i've deemed the best stuff, moved under the new name so that i can be on the map lol

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I bought pizzas for a coworker and sent some slices over to the aforementioned girl I talked about yesterday lol

I am very rarely hypnotized by another person but this girl ...

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This trans girl at work, I keep just glancing at her cause I'm too scared to say hi and she looks at me and pushes her glasses up her nose


This trans girl started working the front end as a cashier at work and she is ridiculously cute and I cannot approach her in any way that wouldn't seem weird lol

phasmophobia is a unity game, and it's janky, but it's also scary and i cannot play it alone lol

cue me running out of a house while a ghost is growling in my ear

be playing phasmophobia by myself and get killed by a demon

Sorry I've been dead silent, I'm basically no longer presenting as a woman offline, not sure what that makes me anymore, but I'm at least safe in that I'm holding down a (shitty) job until my creative endeavors create an income

Kinda wondering if I know anyone on here who does elder scrolls online via Xbox, trying to not be a recluse anymore

I asked this question about GPS tracking and whatnot because this friend of mine is being subjected to it and she says its not abusive but I think she's been heavily coerced

If you had a father and lived with that father and you were also an adult (18+), and he was tracking your whereabouts and telling you where you can go, when you can go places and who you can see

Is that not abuse, if not just extremely weird

there are very few of these watches around and i just made this guy an offer about 100 less than he's asking (cause it's all scratched up on the front)

i hope he accepts because holy fuck i love this

work relationship stuff 

this illegitimate g/f i had back earlier in the year keeps maddogging my current actual g/f everyday at work and i'm not sure what to do about it, but the current g/f isn't a fan of it

did you know if you go on the landlord subreddit and say 'landlords are parasites' your post is autodeleted 🤡​

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