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:boost_no:​ warnings/rules about this account 

  1. I do not consent to any posts, public or otherwise, from this account being collected, screen captured, or scraped.

  2. Not all my content is suitable for people under the age of 18 years. I am well over 18. You are warned.

  3. I will boost and make posts without content warnings on the topics of Racism and Colorism because I do not pass as White

  4. I discourage you from interacting with me if you are or believe any of the following. This is not a final or full list but should give you and idea if you're welcome.

    • racist
    • Nazi
    • Holocaust denier
    • TERF
    • SWERF
    • U.S. "Republican"
    • "pro-life"
    • climate change denier
    • flat earth theorist
    • ethical billionaires
    • freedoms > public safety
    • Autism needs a cure

  5. I will mute, soft block, block, and-or report as I feel necessary for my personal space (as in this account and it's timelines) to be safe and healthy. This is not censorship and this is not up for debate.

Don't do covers of Adele songs.

No one can do Adele songs better than Adele.

points at the door for people to leave

Me: I have too many crochet hooks

Also Me: I can't find any 4mm hooks

new covers of "old" music, youtube link 

Teddy Beats, Camden Levine Feat. Jolee Nikoal - Waiting For Tonight

re: SpaceX 

Boca Chica, Texas is a lie

The only Boca Chica I acknowledge is Boca Chica in the Dominican Republic

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pandemic, twitter bot 

boss made a vaccine progress bot

basically it answers:

are we there yet?

oh heck... tower records is on shopify πŸ‘€

I'm kicking Monday's ass and I hope you do, too!

Sparkle scarf is done!

It's not as big as I wanted but it's cute and warm 😊

Selfie (no eye contact) attached.

hey fedi

how would you say "lead cat herder" in Latin?

Juju: this one thing is weird
All of Juju's friends: We love it!

I have failed. I didn't charge my wireless headphones last night.


I refuse to learn how to deploy a node.js server to production

me: sees Aurynn wish people happy friday

brain, 15 seconds later: OH! Right! Timezones.

re: cryptography, chat apps 

update: and now also some guy who plays guitar somewhere in the middle of the USA

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cryptography, chat apps 

The only people who care to verify their matrix sessions with me are my boyfriend and a clown in Texas.

USA Politics, Silly Request 

Mr Biden can we please also switch to the Metric system?

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