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for as much as I love schadenfreude you would think I would bother to learn how to spell it from memory **

** this will surely provide someone with some

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I am a web designer and developer. I specialized in usability and accessibility.

I'm here to help with those things. Just ask nicely.

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Other skills (of varying levels) I have are

- graphic design
- typesetting
- bookbinding
- paper craft
- crochet
- cooking
- event planning
- reading people

I hate wordpress but I also just had a great idea for theme to sell for it so :flan_shrug:

it's me your girl getting mad at twitter for not having emoji short cuts in the compose box :smi fuck

it's a fresh vps with a hosting company I like. so shiny and new.

matrix server update

I have a server

uh I guess I should start installing stuff?? :thinkhappy:

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@c0debabe Both the Major and Minor Arcana can run Python and Go. :flan_thumbs:

If it only supports C+assembler, it's just a deck.

so what are the criteria for something to qualify as a 'cyber deck'

What do you mean PineBooks for the US are out of stock? :flan_angry:

worst case scenario I can totally use my old Thinkpad. bless those for lasting forever. Or I could use this as an excuse for a PineBook???? :flan_think:

talking with system76 about my laptop ... :blobsob:​ I think it's dead

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Hacking CTF - Send Help! 

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fuck... Mr Robot shit on Twitter

rapidly logs off

I'm still watching early episodes. No spoilers please!

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to the tune of TMNT 

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revenge is a dish best served by Blue Apron™️, get a 20% discount with our offer code "MURDER"

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doctor mario, give me the news; I got a bad case of puzzle moves

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