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I need a swear jar but for misgendering my friends :(


Do you cross-train your villagers any or do you focus on specialty pawns?


Curious results so far! Thank you for chiming in.

It's potted fern plant.

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Does the emoji in my display name render on your OS?

Feel free too reply with your OS

I am willing to help kick this off and do most of the work but I can't do it alone so I'm looking for folks will to help me out.

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Basically, there should be libraries in Composer for a PHP AP server and one for a PHP AP client. With detailed documentation mind you! That would let people quickly bring federation to their web applications. From there people can build AP modules for existing and new web applications. You'll see Drupal, Wordpress, and more federating very quickly.

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I have experience making web applications so I want tackle basic federation as an early goal.

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I want to make activity pub compatible applications but I am small and tired. Is there a good walk through of how to make your own AP modules?

the first batch of get rekt stickers shipped. check your emails for shipping information. ✨

USA Politics, Police 

House reps from MA pushing for an end to qualified immunity for Police.


Countdown to Aries Season is Go!

I'm here to make friends and chew gum and I have both!

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