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Are we there* yet??

… * vaccines

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The tiger
He destroyed his cage
The tiger is out

Nael, Age 6

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:boost_no:​ warnings/rules about this account 

  1. I do not consent to any posts, public or otherwise, from this account being collected, screen captured, or scraped.

  2. Not all my content is suitable for people under the age of 18 years. I am well over 18. You are warned.

  3. I will boost and make posts without content warnings on the topics of Racism and Colorism because I do not pass as White

  4. I discourage you from interacting with me if you are or believe any of the following. This is not a final or full list but should give you and idea if you're welcome.

    • racist
    • Nazi
    • Holocaust denier
    • TERF
    • SWERF
    • U.S. "Republican"
    • "pro-life"
    • climate change denier
    • flat earth theorist
    • ethical billionaires
    • freedoms > public safety
    • Autism needs a cure

  5. I will mute, soft block, block, and-or report as I feel necessary for my personal space (as in this account and it's timelines) to be safe and healthy. This is not censorship and this is not up for debate.

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"recruiter" sent me a zip file to review


In case this wasn't clear, just to clarify, that means no crying about being white-passing as a burden. It's not a burden. It's a privilege. Use it as such for good.

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@Nightcrawler Normally, I ask people to introduce themselves before sending a follow request but I know who you are πŸ’™

It's important to separate ethnicity and race. These are different modifiers.

White Latines:

If you want to honor the Latinidad that love so much, help all Latines instead of trying to make a competition out of oppression.

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White Latines

Use your powers for good. Please.

Do not use your ethnicity to bully others. Use your whiteness to stand up to people; not bully other minorities.

Sass is code. Please try to follow best standards for writing code. Primarily, documentation, comments, and working examples.

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Web Designers!

If you write a mixin function, document how it works in the comments. Please. For the sake of future maintainers.

someone left summer.exe running

can someone with correct privileges please stop that process?

thank you

abuse surival 

A big supportive hug to all the adult children of Narcissists.

Y'all are my siblings.


Fall is (in theory) here in the Northern Hemisphere so here is my favorite recipe

This pork and apple pie is amazing!

Have you heard about the skeleton at Home Depot?

My Sister:
I mean... it cost less than the new PlayStation.

You can shit post all you want but don't punch down.


Hot Dogs are not sandwiches. They are tacos.

"Could smart technology save honey bees?"

I can name 10 things that can save honey bees that aren't technology and you're not going to like the answers.

humor, music, it says "fuck" a lot 

I don't know if this will ever get old for me

what's the short code for the animated emojo of the little dude with glow sticks?

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