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for as much as I love schadenfreude you would think I would bother to learn how to spell it from memory **

** this will surely provide someone with some

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I am a web designer and developer. I specialized in usability and accessibility.

I'm here to help with those things. Just ask nicely.

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Other skills (of varying levels) I have are

- graphic design
- typesetting
- bookbinding
- paper craft
- crochet
- cooking
- event planning
- reading people

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I had a 12 year old ask me about my Hackers.Town hoodie today and ask me if it was a place.

No joke, I replied, "It is. it's in your heart."

re: tech mama 

tech mama 

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Me: why is this so slow
drive is in a 2.0 port not a 3.0 port
Me: facepalm

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oh god even CodeIgniter is using Composer now whyyyyy

1) back up your data

2) get a UPS

3) encryption

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Pro tip: If you are playing "Every Breath You Take" at your wedding, either you have *deeply* misunderstood the song or one of you should be fleeing at full speed

it's really weird to think that I went to a conference a decade ago but here I am 🤷

Cult of the Dead Cow (the Menn book) 

I've gotten very little work done. I'm going to have to play catch up this weekend. Oh well.

doing a free trial of audible so I can listen to some books

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