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The tiger
He destroyed his cage
The tiger is out

Nael, Age 6

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I have a few patches now. I should probably round them up and actually put them on my jacket. πŸ€”

NFL, Renaming 

I know this can be turned off but most people don't know about it.

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Telegram: this person you never removed from your contacts but haven't talked to in years has joined Telegram!

I really wish they wouldn't send those notifications.

I can't take Adobe XD seriously because I read XD as πŸ˜†

Nobody should be making over a million dollars a year. No one needs that much money.

"I chained these two programs together and nobody died!" -- @RussSharek

Today is only Wednesday

Stay strong, pocket friends

I love when someone see a demonstrator fountain pen for the first time and they ask "Is that a vape pen?"

(This has happened more than once to me.)

attention black and brown #WebDevelopers

DM me your name, pronouns, and work URL

a Philadelphia based agency is looking for a remote UI/JavaScript developer

#WebDevelopment #WebDesign #UI #UX #UiUx

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oh the sky is busy this month! there's also meteor showers :-D

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pandemic, international politics 

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