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Control and power are silly.

Grow and adapt. Help others do the same.

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(re) Introduction Post :boost_declined:​ 


Introduce yourself before following. Follow requests without message or DM are ignored. My personal space; my rules.

I am a small, tired, neurodivergent queer of mixed race and Dominican heritage. I am witchy, crafty, geeky, and polyam. I might be a succubus. I've been full-stack LAMP developer since 2004; I know my way around tech.

I believe fedi is amazing but also could be so much more. I aim to make it inclusive, accessible, usable. If you're on, feel free to DM me about anything I can do to improve your experience. I am a moderator; I probably blocked your instance.

Fresh peaches, never frozen. 1312. Get rekt robo dogs. Black lives matter. Trans rights are human rights. Non-binary folks are real and valid. Sex work is work. Everyone should have housing, food, and medical care whether they are employed or not. Billionaires are unethical — no one should have that much money. Targeted advertising should be banned. Shitpost without punching down.

MN Politics, police 

Guilty on all accounts. ✨

meta, shitposting 

🎺 if you toot too much the ska folks start showing up

I may have bookmarked Jira as "JIRAAAA!!!" on my toolbar

if this needs to be a plug-in, I guess I could write that this weekend :)

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almost there gemini:// doesn't get treated as a URL but firefox will pass the URLs from the address bar to Lagrange now (thank you @mhmd)

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is there a tool or method for getting Firefox to launch gemini links in Lagrange?

and that's my reminder that hashtags can't have numbers at the start ... I'm not rewriting that toot again though

4/20, weed 

I have PTSD, anxiety, and depression. Thank you to everyone who supports the de-stimgatization of weed. Most people I know with PTSD benefit greatly from access. It makes a huge difference for us.


infosec conferences 

the blackhat challenge is try to unsubscribe from all the company mailing lists before the next blackhat

off to a rocky start this week. thanks for bearing with me.

it's been 0 days since I watered my cat in Stardew Valley because she lays in the fields as I'm doing watering

damn... I was gonna guess Backstreet Boys on that one

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