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for as much as I love schadenfreude you would think I would bother to learn how to spell it from memory **

** this will surely provide someone with some

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I am a web designer and developer. I specialized in usability and accessibility.

I'm here to help with those things. Just ask nicely.

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Other skills (of varying levels) I have are

- graphic design
- typesetting
- bookbinding
- paper craft
- crochet
- cooking
- event planning
- reading people

tfw Discord usernames are case-sensitive but Blizzard passwords still aren't

work from home hazard

pets and/or children trying to take apart yourkeyboard

-"I don't need security, nobody's targeting me."

They don't need to target you when you're making it easy. :blobcatsip:

Canadian neighbor-friends.

Please vote.

This continent needs all the help it can get right now.

Logging into Mastodon to see what my friends are up to be like:

I paid for 3 day shipping but even that is going to feel like forever. I'm pretty excited.

I did it. I ordered my first mechanical keyboard.

Wait, how much money do the authors get if I use their ebook subscription?

I guess ordering directly from Packt for the books I need would be best, yes?

I made my first commit at my new job. I'm a real dev again. 🤣

In honor of #IndigenousPeopleDay

I confront colonial statues in the city of Barcelona, q se joden these men.

From my photo-performance series La Sangre Llama, Joan Prim y Prats, 2019

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