With a definite risk of being an ass: I don't care if your game is written in my favourite language - unless I get to see the source...

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Time for another biased poll.

Do you know what CC and BCC stand for in eMail without having to look it up?

I would appreciate it if you boosted this toot. :-)

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"Installation: we recommend that you use Docker."

what I'm supposed to see: "hey, it's a simple one-liner! Such clean install, much wow."

what I actually see: "we couldn't figure out how to install this thing on anything but our own machine, but hey, here is a well-compressed image of our entire disk, use this instead so that we can stop trying"

I just finished "Zoey Punches the Future in the Dick" by David Wong.

I almost gave up half way through. When I just didn't care about any of the characters.
But then the pace picked up again. And the story ended up being surprisingly touching.

I think the Zoey Ashe series it a fun playfull twist on classic .

So that was the 3rd book out of my 16 books this year reading challenge. I love ...

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I hate it. I want it. I hate how much I want it.

The Aurora 7 Is A Seven Screen Laptop Battlestation

WFH Battlestation


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“I passionately believe that science - all this wonderful knowledge that humans have come together to create - should be open to everyone.”

— Prof. Alice Roberts

#Science #OpenScience #OpenData #OpenSource

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Pence sent Pelosi a letter telling her to kick rocks (paraphrasing) when it comes to 25th Amendment action, as expected.

Just in case you thought he had any redeeming qualities at all, he's happy to prove otherwise on his way out the door.

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Can you see the numbers in their silhouettes?
Here is my illustration to wish the end of the pandemic for 2021. Let's hope it will happen.
Happy New Year!

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A fascinating idea. Viewing your browser tabs as part of the filesystem, allowing you to use standard Unix filesystem tools to view and manipulate the tab contents. The Unix "everything is a file" concept is still a powerful one.


Via Hacker News [ news.ycombinator.com/item?id=2 ]

#Unix #Linux #WebBrowsers #Filesystems

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Does anyone know if there's an up-to-date program to generate #Rust #bindings to #GObjectIntrospection files? Nothing important really, I'm just messing around, trying to use #at-spi (one of #Gnome's accessibility libraries) from Rust. I could just generate bindings from the C library the old-fashioned way, but I'd love to use #GIR if I can.

I found github.com/gi-rust/grust-gen, but it doesn't work and hasn't been updated since early 2018.

In the new year I really want to get into . Seems compiling has gotten manageable, easy even.
The only problem is that all my ideas for projects involve WiFi, and support for that isn't quite there yet.
Oh well, I guess I'll have to start with blinking lots of neopixels.

This is the only real plan I have for the next few days...

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If you fancy a great long read, @eff's new paper on Youtube Content-ID takedowns is an amazing deep dive into how Google messes with the creativity and the livelihoods of video creators in the name of copyright: eff.org/wp/unfiltered-how-yout

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Today we celebrate #HumanRightsDay

Passed exactly 72 years ago, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights memorializes the basic notion that fundamental freedoms, including privacy, expression, and access to information, are essential for people all over the world.

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I am thinking of changing the default DPI in rsvg-convert from 90 (historical default) to 96 (CSS preferred). Would this break your usage?

(How to know: run "rsvg-convert -d 96 ..." and see if that breaks your expected results horribly.)

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For every line of async JavaScript I write I apreciate the compiler a little more...

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