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I just realized that I haven't graced the fediverse yet with knowledge of the amazingly cursed software that is pMusic: a music player from the Puppy Linux project that is built entirely in Bash(!), yet has a GUI with fully-featured playlist management and advanced features like discography management and automatic YouTube searching and streaming!

How do people read 5-6 books in a week?
I don't think I read particularly slow. I read maybe 2 pages a minute. That's still quite some hours for an average length book.

I think "git bisect" may be my favourite feature og git. Sadly I've only really needed it once or twice. But those times it was awesome!

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git pro tip 

`git log -S some_variable_name` returns all commits where `some_variable_name` is in the diff (either removed, added, or modified)

super useful for tracking down regressions where you know the variable that's the culprit

I would love to see a fast safe operating system, based on a micro kernel made in a safe language like . And with drivers and particularly filsystems in userspace.

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my mind is continually blown by zotero + firefox plugin + sci-hub plugin 🤯

i can go to most paywalled articles, press one button, and get a formatted reference + full text locally 🤠

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Curiosity poll regarding social media approach.

Please boost because we're really curious about the experience-approach for as many users as possible.

We have excluded two options here and will explain why:

Twitter exclusively: probably not gonna see this poll if you don't use Fediverse at all

Spiderman: We assume everyone would add Spiderman to their options because of how polls work.

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the fully open source hardware RISC-V Precursor from bunnie studios is now shipping out to people. pretty insane this thing was actually made #OSHW

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Please add this on your websites :

<script type="text/javascript">
document.body.textContent = 'Please disable JavaScript to view this site.'
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Who is saying shit about libraries
I'll fight anyone who talks shit about libraries

Hacktivism - Reprogram seems like a fitting soundtrack for a Monday morning in 2022

It just dawned on me that I might not have a copy of Burning Chrome. Because I lost it to a flooded basement.

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@technicallypossible @wolf480pl I don't recommend trusting me... or any single individual, with this kind of power.

If someone asks me nicely with a rubber hose, I will be obliged to hand over access.

There is a reason the name of my company is "Distrust"

Distrust should lead to Distributed Trust.

Demand multisig code reviews, and multisig reproducibly built releases for anything that matters.

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I just noticed "foreach" on npm is controlled by a single maintainer.

I also noticed they let their personal email domain expire, so I bought it before someone else did.

I now control "foreach" on NPM, and the 36826 projects that depend on it.

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I would like to follow more accounts, writing #SmallStories / #MicroFiction, like @MicroSFF.

Any recommendations? :)

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@Ombra @humanetech

Just to respond to "(Mastodon) has the most users (so it's the most social)."

I know this takes a bit of time to get used to, but federated platforms aren't in competition with each other.

When one federated platform grows, that also increases the audience for the other platforms that federate with it. As long as cross-platform federation is maintained, then success of one platform helps the others.

Because of this co-operative nature, you really don't need to check which Fedi platform has the most users when deciding which one to use.

To take it to an extreme, if a developer created a Fedi platform for themselves that literally no one else used, but it was still compatible with Mastodon etc... well then, they can be just as social as anyone on Mastodon, because they can still follow people, people can follow them etc.

The Fediverse co-operates because because it helps us all, but sincere co-operation is a concept that doesn't exist in Twitter, Facebook etc.

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