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To those of you who may be wondering whether I am still in a quote unquote "mood" I have this to say:


To those of you who may further be wondering whether it is a quote unquote "big mood" I have this additionally to say:

It is about yay big, maybe a li'l smaller than a breadbox.

local girl banned from Santa Fe, Santa Monica, and, for unrelated reasons, Jacksonville

watching as all my online friends who live near each other meet up irl

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The Mighty Tiger, Stalking Through The Amazon Web Services

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Buckminster Werewolverine

Turns into a wolverine on night when the moon is made 💯% out of carbon :tinking:

square enix let me and tasnyx make a final fantasy game you fucking cowards

i’ve discovered this helpful chart on the matter on a stackexchange site

Shot in the dark, but I don't know anyone out here but my ex's family and we're not on great terms. If there's anybody in the East Valley in Arizona who'd be willing to stay in the waiting room during surgery and give me a ride to the pharmacy then home this Thurs at 1 please lmk

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