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To those of you who may be wondering whether I am still in a quote unquote "mood" I have this to say:


To those of you who may further be wondering whether it is a quote unquote "big mood" I have this additionally to say:

It is about yay big, maybe a li'l smaller than a breadbox.

aaaaaaaand on that note! goin'a bed! 😴😴😴😴

hot take 

me: whyyyyy my backpack feel so light????

i forgot to put my laptop in it this morning but DID put my charging cable in so i'm still screwed if i leave it at the office BUT i can't mix on the train ha ha rules

re: meta 


two hundred and fifteen minutes, TWO ONE FIVE MINUTES... you have a clearance to load nuts

re: meatside subpost 

meatside subpost 

social anxiety feels 

different social 

house, well unfortunately..... 


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