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Ripley's Believe It Or 

Believe Something Else; Look at your life; look at this world; at the end of a long day, what does one notable inconsequentiality mean against another? After all, when all's said and done, the details will come out in the wash.



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.... it's still running, right?



one second per second,

fuck off.


no, but you feel that, right?
ticking over.

and then a pause.

yeah, hanging for a cycle, and
then ticking over again. not
running smooth.


christ. i've gotta do something.


anything; doesn't matter. go
for a walk.


wherever; anywhere; doesn't


not like it's getting any later.


christ, this fucking sucks.

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To those of you who may be wondering whether I am still in a quote unquote "mood" I have this to say:


To those of you who may further be wondering whether it is a quote unquote "big mood" I have this additionally to say:

It is about yay big, maybe a li'l smaller than a breadbox.

setting up one of those = = = β‰  β‰  β‰  trinity diagrams but it's baba yaga, baby yoga, and baby yoda

the hardest part of waking up is getting back your stuff

🎢 look at jort horse, jort horse is aaaamazing [...] 🎢

you can always put another yurt around your yurt

it's literally always fine


really a case of the pot calling the kettle "Steve"

*airplane lands*

*credits roll*

passengers: .... what?

*the plane becomes briefly airborn on the taxiway for an after credits scene*

passengers: the FUCK???


normal classy people: rum and coke

me, a trash goblin: bourbon and pepsi max

ooooor someone fired a roman candle from a mysteriously silent plane πŸ€”

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aaaaaaaand on that note! goin'a bed! 😴😴😴😴

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any state is a landlocked state when you're jesus!

me: whyyyyy my backpack feel so light????

i forgot to put my laptop in it this morning but DID put my charging cable in so i'm still screwed if i leave it at the office BUT i can't mix on the train ha ha rules

re: meta 

i mean i guess even when i joined up ( well after the Largest Hellthread In History incident, which i only know of thanks to videos ) everything was still in "ha ha yeah probably people are gonna do inane shit by accident or on purpose and the server will fall over but like ya know it's not good software amirite?"

but like.... has that even changed?

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amazed that we've hit the point where "sending every custom emoji" is "a DOS attack" when back in the day you could @ Literally Every User and watch in slow horror as your computer exploded and No One Would Care and also it was hilarious

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