Do we have any requests for services in

What would be better, a VPS provisioner or kubernetes?

Aight, found an error in my config and now everything is working fine.

I wouldn't count on things being stable but I've currently got a 15TB nfs share and am working on getting the raspi cluster in .

Anyone have a copy/location of the facebook leak?

I've run a CircleMUD before... do we need a mud?

I have every cable you could ever want...
Until I need a cable,
Then I have every cable you could ever want... except that one.

Is it bad that I actually liked VMS?

I'm not a networking guy...
I have 3 routers, 1 switch, and my primary machine has 7 network interfaces. My network is complicated enough to need a diagram... but I'm still not a networking guy.

What are your preferred tools for documenting/diagramming networks Howdy Howdy,
Sundog said you had setup a wireguard portal on openwrt?

Could you give me some pointers?
Maybe we could even setup you up as my first peer?

Revision makes me wish I were born a few years earlier and in Germany.

Hmm, couple months ago I was chatting with someone about something... anyway to search for that?

Or just make a fully posix OS written as simply as possible with security in mind.
Everything being so simple that it is obviously correct, and damn the performance issues.

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Some things that bother me about current OSs.
Data doesn't have types.
Would be nice if you could open a file handle of sequential "struct Foo;"

or a socket of typed packets.

There isn't much global organization.
Configuration, files, data, are all stored kinda wherever people want.

Everything should have a simple GUI method of access, then a feature complete file method for the complicated stuff.

More stuff should have GUIs with graphs and diagrams.
Reading iptables output is complete, but you can get much more information communicated more quickly with a simple diagram.

Computers are often used together, but getting computers to talk to each other is getting harder and harder. Setting up a network of computers with shared resources, ACLs, user accounts, etc should be easy.

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Either that or just do something completely off the wall.

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I think I'd start with something like

target it to the default defices available in virtualbox.
Port it to C++ (without RTII and Exception).

Then implement everything as simply as possible and keep code size small.

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I'd really like to start on a homebrew OS project

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