covid numbers are making defcon look sketchy...

reading hertzbleed... these fuckers are too clever

@thegibson got my shirt, but people think it's related to rust... eww

I don't get up to enough shenanigans anymore

Mandiant / Google 

WRT the acquisition announcement.
I work at goog and would be happy to AMA or help anyone getting aquired.

Hmm, I want to setup a nebula VPN
Then a proxmox cluster and have it available through the VPN, but also accesible to my local network..

Is there any good way to do this?

Buddies son just got in trouble because he spends too much time coding in school and grades in his other classes are suffering.

Need to teach him how to write a program to "fix" that.

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hmm... I need to find a bug in crypto software... they commit the exploit to the blockchain

uh... guess what happens with a 24" water line ruptures in a datacenter...

Remember folks,
Some of us ran out of time,
Some ran out of money,
Some ran out of energy,
Some ran out of spoons,
Lets be thankful for whomever is still with us.

Q: Believe this is impossible, someone please correct me.

Lets say you wanted to connect to an application/exe and then connect to it later but cryptographically verify that it is the same unchanged executable as before.

ie: a user could verify the servers code has not changed.

An ultra reliable dual backplane like a Tandem?

Balls to the wall performance like a Cray?

Or maybe uber blikenlights like a CM-5

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So, lets say there were a new computer system "A Gibson".

What sort of machine are we looking at here?

I think I'm gonna have to buy some servers with 100Gb nics...


Brother is fine, looks like his house is gone from flooding and the dam might break. This is in PA.


Love infosec but don't find myself in that area often, need to find a project that overlaps

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