anyone have any opinions on 389 directory server vs openldap?

@ryen Do you have any statistics on the peertube instance.

For example: theoretically if we had a transcode cluster, how much bandwidth would be required for the data transfers?

How much data is there? What is the rate of growth?

If I publish my rasPi cluster I'm gonna need a real router or something. Some way of doing TOS and traffic shapping

Demoscene is awesome!

I did a bunch of 6502 asm in the 80s and started my career on computer graphics and VR in the 90s.

I was investigating three different distributed private networking solutions.
chaosvpn, dn42, and nebula.

Didn't plan on doing the certification, but looked it up.
holy crap, it is $1200.

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Never been scared while watching politics before.

Any suggestions on what to use for authorization/authentication on my little cluster?

We need something like kerberos, but which is as simple as possible

I'm lucky in that I generally don't suffer from imposter syndrome.

But after failing 4 times to configure LDAP I'm having trouble.

I have concluded that every bit of documentation concerning ldap and or samba is incorrect.

Anyone know how to authenticate linux users with oauth2?


Holy Fucking God but restricted child accounts are the worst fucking thing ever!

Around '98 there was something called IIRC the heuristic toolkit.

It used AI to build models of what computer activity looked like.

It would send you a report saying, this is what I think your log files look like.. Then when it detected something different it would notify you and you could tell it if this were normal, or concerning.

This behavioral modeling of activity seems to be a much better approach than many rules based system I see today.

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