hmm... I need to find a bug in crypto software... they commit the exploit to the blockchain

uh... guess what happens with a 24" water line ruptures in a datacenter...

Remember folks,
Some of us ran out of time,
Some ran out of money,
Some ran out of energy,
Some ran out of spoons,
Lets be thankful for whomever is still with us.

Q: Believe this is impossible, someone please correct me.

Lets say you wanted to connect to an application/exe and then connect to it later but cryptographically verify that it is the same unchanged executable as before.

ie: a user could verify the servers code has not changed.

An ultra reliable dual backplane like a Tandem?

Balls to the wall performance like a Cray?

Or maybe uber blikenlights like a CM-5

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So, lets say there were a new computer system "A Gibson".

What sort of machine are we looking at here?

I think I'm gonna have to buy some servers with 100Gb nics...


Brother is fine, looks like his house is gone from flooding and the dam might break. This is in PA.


Love infosec but don't find myself in that area often, need to find a project that overlaps

Why the hell do I listen to congressional hearings?

I wanna hack a Gibson <traces finger around nipple>

Just FYI, posts taking ~ 30 seconds and just received some sort of rate limit message saying please retry after <timestamp>

So, I have a windows machine, running virtualbox, running linux, running qemu, running linux

Ya know...
I have successfully managed for a very long to time to NOT have a rack of servers in my house.

I feel that I am finally losing this battle.

U2: Performance doesn’t scale. While shell scripts have
acceptable performance in a single-core setting, they’re not
tuned for multicore machines and clusters of nodes

In the past there were quite a lot of parallel shell tools, they are still available if you look for them.

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Oh... My... God...
This paper is giving me nightmares.

I agree that we shouldn't replace the shell, but now I'm just thinking of all the "improvements" people would come up with.

Just sitting here reading linux kernel documentation... is there something wrong with me?

Any of yous especially familiar with linux virtual memory subsystem and systems programming?

Spending the day reading QEMU source code. I may have made some poor life choices.

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