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In case you needed a reason to watch Johnny Mnemonic, the 1995 cyberpunk movie playing in Gibsons Neuromancer universe…

I am not sure how I did it, but in the last year, I managed to never use, and not even install either Zoom or Teams, be it for personnal use or for work.

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If you're in the EU and leaked your data, you're eligible to join Digital Rights Ireland in suing the fuckers. DRI have a phone-number checker for you to see if you were affected:

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Tayshan Hayden-Smith: From 'English Neymar' to Grenfell gardener - BBC Sport

In his teenage years, Tayshan Hayden-Smith was nicknamed 'the English Neymar'. Now, at the age of 24, he has a new moniker - 'the Grenfell guerrilla gardener'.

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I found these stickers, story goes they're insellable because shell doesn't like them. Oh noes.

Translation: we all die, shell helps
#shell #stickers

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4 years old and still running!

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Being transgender is natural and beautiful.

Women, nonbinary folks, men, however you do you.

Cis friends:

Say our names and pronouns with a smile on your face, because you get to know us. Do small acts often, to make our seat at the table comfortable and our ideas taken in.

We've always been here.

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Je suis vigneron en suisse. Dans mon vignoble j'ai déjà réduit par 7 l'utilisation du glyphosate depuis 2007. Celui-ci étant fortement en pente la mécanisation restante est très compliquée.
Selon vous a partir de quelle quantité d'essence consommée par litre de glyphosate(360g/l) économisé n'est-il plus acceptable d'y renoncer?
Merci d'y répondre sérieusement le résultat me servira a faire un choix réel.

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I love that librarians from Bowen University (Iwo, Nigeria) wrote an article about Koha implementation and maintenance which tracks EIGHT years of maintenance using annual reports. Very few library articles get into this kind of ongoing documentation of the work, which is never one and done.

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Seen a lot of discussion about how countries that are not the US have vaccines shortages and waiting lists in the order of years due to the US buying up 300 million doses.

This is being referred to as "vaccine nationalism" and is projected to exacerbate negative health incomes in non-rich countries, as well as slow economic recovery in those nations disproportionately.

It's making me see the celebration of people getting vaccinated and saying "V for Vaccine ✌️" in a new light.

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I really don't like the current trend of calling people "bodies". It's literally dehumanizing

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A CEO gives away the game in a series of tweets 

I love when people tell me CEOs have to make the salaries they do so we can attract top talent... Who then turns around and farms out what limited "boss work" there is to do to others

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After many years he finally found the hidden temple, where monks of an ancient order were said to guard the oldest, strongest Word Of Power.
They proudly showed him the Word.
"No?" he exclaimed. "The Word is 'no'? That holds no power!"
The monks looked away from him in sadness.
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

Lately, I have been feeling like letting myself be tempted by a vertical mouse for my latpop as my inner wrist in particular is sometimes pretty sore from training, and the trackpoint can be tiring for it too, but are those mice actually worth anything?

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Okay I tried Brave for, like, two months. Tonight, I got into a hardcore fight with it because it decided that I had changed networks and absolutely refused to connect to any website.

Every other browser on my computer proved that I had a working Internet connection. None of the other browsers were having an issue.

So hello, I'm back on Firefox. Every time I try another browser, I'm back on Firefox in less than three months.

My only complaint: I wish Mozilla loved Firefox as much as I do.

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Had a repair person come by our apartment today, and we mentioned we moved here from California.

They were confused why we moved here from CA, when this city had two feet of snow last year, and isn’t the weather so much nicer there?

We tried to explain just how much the West coast is on fire the past couple years.

I think that one day last year when the entire sky turned red like it was a movie depiction of being on Mars... broke me. And broke a lot of people.

In that climate change grief post-doom-mindset podcast they talked about the coming mass climate migrations within the US.

It’s already happening.

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