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friends of the Fediverse, I am looking for interesting newsletters or RSS feeds about libraries I could follow. Could you help me?

Mostly around:

Mainly EN and FR, but feel free to point to stuff in other languages, I will check it out, thanks to the miracle of today’s internet translators.


Amis du Fédiverse, je suis à la recherche d’infolettres ou de flux RSS intéressant à propos des bibliothèques que je pourrais suivre. Pouvez-vous m’aider?

Principalement autour de :

Principalement EN et FR, mais je jetterai un œil à des choses en d’autres langues aussi grâce aux miracles des traducteurs en ligne d’aujourd’hui.


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The biggest con on society since Abrahamic religion is phone app culture.

A training friend just said:
"Men's ego has done more damage to the world than anything else."

Hard to disagree with him.

More games, more countries, more travel: Does European football care about its climate impact? - BBC Sport

A continent-wide Euros, an expanded Champions League and an entirely new tournament designed to spread the game further than before.

At a time when the world is coming together at COP26 to tackle climate change, with potentially far-reaching impacts for individuals and businesses, does football care about doing its bit?

Jack O'Neill Shows Us How to be Better, Not Perfect - The Companion

Essentially, O’Neill is, overwhelmingly, human. This means that, much like all the rest of us overwhelmingly human people watching and rewatching the show at home, he has the capacity for growth and change. Growth and change which, I hasten to add, we see in abundance throughout the course of the TV series.

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hey! I'm looking for new source and podcast suggestions.

I realized my typical haunts for technology and infosec news have gotten kinda stale. What're you fine folxs reading/listening too over your morning stimulating beverage of choice?

If you're interested too, feel free to boost for a wider harvester of sources.

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OVH this morning : maintenance between 07:00 and 08:30 UTC. “No impact expected, device will be isolated before the change.”

A bit after 07:00 UTC: the entire OVH network is down.

“No impact” huh? 🤔

Gareth Southgate says abuse over vaccinations 'makes you think twice about speaking out' - BBC Sport

England manager Gareth Southgate says online abuse he received after encouraging people to have coronavirus vaccinations "makes you think twice about speaking out".
"If you're receiving messages when you support the programme that say 'You could be up in front of a Nuremberg-type trial in 10 years' and people are quite vicious with comments, it does make you think twice about speaking out.

Holly fucking shit!
What kind of completely idiotic bonker clusterfuck of a world are we living in where that kind of things happens?!

The Mysterious Man Behind the Big Bang theory

Why Georges Lemaître is so unknown.

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It's simple, we destroy the social media silos and create community based social media that is not profit driven.

TIL "lumbersexual" is apparently a thing… Whatever that means…

Well, huh… Ok I guess… If it makes people happy that such a word and concept exists…


Why in frelling hell does our ILS, when exporting book records in .xls (and maybe other formats, haven't checked), export the ISBN's and replacing 0's by O's in it. And that is the only field in which it does that, all the other fields with 0's in it are absolutely fine.

Why would you do that???

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Selfie. Eye contact. 

Not sure I’ll ever find a shirt that’s more on-brand for me than this.

Some sort of augmented cyborg raptor robot is a pretty rad children toy, but also a bit frightening, because holly cow if that thing were an actual livesize combat dinodroid, we would be in trouble.

@RussSharek @avalon drove by that building this morning. I love the playword in the name.

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Not sleeping ain’t going to magically make things better.

The Jordan Harbinger Show: 533: Tristan Harris | Reclaiming Our Future with Humane Technology

Tristan Harris (@tristanharris) is a former Google design ethicist, primary subject of the acclaimed Netflix documentary The Social Dilemma, co-founder of the Center for Humane Technology, and co-host of the podcast Your Undivided Attention.

Discovery: Dare to Repair: How we broke the future

Materials engineer Professor Mark Miodownik looks back to the start of the electronics revolution to find out why our electronic gadgets and household goods are less durable and harder to repair now. As he attempts to fix his digital clock radio, he reveals that the drive for cheaper stuff and advances in design and manufacturing have left us with a culture of throwaway technology and mountains of electronic waste.

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When the problem looks like a nail, every tool becomes a hammer.

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