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Blahaj is now available for your blobby emoji needs at !

Thanks to the amazing commissioner, these are all free for use. Also in telegram sticker form at

(If you want your own, I'm open for commissions!)

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I've been dreading this moment.

Those of us who took up "free Gmail for your domain forever" back around 2008 are now faced with "pay us a monthly fee or lose every purchase linked to your account".

There's no ability to migrate apps, media, etc to another account of course. This feels like extortion.

Is it possible to get the ACCC involved in something like this? I have no idea how to navigate something like that.

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I made a new little website / gemini capsule:

It's kind of like a non-interactive text adventure set in a small town. Every day it randomly generates changes to the town, so check back every once in a while to find new things. It's isn't super big right now, but I hope to add more places/things/people over time.

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Explaination of stackoverflow for nondevelopers thats super accurate

Starting the new year with a negative balance but theres no overdraft fee so win!

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"The trans Pride flag has been planted on the peak of Antarctica’s highest mountain, Vinson Massif, by trans climber Erin Parisi.

Dedicating her achievement to 'the resilience of the trans community' that 'took me in when I had no hope', Parisi said trans people 'showed me that it’s better to be visible and free, than live in self-imposed exile, and that stigma withers when we visibly embrace our truth'"

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Remember that any person referred to as a hero is expected to die for whatever it is that makes them heroic.

And now, think back to 2020, when there were all those ad campaigns about "essential workers" being "heroes"

Think on that real good.

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Screen pops off watch and a tiktok pops up about swelling batteries.

checks battery

Yup that explains it

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I received The Humane Interface by Jef Raskin for Christmas. It's amazing, especially if you're feeling fatigued by today's computers. I'm only 50 pages in and I am completely obsessed with his work. Hoping that I too can one day make a really productive system based on Forth. Thanks @neauoire for introducing me to the LEAP key!

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Happy all-purpose rebranded pagan solstice observation to everyone! 🌞🌲

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I'm one of those weirdos who puts the taskbar at the top of the screen. Doesn't matter what the OS or DE is. KDE: on top. XFCE: on top. Windows 10: on top.

Ran into an issue this morning.

Moving the taskbar to the top in Windows 10:

1. Open the Taskbar Settings.
2. Change location.

Moving the taskbar to the top in Windows 11:

1. Search for the location in Taskbar Settings.
2. You won't find it there.
3. Google the problem.
4. Launch RegEdit.
5. Say, out loud to the empty room around you, "There is no way in hell that I'm going to edit my registry only to move this goddamn taskbar."

But, if you really wanna know how to do it:

Gawd, Microsoft is stoopid.

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"Software projects should only be estimated in days, weeks, months or years.

Not a specific number of weeks, mind you. Just saying "It'll take weeks" or "It's months worth of work" is as good as it gets."

-- Johan Oskarsson

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Waiting outside at the autoshop because dipshits can't wear a mask.

Kids wanted day off.

Okay, fine. You can get the day off from school, but only if you watch these documentaries.

Deal. 😈

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Just noticed sorting my calendar, Matrix 4 comes out next week.

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Verizon Spyware

Verizon's just turned on something they call "Custom Experience", which is tracking everything you do over their connection.

So you want to go into your account, and you'll have to do this on the web because the mobile site just dumps you back to home page, and then Privacy Settings and disable every last switch in there.

Living in a post-apocalyptic dystopia is getting less and less comfortable every day


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