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Good morning.

This KVM project using a pi in gadget mode is cute:

(I think it could be cuter, tho, and more featureful, so I may have some parts on the way to come up with its beefier cousin, since I could use a nice KVM for the lab)

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My new home outside of facebook is going to be

This may be accidentally recursive. 😮

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Even *my* brain knows I don't have enough time to play with this yet.

But maybe somebody else out there wants to play with a Rust-backed alternative to Electron for desktop JS apps?

Favorite mastodon client on ios?
Bonus points for font&color choices

Said Americans were stupid re covid on Facebook.
Banned for being racist for a while.

The let's make a Facebook clone starter kit:
Step 1: pick a library and language impossible for most to implement by themselves

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Thanks to advancement made in front-end development tools and browser support, we’re now able to drop jQuery as a dependency

Bootstrap 5 drops jQuery ✨

h/t @sean

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“If It’s Inaccessible To The Poor It’s Neither Radical Nor Revolutionary.”

This is honestly my biggest problem with silicone valley and start-ups in general.

Cutting edge tech is cool and exciting but it's not a revolution until everyone can get at it.

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The potato farmers have a gofundme set up to help the farmers offset the expenses of having all these potatoes cleaned and bagged for folk on top of not getting paid for the potatoes themselves, so if you are in a position to help the potato farmers out in return for their kindness, you can do so here apparently (linked from the official blog, actually):

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Firestorm Books and Coffee in Asheville got robbed unfortunately, but their response to it was absolutely awesome.

Connected arduino and pulling temps and... I made a mistake but the hardware works

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