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An early internet struggle that I think might be unique to Spanish speakers was the somewhat popular trend of older people on, say, Facebook and such using "xD" to mean "por Dios", meaning "by God"

It's not completely unreasonable, the x is also the times symbol so it's already used in other places to mean "by", and the capital D could be taken to mean Dios since it's always capitalized

But you'd get VERY baffling interactions like

"My daughter is very sick"
"xD I hope she gets well soon"

Everything wrong with the Linux Desktop made plain in 2006, and still true today (re upload with alt text).

Everything wrong with the Linux Desktop made plain in 2006, and still true today.

Booting OOOOOOLD Ubuntu just for screenshots.

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programming tip 

to make your code cleaner and better organized, press Ctrl-A and select "Sort Lines Ascending" in your text editor

In a world of .opacity-50 .blurry .glass .black .width-50 bullshit

This just generates no-nonsense css.

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I should swap from an iphone to a pinephone.

Stop and shop: $50 off $100 order

Stop and shop at checkout: that really means $25 !

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Today sucks.

Watching chaos from the epik hack makes it suck less.

Walmart is much more a scary dystopian hellhole than before the pandemic

Didnt know boox did handwriting recognition

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'where is the info i need'

'oh it is in the footer of the webpage'

the webpage:
has infinite scroll

Remember that Donald Trump killed 3,057 Puerto Ricans 3 years ago with his administration's intentionally shitty handling of hurricane maria.

A new iPhone would be cool but it would also be cool if Apple wasn't hanging on to their employees personal and sensitive data while abusing and spying on them.

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