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I guess I never did an here.

I'm Crow :Cr0w: a lurker and bad poster; a who loves and . I tinker with and , do stuff among other hats at work, and have played at since was cool.

Between retweets, foot notes from my current reading, and snarky replies I'll sometimes write bad poetry.

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PSA: Hey, I'm pretty liberal on acceping follow request, but if you have no public posts and no profile info I'm gonna hit 'denied' unless you throw me a DM or something.


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"After I’m gone, some of you will seclude yourselves in the forests and mountains to meditate, while others may drink rice wine and enjoy the company of women. Both kinds of Zen are fine, but if some become professional clerics, babbling about 'Zen as the Way,' they are my enemies."

- Ikkyu, Head abbot of Daitoku-ji temple addressing the monks in the year of his death 1481

All printer software is authored in hell by Satan himself to bedevil us.

Bob Ross is amazing and good, but for my childhood it was Norm Abram and The New Yankee Workshop.

@mxsiege @Eweish bob Ross is genuinely on my very short list of good men, along with my dad and the family dog

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@breakfastgolem I read an article a while back where they tried to figure out how this verse construction became such a stereotype and apparently it became widespread among white rap after being used by Fred Flintstone in a fruity pebbles commercial in the 80s

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On its surface, the new Australia broken encryption seems to be incompatible with the GDPR. Or at least incongruent. Multinational tech companies are going to have to navigate a tough course.

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Today's the birthday of Grace Hopper, AKA "Amazing Grace." She was a computer scientist, programmer, and educator whose pioneering work on early computers and amiably no-nonsense attitude when teaching continues to inspire.

More info:

I painted her once.

So, some introduction: I'm just an average retrocomputing guy living in Prague, Czech Republic. Collecting workstations, computers and Sinclair ZX Spectrum & clones. Using wherever possible. I run a server with Bongusta! phlog aggregator and other things. When not sitting at a computer, I do and CB & PMR radio (not a proper HAM yet). Also: married, with one kid. Happy to be here!

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