A KMFDM Moment 

A Wee Publishing Woe 

Music: The Horror 

Foldnig At Home 

Ah, me fingers... 

re: Kludging a Salted Breather 

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Kludging a Salted Breather 

Dear host: If someone tries to brute the login of the site using a script that ignores whether or not the form's actually permitting input, maybe block that IP rather than taking the site offline. I'd understand if the attack were distributed, but from one point source? That's just plain dumb.


Music Fail 

The spice must flow. 

Mmm, dessert breads 


Album Drop 

Ah yes, the perfect work from home day: IRC channel op.

re: La la la, don't worry, TEA. 

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La la la, don't worry, TEA. 




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