Disease, finances, and advertising. 


Concept Random 

Time travel SF gives me the weird 

A Wee Hot Mug Blither 

Remote editing code that I can't directly touch? So that I have to use the target machine's editor on a 2-5 second screen delay? Ow. Learning that I can't nest structures more than one level deep on that machine when I could on the primary, so half the stuff needs redone? Oy. Finally getting this kludge-of-a-kludge-of-a-kludge working? WIN.

Note to self: The new spices do not necessarily justify a smoothie dinner heavily doped with ginger, cinnamon, cayenne, peppermint, cardamom, dundicut, spirulina, and - because it was right in front of me - half a piquin. It's a good thing I mostly communicate by typing, because I think I've ripped my face clean off.

Oh gods, it's update-the-portfolio day. The tailored ones output as PDF are easy from InDesign, but the general on on Behance? The editing interface there make my brain hurt.

What do you mean, Python is fauna, not flora? 

Even the dreams are puns 

Automation kludging 

NDA tracking, ethics, problematic existing conditions. 

Insurance-Bob may need an intervention here. 

1.28 million files deleted later: Next time, Vac, extract the single file, not the entire archive. Clearly, I am my own artificial stupid.

Hack The Noms 

re: Sometimes that HT green needs inserted 

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Sometimes that HT green needs inserted 

Disease, current events, COVID-19, flu, data analysis fun 

Hours later: "I think I've pulled something important in my tongue getting those overtones. OW."

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Some days the really big success is getting the vocal sound required for that one song. Six effects in the chain, starting to get muddy and, "Wait. I wonder if I can do that with my actual face."

I can do that with my actual face.

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