In which Windows makes me cry. Again. 

Ah, firmware. That's what I wanted to spend this morning on. HP 608 pros need a firmware update to find their Micro SD cards, and while I'm in there, I might as well see what else didn't get brought up to date before they got shipped out.

Which would be... everything.

Video has some strobe effects 

Sometimes it's necessary to pop a bit of small change into the flowerpots on the back steps. Just in case a video game character comes along hungry, y'know?

Music burbles. 

re: Electrical Symbols Calligraphy Short Run 

Electrical Symbols Calligraphy Short Run 

Currently in Other Times 

Electrical Symbols Calligraphy References 

Electronics Symbols Calligraphy gets out of hand 

More random tosser tablet burbles 

re: Tosser Tablets ongoing. 

Tosser Tablets ongoing. 

Not going on a tear over archive issues for a change, CC0 materials from French Museums 

Win10 garbage 

Hands, health, amusement. GeGeGe No Kitaro half-spoiler 

Project fails and incompletes in the past year 

Next up: Mucking about with tosser Win10 tablets 

Things I like about bandcamp, "Hey, someone you've followed has dropped a new album." Today? Holon. Pretty sure I learned about Holon here at some point, and the new album is bloody fantastic: holon-subatomic-audio.bandcamp

TemTem Stress Test Burbles 

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