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If you’d like to follow me, feel free - but MESSAGE ME FIRST to say why. Been getting a bunch of maybe spam-follow attempts of late. If you don’t have content I can read, or if your stance on consent suggests breach is cool, I will probably not accept.

The Vac is a contract/consent ethicist.

It provides an easy reading variant of that ethical structure here: Don’t breach consent. Acceptable to contract for anything with anyone capable of contracting, providing informed consent, including ability to opt into degrees of lack of information, with lack of duress required. Breaches of consent are open contracts to be stopped, and anyone can step in to prevent them. However, requiring this, or any contract without informed consent is itself a breach of consent.

It’s been a teacher at grade school, high school, and collegiate levels in the states and overseas for history, English, art, voice, computer stuff which sometimes included science, and a few other things. Corporate teacher and trainer as well on occasion.

Artist, author, musician, and a pile of other stuff, it contracts for most anything legal that suits its fancy. Feel free to ask if you’ve got a thing you want to trade for – cash or barter are negotiable.

The Vac contracts as a wetdryvac about 2/3 of the time. It’s found that this tends to derail attempts to quantify other’s default settings for interactions with entities of race/religion/gender/etc. and is very pleased indeed to operate as a largely digital entity. Meatspace, well, the meat’s the meat, and that’s rarely convenient.

Current project directions: RPA (Robotic Process Automation), Waiting to hear back on a data access for privacy opt-out stuff which may be enough to build an opt-out privacy RPA tool.

Poem, Silly, A Terrible Plan 

Not Hacking, Dreaming
September 17, 2021

they said all I’d need would be a tosser phone
they said all I’d need would be a burner
and a sandbox to play in

none of my electronics have survived

* * *

Sometimes my favorite poems just end up with, "Oh, oh Bob, why?"

Pure Protein Dissatisfaction 

The result of seeing a conversation about tasteless protein bars. So it's on... stickers. And stuff:

1) Fonts from an ancient Kiwi Media purchase. Morpheus and Ultraworld.
2) Background cocoa from CC0 image collection.
3) Plant image from Köhler's Medizinal Pflanzen in naturgetreuen Abbildungen mit kurz erläuterndem Texte Atlas zur Pharmacopoea 1883

Alt.angst still exists, but 1993 was the high point.

Books, Store Idea, Not Quite The Sales, Information Distribution 

Outside the door, a small sign, "But We're a Book Shop"

Inside, the biggest coffee urn with a Bring Your Own Cup sign, containing cold boiled coffee. Shop is filled with whatever strikes my fancy, comfy overstuffed leather chairs, at least one store cat, a fireplace - always burning - and an air conditioning unit just in case the fireplace is too effective.

Art, server rack behind glass, not too cluttered.

Art is sold, commissions are taken, and at least half the space is devoted to in-progress art. Odds of paint on the comfy chairs: Not low.

At the back of the shop, not actually locked, but stored behind a mildly complex wrought iron and faraday mesh cage, a rack of portable drives, highest reasonably reliable storage volume possible, sold at 1.5x cost, and stuffed with every research collection I can find that's legal to own, de-duped, and free copies of various readers and local search tools.

Seriously, all the legal-to-possess research material and reading material I can get my mits on. Terminals for search everything specific for dropping books to portable devices, sandboxed like mad, free to use, charging also free if you grab a book or the cat likes you.

Bring your own portable drive, stuff it in a sandboxed cradle, come back in a few hours. It'll have something nifty. Donations welcome.

Folding, Go Go Go, Covid Ref, Vaguely PR Styled Promo 

Summer temps dropping to almost sane? Want to join in on some excellent science? Put your computer and graphics card to work, and join the Vac trying not to melt next to more computer heat than is reasonably sane.

Grab a client at:

Join a team? (236421) and r00t f0lds (258829) are where the vac's done most of its folding over time, and it's currently on r00t folds grinding cycles.

*turns off promo text-voice*

Really, I just like feeling like I'm doing *something* in the face of stuff I can't otherwise change, and this helps keep my brain stable when it's not to bloody hot out.

Good Headlines Make Good Neighbors 

With apologies to Robert Frost, of course.

Once upon a time, the Vac was a journalist, and the core to newspaper journalism, the thing that seems to most strongly draw people in? Is choice. Well executed headlines provide choice.

A good headline, by stating what the article or post is about, also happens to bake in some basic content warning. On a platform like Mastodon, where folks can set posts to only initially show that bit of text, that's pretty much ideal.

Combine that with instance guidelines, and potential readers know more clearly what they might be getting into, to opt in at will - or not.

For. Whatever. Reason.

There are all kinds of informative headline styles. I personally prefer casual newsprint based style info-stuffing, and often end up with things like, "Glorious Personal Misadventure, Minor Injuries."

There's no perfect solution - one can't know all about everyone and keyword for every variance - but a good headline and instance guidelines make a heck of a start.

Happy Dance, Kinda Promo, Tarot Cards 

Today, A Tarot of Ink has paid for itself twice over, which means I didn't waste time and effort, desptie occasionally thinking, "Painting a tarot deck can't possibly be a good plan."

Both that and the Elder Futhark deck are over here:

*runs around in happy circles*

Political Satire 

This... may be the single most cynical satire piece I've ever done.

Look, I was sleeping just fine until this woke me up demanding to be made.

A Pun, For Which I Somehow Fail To Apologize 

Some days, the ocean is clean and all together ordered. Some propose that this is the perfect time for swimming. Alas, should you do so, communication becomes difficult, as you suffer from incoherency. Even swimming without vigor as no use, as the surface transition refracts. On the upside, it's the perfect solution for kitten static.

Because cataphracts and if you can track both the position and wavelength, you can legitimately claim, "Discharge, right here meow."

Book Drop 

A book of poetry, Memory Armistice, dropped to pipeline. Now the usual exciting distribution wait.

In the meantime, pipelines I actually control...


re: Dear Brain, Why 

Really, it's just diving public domain patent submissions from 1920 and earlier to whatever suits my fevered brain. Which, as it turns out, gets horrible fast. Working in stuff I've painted myself, that's hours of work per panel. Vector rebuilds and layout? That's...

!) Find some amusing source.
2) Write some amusing words.
3) Automate some conversion.
4) Truly unfortunate results.

I mean, I'm having something that vaguely resembles fun while undergoing a systemic poison ivy reaction, but I'm not entirely sure how safe my madness is for others.

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Dear Brain, Why 

Pretty sure writing comic panel one-offs while overheated was a bad plan: patentabsurdities.thecomicseri

Uh. Poetry, Link To The Crass? 

It stopped being fanfic
It started being poetry
Things got out of hand

I'd blame the heat, but i'm actually pretty comfy right now and just reading lovely trash paranormal romance - honestly, despite the designation of trash, a lot of this stuff is really well written - as is my wont. Pretty sure the lurid *ahem* descriptions prompted me to go the other direction.

Worse, not better, Zim.

Yep, public, I love writing horrors like this, and have zero shame.

Music for the Grind 

Today is clearly for Ana Voog, The Blue Up?, and Meg Lee Chin. And, I dunno. The crasser bits of Lords of Acid, probably. Not because specifically Lords of Acid, but just because whenever I'm annoyed they just kinda show up.

So of course:

Yeah, it got out of hand.

The Worst Thing I've Ever Done - A Book Drop 

I adore programmatic layout silliness, and that's precisely what this is. Over on itch, it's free - or donate if you want, but that's totally not required - and because I'm in a frame of madness, it's dropping to print and ebook distro as well.

The perfect book for Pi day:

This book brought to you by, "What if a non-terminating, non-repeating decimal were a chapter book?"

Free to gift to people you *really* want to confuse.

re: Publishing, Amazon, Ingrahms 

Seriously: Art books in print are stupid expensive. You can get entire series for less than the cost of a single print book as print-ready PDFs on Itch: or gumroad: - along with many other projects.

And and and, next project is getting these buggers onto various library sites, starting with openlibrary.

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Publishing, Amazon, Ingrahms 

Niche market art books? I'm a digital Vac mostly, but even if stupidly expensive, having the art books live seems to mean an uptick in folks requesting commissions - and agreeing to pay a reasonable price for 'em.

So. Entire back artbook catalog now live on Amazon:

As this madness has progressed, I'm also seeing an increase in responses from more traditional work - looks like including an Amazon books-by-author link from portfolio makes hiring folks take the thing more seriously.


Still waiting to see if the blood I've left in the Ingraham trenches benefits anything whatsoever, but...

*more shrugging*

I still make better money - by percentage - anywhere other than Amazon, and always feel I need at least two showers after something goes live there. But the overall effect seems to be marginally beneficial, and theoretically I never need to worry about it again for the stuff that's now live.

*slightly manic laughter*

Let's see how that goes, shall we?

Publication Drop 

Lair W and Climate Control now up on Itch IO:

Goodreads author page books now *mostly* showing up correctly on Amazon, though the art books are completely stupid expensive on Amazon. Goodreads author page here: - and goodreads has links to individual book pages as well in most cases.

Amazon listings are processing, so that's a bit wonked and probably will be for a few days, but a bunch of new stuff *is* listed:

Basically, if you just want to see stuff, anywhere other than Amazon is best, with Itch leading the pack. One-off art books are mind-bogglingly costly, and I've mostly agreed to permit sale because some folks what hire art geeks like to see things on Amazon.

Words Search, but it's all the letter A 

Made the word search I needed in the world.

Product Promo - Get Out Of Gender Free 

I had a moment. This happened. I'm really surprised that no one's done this before - or if they have, my quick search didn't turn it up. RedBubbke's doing a sale, and you can find these there:

Or browse my store:

Feed an artist? Feed a weirdness? Either will do, and thank-you,

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