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If you’d like to follow me, feel free. However, if you don’t have content I can read, or if your stance on consent suggests breach is cool, I will probably not accept. Easier to message me first if you’re not sure, to let me know you’re interested and why.

The Vac is a contract/consent ethicist.

It provides an easy reading variant of that ethical structure here: Don’t breach consent. Acceptable to contract for anything with anyone capable of contracting, providing informed consent, including ability to opt into degrees of lack of information, with lack of duress required. Breaches of consent are open contracts to be stopped, and anyone can step in to prevent them. However, requiring this, or any contract without informed consent is itself a breach of consent.

It’s been a teacher at grade school, high school, and collegiate levels in the states and overseas for history, English, art, voice, computer stuff which sometimes included science, and a few other things. Corporate teacher and trainer as well on occasion.

Artist, author, musician, and a pile of other stuff, it contracts for most anything legal that suits its fancy. Feel free to ask if you’ve got a thing you want to trade for – cash or barter are negotiable.

The Vac contracts as a wetdryvac about 2/3 of the time. It’s found that this tends to derail attempts to quantify other’s default settings for interactions with entities of race/religion/gender/etc. and is very pleased indeed to operate as a largely digital entity. Meatspace, well, the meat’s the meat, and that’s rarely convenient.

A Moment of Furry, Totally SFW 

Got pointed at Meow.Social as being a good spot to shill/present furry art, so @wetdryvac there. Commissions are open, with an unknown turnaround time due to sneezes.

Needless to say, this lands in a time where I don't have any of my animal anatomy reference books handy, so who knows. Maybe 17 squares titled Gaussian Leopard Noises will happen.

Meanwhile, migraine was gone for the second portion of the day, and then the local factory ejected some new awful, so... delay of brain.


Yep, already had to explain, "Is Wetdryvac, is mechanical, but arts fur for monies/noms," In two DMs so far, and it's clearly time for a lie-down.

Hard Drive Guts, Very Dirty, Backup Day 

Today might be a good day for backups. It's almost always a good day for backups.

On Goodreads Librarianship, or How To Go Insane 

Goodreads librarian with occasional comic reading: "I'll mark this as read, and this as read, and that's not in the database yet so I'll add it."

OK. How does one document Volume 3 Numbers 1-12?

INIT: Madness.

Migraine Food 

1 dry dundicut pepper
1 dry sanam pepper
3-4 fennel seeds.
1/3 of a huge dried smoked paprika
1 tsp dry garlic
1 tbsp "Mediterranean" mint (I'm so sorry, I'm in the armpit of the midwest)
1.5 tbsp butter
1 tbsp olive oil
1 small handful grated cheese - Mozzarella in this case.
1 just enough milk to make sauce of the cheese
2 turkey hot dogs for protein
1 rather a lot of spinach

Grind peppers and fennel in grinder.

Bloom spices except garlic and mint in oil, add butter, simmer a minute, add hot dogs sliced up, simmer 2-3 minutes, add garlic and mint, stir another minute, add cheese and milk.

Stir like mad on low heat until sauce happens.

Swear at the migraine all the while.

Add spinach - it's from a can, gods and kittens help me - and glop it around until mixed. The temp is now perfect for necking the lot.

Do that, but at about half the speed you normally would, to appreciate the effects of the piquins I forgot were in the grinder when I did the other peppers. Maybe three of 'em.


*quiet screaming*

So delicious.

The migraine may be gone. The migraine may not be gone. It's hard to tell past the delicious.

Store Thing Test and Migraine 

Mostly under the dark things today, but remembered I'd meant to test out ArtStation's store system, so stuffed a print up over there:

Now, back under the dark things.

re: Sometimes an old logo demands a vector rebuild 

And hoo, did I ever mess up the edges on that. Whoops.

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Sometimes an old logo demands a vector rebuild 

Kellogg logo, from old telco equipment, rebuilt as vector and colored.

Hand Inked Layouts 

Or, how to go mad in 222 easy step. When even the small images have enough texture to break a megabyte, you know you've done wrong.


Threeish months ago, I nabbed the cheap spotify thingy. One of their promo packs. Because I like music, but $10 a month is steep, so I just use spotify when it's $3.33 a month. Or. Something like that.

Morning routine: Pop music on headphones from wherever I left off, if in the mood.

Today, well, in the mood, and don't realize my subscription ran out. Two songs in, and an advert, in advert voice. Let's just say my reaction to adverts on my best day is unkind, and on a bad day?

I just tried to escape my own head, and may have punched myself in the ear trying to get the headphones off. On both sides.

Time to wait another n months to see if Spotify will toss another sale my way, and in the meantime, back to my local collection of weird. I can work with this.

Sleep. Cats. Ohgodswhy. Cakewalk. 

Grinding projects too hard, sleep fail assisting, etc. The usual, except this time, I'm not diving back into projects until I've had more sleep.

Which is why I'm checking out the weird social media maybe-horror that Cakewalk is now associated with. Install social media platform front client to even get Cakewalk?

Let's say I'm super-dubious of this, but I'm also willing to give it a chance.

re: Art Out of Hand 

Need to track down my proper wedged calligraphy brushes and do up a few new laydowns of things. The HT whatsis, some Elder Futhark, and so on. I know they're somewhere, and while I kinda live for the rough trashy wide-brush edges, every now and then I want to see something clean.

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Art Out of Hand 

Or, "I have a couple things I've been meaning to try, and the washes from 20xx something, and OK, let's spin that up like a sane creature."

Yep. I'm happy with these.

And I'm gonna stuff the HT icon image thing right smack in the middle of the second one.

Because there's room.

For a doodle with a bit of math, I had way too much fun with this.

I'm seriously not allowed to do hashtags when sleepy.

YouTube, TOR, "Unusual Traffic." 

Or, "We're blocking TOR." How nice.


With the slightly weird file size requirements, but plenty of storage for 'em. Cool.

*exports 15 years of that type of art prior to upload*

Go go go little export tool.

Best Thing On The Day 

Today it's cool enough to break out my quilted overalls. Such comfort. Such excite. Such pocketses.

Project of Doom is GO 

Package quarantine at the moment, but... yeah. I now have all the pieces to start the single least sane old/new tech crossover I've ever undertaken. No client confirmation on alternate build yet, but even if it ends up just being for me? WIN.

UPS, Health, Packing, Doom, WIN. 

1) UPS phone tree so digitally garbled that it hears its own noise as response from client side and endlessly repeats, "Could you repeat that?" Good job.
2) They crushed, dragged, punctured, and and generally desecrated (with oil and fresh road tar) my poor fragile woodwork package. Which the sender had packed in multiple layers of hard and soft packing - a beautiful job - apparently knowing UPS is prone to this sort of thing.
3) Opened it to check instead of quarantining it because I thought it would be just... dead. And it was fine. So, full self-decontam in the room of not-the-despair, and then further decontam in the shower. Like you do.
4) The actual room of despair has been combined with the weeping closet, because as it turns out spare futon matresses, blankets, and shelves of *safely stored* blades make for a safe sort of sadness.
5) Just step into the weeping closet with a cat, close the door, cover the head with a blanket and a hot water bottle, have a nap. Migraine reducing darkness is a lovely thing.
6) Finished up the packing/storage for all my dry goods, and have three 27 gallon bins left over. Which I think will end up being low-use art supplies storage.
7) Extracted cat from weeping closet after trying to find them up in the attic for ten minutes. Turns out the house is designed to migrate sounds from that closet, so now I know where to traumatize burglars from.

Sneezing, Projects, Fail 

A good morning, but the sneezes have me now. So, automation go, and I'm gonna wander off and observe as my head more or less erupts.

Which means the one interactive project on the day is on hold until this stops, because sneezing into physical archival material is seriously bad form.

My Favorite Kind of Contract 

Merge two maps, match fonts, add elements.

Immediately followed by, "Dear California, your these scans have some truly lovely deformations."

The add elements is just, "Bring the words for the overlaid parts back, and put an AND between the two sections so it looks professional. Not, "Here be dragons," Or summat.

Though I love the dragon requests dearly.

Image Cleanup, Aye Aye / Nope Nope 

In which an otherwise amazing artist has produced the single most horrifying Aye Aye I've ever seen, to the point of stopping for a restorative cup of tea in the middle of a a processing run.

Me: "What the bloody heck is this?"
Aye Aye: *is horrific*
Me: "Nope. I'm out."
Tea: *quite good actually*

Yeah, today is an archival cleanup and conversion day, which - other than the bloody Aye Aye - is one of my favorite relaxing things.

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