Let's face it Lake Ontario is only a great lake due to its proximity to better lakes.

With apologies to British history 

Henry VIII had a door to let his old wife out and a door to let the new wife in.

He was from the Twodoor Dynasty

Do male steampunk automatons have nocturnal CO2 emissions?


Do male steampunk automatons have nocturnal CO2 emissions?


Dishwasher stopped working last week
Water heater stopped working tonight.

I want some old Minecraft mod related stuff that even the Wayback Machine hasn't fully preserved; plants/nature adjacent (slightly); obscure; :boost_ok: 

Hey so...

This is a real long shot. But if anyone knows the person who once maintained 10paksmods.net, or by chance has access to any old copies of those pages, or anything like that, that's something that I think could be really cool to see resurrected, in some form or other.

There were some Minecraft mods (for older versions of course) on there that from the fragments I can still see in the archive.org wayback machine -- which only has a fragmentary, incomplete and partially broken mirror of the site -- look really cool. For example, one mod added a ton of plants to the game! Like, a lotta plants! :blobreach:

I was just able to retrieve a couple of *.jars which I'll try to load later when I can sit at main computer, but IIRC from last time I looked, there might be some other mod files that were completely inaccessible. ...And I figure if there's anywhere I'm present that seems likely to have some tenuous connection to something this specific, obscure and software ish, it's probably here...? Might as well try, anyway.

Anyone looking for an iOS native developer?

(General Programming Skills Assessment Results from Hired)

Boosts appreciated.

For americans: Friday is the last day to get some more free covid tests.


wondering if it was right to take the day off due to insufficient brain and then i hurt myself drinking a can of soda wrong so yes i was right to do that

how did i even do that i do not know

MH and my dealings with it. 

The older I get the more I realize it is best to be honest about my mental state, and environment with others. DO NOT GET EMBARESSED.

Embarrassment leads to hiding/concealing which leads to isolation. Isolation acts as a multiplier to a bad state.

Normal person: I have hired a lawyer on retainer
Developer: We have added Lawyer-As-A-Service to our budget.

Start teaching your older friends and family. Don't answer questions on Facebook. Unless it is asked DIRECTLY by a friend, and not a shared post. (and even then...) JUST 👏 DON'T 👏 DO 👏 IT 👏

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