re: covid (Colorado/Wisconsin/Florida/Louisiana/Portugal estimated doubling over a 7 day moving range )(with bonus washington state) 

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Covid - Anger 

COVID 19 predictions by state. 

I've only seen the first couple seasons, when do Lucy and Ethel finally get together? I can't take the tension!

Covid - CEO encourages dangerous behavior 

Need help in Washington State? Artist, business, worker? Checkout this resource guide .

Help is Available!

I wish the BOINC screensaver for rosetta had a VaporWave theme...

Washingtonians, has COVID19 impacted your work?

Read this to help answer your questions:

Apparently there's a thing going where peuple put teddy bears in their windows, so local kids out for walks during lockdown have something interesting to spot.

Not sure mine would work too well ...

(Plz Share) Greater King County Covid Testing 

Good article of business, government, and Seattle's super wealthy responding to the virus.

This basically explains why the country is lucky to have had Seattle the epicenter of the Corona outbreak. World class medical centers, altruistic wealth, lots of workers who can work from home and an existing social distancing culture.

I kinda wish there was a view of global mastodon which ordered posts similar to the old reddit algorithm. Just as a democratic way for "the cream to rise to the top" in the moment.

I bought some espresso cheese. It is not great.

I also bought some Balsamic cheese. It was okay. Would probably be really good on a salad.

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