Why doesn't Steve Ballmer, as the largest techno-capitalist, simply eat the others?

I am therapeutically self-applying these items at various points throughout the day.

Hey Fediverse:

Please check out my timeline for funny memes, random quizzes to test your knowledge, and music videos from all kinds of genres.

Hi fediverse!!! I have some prints available at


The store is a shop in NY that reached out to me to do on demand prints of my work. Check it out if you're in the market!

15% off code: WALTHERP28

#mastoart #creativetoots #original #deathnote

Wait there are multiple standards for MarkDown recipes. This is why no likes you, computers.

I am making a Recipe folder. Should I used MarkDown or YAML to store my recipes?

MD: recipemd.org/
YAML: open-recipe-format.readthedocs


So hopping on the back of the Wordle craze is Treadle, oec.world/en/tradle/

Which shows a country's exports and you have to guess which country.

I am weirdly good at it.

The famous fight between Burr and Hamilton is of course a reference to Raymond Burr who played Perry Mason who was often at odds with D.A. Hamilton Burger.

Photo of all of the different Fediverse instances and their members

Bootleggers became prominent distillers.

Graffiti artists receive mural commissions.

Hackers become security experts.

Remember kids, crime never pays.

The situation is untenable.
It isn't even nineable.
1-8 also don't look good.

Today I heard Adam Savage describe himself as a , "Recovering man-splainer". Which I can totally see and find hilarious.

Related. Does anyone know where I could borrow a 1/4 5 tape reel reader of some kind? These were made long before my time and I have no experience with them.

We think it's either a recording from a control room, or an interview with someone.

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Trying to remember that one German metal band. With the Furries? Their whole vibe is like Catholic Warewolves? Anyone know what I am talking about?

Ok, fediverse fam, I have a question!

In your opinion, what is currently the best Star Trek to introduce to folks that have never seen Star Trek and why? Any reason, any caveat.

Boosts welcome.

I got some household chores done, and went grocery shopping. I helped my wife deal with her mental health issues and try to be productive. I think I have an hour to relax before bed.

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