I am a Seattleite, born and raised. Have been since I moved here at the age of 4.

I feel dumb for not knowing this, but what is this logo from? (Specifically the green shape on the left.)

1. @JoeBiden has a twitch stream
2. Right now it's showing the back of his train with lo-fi beats as it cruises through America
3. You're welcome


Microwaveable food directions be like:
Cook in Microwave for 30 seconds
Cook in the Oven for 30 days.

After 50 years the United Methodist church is finally considering changing its symbol for being inadvertently racist. See image:

The title of my self help books is, "Do nothing while being productive!"


One of my students used a generalized additive model (GAM) in their dissertation a couple of years ago, and since then I've kept going back to the method (which I don't use) trying to think of a potential use case over other approaches.

Given the significant overfitting concerns, I haven't found a single potential application in my fields (it's pretty rare in the literature). Does anyone else see GAMs applied in their specialties?

Relatable. Not with Reddit but, I have a series of tools designed to break bad social media habits.

This website is actually part of that toolset for me. I'm not on here everyday, but when I get on here, it helps me get past the compulsion to scroll and post shit without going back to evil Techlord.

I get out of this more quickly because no one's designed it to keep me here.

"Expect the mistakes because you are going to make them. If you try and avoid them you will fail and you will further feel like a failure because you tried to avoid them and failed to avoid them. Your are never going to avoid them."

~Adam Savage

I am watching April & The Extraordinary World for the first time. It leaves Netflix next month.

Supreme court shit post. 

With Ginsberg's passing the Supreme Court is now ruthless.

Let's talk about FLEX,
And all the swole things,
and the strong things,
That May-Bee

Bar Mitvahh and Bat Mitvah are just late gender reveal parties but you already know that outcome.

"Jesus loves me, this I know.
He tells me when I'm lifting, bro."

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