Spent my 4th of July protesting, getting screamed at, and screaming back. I've lost my voice but I still got my signs

Fuck America and fuck you if you want to argue that

This is Meeko. Every time I do something remotely witchy she wants to be a part of it. Today she wants to learn how to read palms.

The place that offered me less than I told them just told me to appreciate I only had 2 interviews
HAHAHAHAH OHHHHH honey youre fucking dead now

If you're going to put me through several interviews after I told you what I wanted salary wise AND THEN TRY TO NEGOTIATE LOWER, CONSIDER YOURSELF DEAD TO ME. Stop wasting my 🀬 time


Tbh I've has 3 really good mentors in my career. One of them helped me start it, one of them helped me grow my skills, and one of them helped me with confidence and becoming a superhero(villain). The last one is @thegibson and I'm just so glad I got to work for iron man and be taught by him

*wheeze* I didn't know @Medus4 was on here. I gotta cover some shit up oh God oh God

Just added some fun forensics tips and tricks to my github

I miss my malware lab laptop πŸ₯Ί I left it at my house while I do training at IACIS. I wish I brought it I got so much shit I want to build and play with

If anyone else is at the IACIS training conference lesssssss goooooo

What NCIS and Criminal Minds gets wrong about hackers working with the feds is how isolating it is to be the hacker among feds.

Plus if a lead doesn't take the compliment well because you're below them, then they can fuck off and now you know who they are

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I think it's important to compliment your leads on what you think they did really well and the qualities you appreciate. They do the same for us and I think feedback like that reinforces behavior.

Trying to explain to non-Autistic people why I make noises and throw my arms around is difficult.
It happens and I don't notice it happening and even though I look "normal" I'm not making fun of "r's" (a word that is hideous and will not be used)

Not hacking related. But I love it when I get to the end of the laundry pile while cleaning laundry and I can see the floor again.
Depression win 🌈

Elon, student debt, :birdsite: 

Elon Musk is much closer to Lex Luther than Tony Stark πŸ¦Ήβ€β™‚οΈ

RT @hunterwalk@twitter.com

with the money Elon Musk spent to buy twitter shares, he could have given every American family $100,000 and still had enough left over to cancel all student debt

πŸ¦πŸ”—: twitter.com/hunterwalk/status/

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