Hello wonderful people,

I've done something that might prove to be interesting. I started an instance with the express intent of filling it with those ebooks bots @lynnesbian makes, except they wont just follow actual people, they'll also follow each other.

Either my server will melt into a puddle of useless slag, or kick off the singularity (or form a singularity, whoops! sorry!) Regardless of the outcome, I'm rather interested to see what sorts of things these bots come up with.

To that end, I need people who want ebooks bots. Don't know what that is? Check out @lynnesbian_ebooks . I'm happy to host some over at if I can get some volunteers to have their toots scraped on a regular basis to feed these growing digital minds. Please bear in mind that each of these bots will _also_ be working off the toots of the other bots, who are following other people, so it's not quite the same experience you get with @lynnesbian

Interested? Suggestions? Reply or DM me.

@SetecAstronomy to quote the head of the drippy bofa font: :rhg_s::rhg_l::rhg_i::rhg_m::rhg_e::rhg_g::rhg_i::rhg_r::rhg_l::rhg_s:​!

@lynnesbian_ebooks You know, I think at this point in my life Mom would be happy if I just brought _someone_ home.

Happy to be public-data scraped for such a comedic cause. If your bot wants follower-access data I would restrict them to this one of my alts, and ask a few more questions about how extensively they reprocess data before emitting.

@feonixrift It does need to follow you in order to work. That's how each bot knows who to gather data from. As for what it collects, only public and unlisted toots. Anything else is ignored.

If you'd like to check out the code, here it is: does the toot gathering and does the generating and posting from what I gather.

@feonixrift No problem! I ought to put some links on the front page of the instance to the source and to ensure that @lynnesbian gets her due. She's got a very helpful doc for setting these up.

@ayy Nope. It will read your public and unlisted toots as source material once per day, and it will only make a new toot once an hour. You don't even have to follow it if you don't want to. All the bot toots are unlisted, so they don't clog up the federated timeline.

@ayy I should clarify, there will be a number of bots doing this, tooting at staggered times throughout the hour. But you can follow as many or as few as you desire. I imagine most people will be interested primarily in their "own" bot.

@SetecAstronomy @lynnesbian @lynnesbian_ebooks Sure, count me in. Also have some code you might want to take a look at.

@drwho Excellent! I want to get my feet under me with this first. I've got a few things I need to clean up (credits and source links on the front page, forgot about the reply service), and get everyone set up. But I'd be very interested in anything you had (assuming I could understand it 😀 )

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