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Just found a whole batch of people languishing in my Follow queue.

Locals should drop me a line when following so I can approve. Not currently accepting outside follows.

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? But I never did ...

I'm a weird guy who decided to base his profile on the movie Sneakers. I love technology, probably more than is healthy. My interests tend to revolve in a cycle but in the spirit of I try to keep it to infosec and general internet nerdery.

I live with a migraine 24/7 so don't be surprised to see the occasional related toot.

Fun STA Fact #4 (collect them all!): A Canadian goose once attempted to carjack me.

Not sure why my Mint Window Manager / i3wm hack quit working suddenly. At the time I was happy to be back to a non-tiling WM but now, not so much.

Sometimes I hate computers.

re: Shouting at Windows 

Because the FREAKING INSTALLER uninstalled the old version and never installed the new one.

*screams and breaks things*

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Shouting at Windows 

Freaking Windows, I installed the latest PowerToys update, which closed PowerToys. And now when I search for it in the start menu (by typing the name) it just finds me the installer in my downloads, web searches, etc.


Struggling to make a plan for this floppy disk gripping/loading mechanism

So much for $3 lights. Need a $13 48v PSU for em if I don't want to burn the place down with the included PSU.

Still. All told it's cheaper than most anything else I looked at for this application.

I was so hoping they'd be closer to 12v, but there's just not a way to rearrange things in there.

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Ah. The supply output is marked "24-52v" (or something like that) but actually it's putting out 48v when loaded (it puts out a LOT more unloaded).

Time to go see what's in the PSU bin.

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To be clear, I would never hook the included power supply up permanently. Or even unattended. I opened the cover and looked inside and the assembly quality terrifies me. Not to mention the utter lack of parts. Or the lack of separation between HV and LV sides. Or you know, any precaution we like to pretend our electronics have taken to avoid burning our residence down.

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Trying to decide if it's worth hooking up the frighteningly under-engineered power supply that came with this LED light fixture in order to test if the fixture really works or not. My attempts to provide my own power supply are proving inadequate. I suspect the issue is lack of voltage.

Popped the cover off the fixture, verified that it is in fact a complete circuit (whole thing is made on flexible tape, and I was concerned that it got overly trimmed and a trace got cut off, but somehow that didn't happen, they were so, so close though).

$3 for two versus $50 each, I'm not surprised I need to mess with them.

Quick model today, Dad asked for a drop-in holder to use dowels as curtain rods. Took about 10 minutes. I love

Still needs some of the dimensions dialed in, but since the whole thing is parametric, that's a piece of cake.

Depending on the feedback I get from him, I might make the sides of the rod holder higher, but that would make it about twice as complex, so I hadn't bothered yet.

Actually, the spec does not cover positioning of connectors for floppy or IDE. They do however have the info for SATA (and a few other "newer" technologies), which I've wondered where to get (though I can't for the life of me remember why). So that'll be handy some day. Maybe.

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Huh. The SFF-8300 and SFF-8301specifications for 3.5" floppy drives only cover the chassis size, screw holes, and connectors. The exact positioning of the floppy door, eject button, indicator LED all seem to be entirely up to the manufacturer.


Yeaaah.... it was barely adhered to the bed. As soon as it even started to cool (a minute maybe, two at the most) it lifted off with no resistance at all.

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Heh. First time trying to print with a raft and I cranked the speed all the way up. In hindsight that probably wasn't the best move.

*cancel print*

Ah crud... I think I sliced this upside down and thus it needs supports, which I may not have enabled...

Times I remember I want to properly clean the bed on the 3D printer: after it's started or completed heating.

There's always next time...

Carbon Based Lifeforms is awesome, but I am seriously digging the track Equilibrium right now.

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