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Just found a whole batch of people languishing in my Follow queue.

Locals should drop me a line when following so I can approve. Not currently accepting outside follows.

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? But I never did ...

I'm a weird guy who decided to base his profile on the movie Sneakers. I love technology, probably more than is healthy. My interests tend to revolve in a cycle but in the spirit of I try to keep it to infosec and general internet nerdery.

I live with a migraine 24/7 so don't be surprised to see the occasional related toot.

Fun STA Fact #4 (collect them all!): A Canadian goose once attempted to carjack me.

I ordered a connector as the most spoon-economical way to troubleshoot a weird bit of tech for Mom's school. It's been sitting here forgotten for months and I needed to do *something* with it.

The connector seemed a bit overpriced, but nobody had a better deal on it so whatever. It was still in the range I was willing to sink into this troubleshooting project.

Well, it arrived today. Or more correctly, all 10 of them arrived today. The price makes a lot more sense now. I just might have to order a set of the mating connectors, otherwise what else am I going to do with them all?

Fooled around with a Nextion HMI thingy today. Just enough to do a Hello, World! and make sure I could capture button presses. It works!

I had to give up on Wine and use a virtual machine. The software just refuses to compile a project under wine with no useful error. Just "Not implemented" or some such.

Formatting the microSD card was ... interesting. Somewhere I read it wants FAT. Sure no problem, that's what this old 1GB card is already. Nope, wait, it doesn't work. Oh. It's FAT16. OK, fine *formats as FAT32*. Nope, now it hangs when I try to update via microSD. It *has* to be formatted on a Windows PC.

I hate technology.

Hadn't had the spoons to surf the timeline today. Sorry all. Maybe tomorrow.

Came so close to having enough spoons to futz around with this Nextion HMI thingy today.

Got the software for designing the layouts running under Wine. Found a python library to talk to the device. Just ran out of gas before I could go scrounge up a Pi and actually hook the thing up.

Next time.

Some jackass left the stereo set to use the desk speakers, and left the remote on the desk.

One day I'll find the nerve to kick myself out and get a more considerate roommate.

Time for a battered Setec to start winding down.

I may not have been able to move much on the outside today, but @djsundog and @nowplaying kept my soul moving.

Silly question: What file was I trying to access before I went down the winding road of troubleshooting SSHFS?

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"It still doesn't work and I can't figure out why!"

Because it's in `fstab` and that means root is mounting it, not my local user.


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(Hint: There's only one person on this network who uses SSH)

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"Why are all my SSHFS mounts broken?"

Because *someone* got it in their head to lock down SSH on the server a bit more and as a result the fingerprint changed...

I was trying to (re)calibrate e-steps on my printer, but I just haven't the energy to keep getting up and measuring stuff.

I forgot what I was doing because I got sidetracked with this blasted monitor.

At some point long ago, there was a combo 21" monitor/Android tablet on sale for a pretty good price. I was pretty deep into Android at the time, so I got it. Silly me, it was already running an older version of Android and so it wasn't the most useful, but it was interesting and it always worked as a monitor/touchscreen at least.

As time progressed the Android side of it got crankier and crankier. Apps constantly crashing. When it would do anything you'd be inundated with error messages, etc. It was getting to the point where it was tying up the processor enough that the OSD to switch back to the monitor wasn't always responding. Which would be fine, except that if the thing loses video input, it switches to Android...

So today I got fed up and started uninstalling/disabling *everything.*

It suddenly rebooted on me. Twice.

I think maybe the flash memory is on it's way out.

Sure is tempting to pop the cover and try and figure out what switches the display between modes so I can just hard-wire it for HDMI and be done with it. Except that I suspect my chances of doing so are slim at best.

I need to find something else to do. FreeCAD might be able to run OpenSCAD code, but it's implementation of the OpenSCAD `import()` can't handle SVG files and that's breaking my current project.

Rather than spiral down a hole of pain, I just need to go do something else for a while. But what? Printer tuning I guess. Ugh. I've been putting that off...


I should not have to tell you people to clap your hands.

It should be so funky it just does it all by itself.

Fooling around in today. While intimidating, having tried a tutorial a couple of times I can now at least make a box.

Not sure if you can tell from the image, but the front face is rounded outwards a bit.

Sure is easier to do things like that, and add fillets, than it is in OpenSCAD (which I do love).

And by replacing them, I mean they keep sending replacements and we have a growing pile of broken ones that we dare not do anything with lest they suddenly go "heeey, wait a minute, we DO want all those back"

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Mom's third laminator has arrived.

Honestly, at this point, I'm surprised they keep replacing them.

If only I could summon the spoons to set it up and see if this one smokes out of the box or if maybe it'll work...

mutters about refurbs not being properly refurb'd

Dog is happy that Mom has teacher work day and thus is home. But Dog is also used to sleeping until Mom gets home in the afternoon. So Dog is currently asleep on my bed, exhausted from the extra interaction.

Want to work on thing, but brain can't tune out Mom's meeting. Can't put on headphones or close door because I'm her tech support, need to be able to hear her call if something goes wrong.

Welp. I might have figured out what was wrong with my math. At least I figured out a thing that was wrong with my math.

I was assuming right-triangles for everything and then promptly using the functions I made on triangles that were not right-triangles.

I wonder what else I screwed up...

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