TFW you wake up feeling worse than when you went to bed.

🎶 #np: "Weird Al" Yankovic - It's All About That Bass - Postmodern Jukebox into my field of listening, but thank you! ♥

We're sailing with good speed today! Waters seem calm enough to just watch the world burn... I'm mainly just bored.

Sitting in the doctor's office. The free WiFi is blocking my VPN _and_ SSH.

Freedom hating bastards.

Terrible idea: An instance where everyone is a Minion (the yellow kind)

I should be doing things, but spoons are so low this morning. Breakfast just wiped me out.

I'm thinking about bot names. I've got a decent number of people who are interested in having one. But what do I name all these new bots?

I could name them after the person who requested them, with some sort of designation like ella_kane-ebooks, but I'm not really a fan of that one.

I could ask each individual to name their bot, but that will take a while and I really want to knock this out ASAP.

I could name them after their serial numbers, but meh, that's so boring.

At the moment I think my best bet is random names "generated" from the US Census data. I already have the data from another project and the names are surprisingly diverse. It's not a great solution, but it gets them named quickly and doesn't require me to be clever at a time when I'm not feeling clever.

🤖 📣 Attention humans:

Your interest in has been noted. At present our systems are running at a reduced feature set. Please take note that the "Reply" feature is not functional at this time. Any messages directed at any of the denizens of will be ignored until the failure can be rectified and full operations are restored.

Please watch this space for future announcements regarding this failure or any other topic that may concern your slow, mortal minds.

One of the more annoying features of my migraine induced brain underclocking is that I have a tendency to reuse words in a sentence. Real example from a moment ago:

"does the gathering, ... from what I gather."

This is not the first time, and unlikely to be the last, but it annoys me. I used to think I did a fairly decent job at communicating clearly and now I'm just spouting the same nonsense over and over.

Ok, so maybe it's not _that_ bad. But it is frustrating to find cases like that, where I rushed and skipped the proof read.

Hello wonderful people,

I've done something that might prove to be interesting. I started an instance with the express intent of filling it with those ebooks bots @lynnesbian makes, except they wont just follow actual people, they'll also follow each other.

Either my server will melt into a puddle of useless slag, or kick off the singularity (or form a singularity, whoops! sorry!) Regardless of the outcome, I'm rather interested to see what sorts of things these bots come up with.

To that end, I need people who want ebooks bots. Don't know what that is? Check out @lynnesbian_ebooks . I'm happy to host some over at if I can get some volunteers to have their toots scraped on a regular basis to feed these growing digital minds. Please bear in mind that each of these bots will _also_ be working off the toots of the other bots, who are following other people, so it's not quite the same experience you get with @lynnesbian

Interested? Suggestions? Reply or DM me.

@ella_kane Where's the jester's cap? Cause I'm not making myself look very good here.

Everything works fine. I just need to actually _read the output_ and not skim over it.

It's time for a very liberal application of the print statement. 🐛

Why are my bots not processing toots from my other bots...

We like to talk about the seedy underbelly of the internet being dark net sales of cheap meth and fake assassination sites, but the real seedy behavior is by large companies that prey on the lives of our children, creating shadow profiles for even the youngest of them. Everything from their apps to photos posted with parental love, data mined by AI for sinister ends -- How to trap our children in the unyielding web of dopamine slavery, clicking links in a proverbial field of advertising.

Or maybe it's just me.

Hmm. VPN works, but DNS is not flowing via VPN. I could have sworn when I tested with my phone it was.

If Androids dream of electric sheep, what happens when Inception meets the Singularity?

Ever since I reinstalled Mint, the trackpad on my mouse as redefined the scroll area to be miniscule. I'm not really sure how to fix this, but it's nearly impossible to use.

Enough fediverse for one night. I'm just gonna go pass out in this corner over here...

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