@yhancik @RadicalEdward the world was better when realplayer was a thing, prove me wrong

@RadicalEdward Das Mikro hatte ich auch!!! War bei meinem Packard Bell PC dabei! 😝

Missing realplayer craps 🥺
During the 00s, instead, we used to broadcast a local webtv until YouTube and Twitch was invented. We hosted daily programs rotating videos of local indie music bands and demential artists. A weekly live event from the "studioes" and just two live concerts streamed with 256k ADSL in two different venues 😆

@RadicalEdward that application could only record for like 60 seconds.

@polychrome @RadicalEdward at a time right? I think you could keep recording at the end and it would extend the “track”

I am missing the picture of the sound card bundled with the microphone... 🤣

@leyrer With included CD-ROM interface! For three incompatible CD-ROM drives!

That's a lot of chips and capacitors. I didn't believe it was a soundcard at first glance.

@RadicalEdward @steppl
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