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New townies, new !

Just a fellow technomancer screaming into the void.

Posting about privacy, the dystopia of big tech and utopian small tech, cyberpunk, embedded/low-level stuff, retro computing, other arcane bits.

Restricting follow, will approve if you got an avi and some toots and don't seem like a total ghoul.

Tend to follow those that interact often enough, or are interesting, and aren't a firehose of toots.

Auto follow approval and follow back for townies.

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Ed will introduce Ed. Full name; Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Trivusky the 4th.

Ed made it up, you know. Nice to meet you!

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If you're good at something, ̶n̶e̶v̶e̶r̶ ̶d̶o̶ ̶i̶t̶ ̶f̶o̶r̶ ̶f̶r̶e̶e̶ do it for free, destroy capitalism, build a community.

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Tech enthusiast: "I want smart lights, smart tv, everything, and connect them all to my digital assisstant!"

Tech worker: *looks wistfully into distance* "I should get a small place in a little town, with a garden, make my own furniture."


Shit flows down, so as low person am the one stuck attending calls, but only questions are for higher ups so only contributions is saying dont know, will follow up with people that skipped this call

Today as you injest your stimulant to recover from last night's run on the megacorp, jacking in to the warm glow of pixels being flung at your mirror-shade covered eyes,

Try to remember the true meaning of Cyber Monday.

ed, just appreciating the cold quiet of the night

neighbor: JEEZ sorry didn't expect to see a figure just standing still out here


Hi book people! Read anything good lately?

Local (or just personal?) favorite Cory Doctorow recently put out latest book set in Little Brother universe, called Attack Surface. Follow character Masha from the first two Little Brother novels.

Recent read 88 Names. It's like Ready Player One, except doesn't have the retro nerd dick measuring. Found out it's by the guy that wrote Lovecraft Country!

who called it a hell thread and not an advanced persistent thread

What the jazz? Try to attach a pic to a toot and Android asks if want to allow to record audio? It is firefox nightly, could be some weird update

hrm, have this thing where something to feel bad about associates with something else which might even be a good thing, then get that bad feel when around good thing, enough that when not feeling bad about original bad thing the vague bad feeling remains around good thing. would like to shake that

but also random things get associated with other things? think of a certain video game when walking certain places (never played the game there), or think of a friend while making coffee (never had coffee with that friend)

Coelescing around certain sounds, right now Baths, Ultraista, and the algorithm is making a mistake by not including The Hundred in the Hands. Maybe some Phantogram.

spotify algorithm spitting out chill electronic which is, yeah ok

pretty sure people can see the rocking out to Lightning Bolt while vacuuming the living room??

egh, Hillbilly Elegy now a movie? with Glenn Close and Amy Adams as a drug addict, obvious Oscar bait.

The original book didn't seem that great either. First of all the guy never lived in Appalachia. Sure, a rough start to life, but MIddletown Ohio is like 1/2 hour away from Cincinnati and Dayton.

And the book talks how these people are basically in poverty because they chose. Which makes sense to have the pull-self-up-by-bootstraps attitude when this guy became a hedge fund manager after going to Yale, bet that's exactly what this guy thinks employees of companies he's extracting value from should do when they get fired.

If you want to cleanse your palate after that or get a better idea, try the book What You Are Getting Wrong about Appalachia which explains the intentional systemic poverty.

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