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"Yellow? Hi this is Mnhmhhmhm and I would like to report a gaiter that is eating my hair, my face, and everything around me.... Yeah I'll hold"" 

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I got some sunburn today, so I've tried on some new attire just now and it seems effective and looks totally cute! :blobhearteyesa:​ [might delete later]

side note: I've turned into the kind of person who formats usb thumb drives as ext4 nowadays. the tyranny of closed-source operating systems and their sub-standard filesystem fetishes no longer have any hold on me. I am freeeeeeee

Tomorrow is the EFF's 30th anniversary, and they're having a livestream!

These guys have been fighting for my digital rights since I was a snotnose kid hacking around on DOS BBSes. Party!

Also give them money. They're running a membership special:

Also also: Boost this. The internet would be a lot shittier if it weren't for these guys.

@Mnemonic @ryen My reaction to that lately has been acceptance I've been a hot-take-filled-idiot-monster on and off for nearly 50 years now, it's not going to change easily, and writing it down is just debugging output. Accepting those facts and that being made uncomfortable by what I've said means that I know I can do better. Rather than retreat, I just think of how to change and break it into steps - pretty much like any other kind of troubleshooting.

Pulling this out of my Jopin "to review" archive. This is a great article and worth the read.

If you're at all on the fence about journalling (online or off), give this a read:

A roomba accidently summons a demon by sucking up a piece of chalk and drives in a sacred geometry pattern.

“look,” i say to jeff bezos. he is tied to a chair. duct tape covers his mouth and fear bulges in his eyes. “we are going to end scarcity. we can do it the easy way or the hard way, and that is up to you.”

Electric cars 

is it just me or does it seem like whenever a millionaire makes a donation it's to a charity that no one has ever heard of?

Is there a reason I don't see boosts in Local TL?

It's time to tackle this mountain of stuff in the corner that supposedly has a chair buried under it.

I'm already questioning every decision in life that has led me to this point.

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