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PSA: Windows 7 end of support means: Scavenge all the 'old' computers! It be raining computing devices (prolly also a lot of data because newbs) which can be transformed with a single USB to a fully fledged linux workstation! i3-i5 intels for the grabs, if you're lucky i7!
Think: Companies, Libraries, Schools and Most of all Government institutes (they prolly be dumping their XP boxes and having a hard day finding out that their new integrated systems now function on 7 and need 5 years + millions to get to run on 10)

Free!!!! OEH! and if you're really lucky, they be thinking that they need new monitors too, because of win10 :blobcatgooglytrash:

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I got some sunburn today, so I've tried on some new attire just now and it seems effective and looks totally cute! :blobhearteyesa:​ [might delete later]

:tardis:​ The Doctor meets Tesla (The cool one: Nikola)

One of the Old Hackers (OH) :heart_cyber:

What shell do you use/prefer in your GNU/Linux system?

(Please share to spread the word. And if you want comment your answer. Thanks a lot)

looking for work, boosts okay 

I hear this all the time:

"I'm a nobody; why would anyone want to hack me?"

I've got six reasons for you:

  1. You have money.
  2. You have good credit.
  3. You were randomly chosen.
  4. You pissed off the wrong person.
  5. Your friend or family members pissed off the wrong person.
  6. You put yourself out there as an online entrepreneur, Twitch streamer, YouTuber, etc.

If you think no one would ever try to hack you, you need this episode.

There's going to be a live YouTube Premier of this episode at YourSecure.Life/2 at 5 PM Eastern US time.

If you're not seeing this post until after that time, don't can still watch it. Any time, anywhere. Just go to the website.

There is also an audio version (it is a podcast afterall) and a text version of the transcripts, if you're more into reading.

Citrix traffic jams (yes real cars) in The Hague
:blobcatgooglytrash:​ That's what I call: a remote problem.

Color out of Space (2019) Is Definitely worth a watch if you like the Lovecraft story, Nicholas Cage or 'The Thing'... it's really a unholy combo of the three and more, just woooow. :black_sparkling_heart:

Especially in the beginning I really got a "meh this is going to be some mediocre crap", boy did I get schooled! :k_whoa:

Color Out of Space (2019) not really a spoiler observation 


i just want the internet to know it's been >1 year that i've been without corporate social media or apps on my phone and i recently bought a skillet (i never cook or watch cooking videos/shows), which i texted my friend about (iphone, supposedly e2e encrypted). And now youtube, for which i don't have an account is presenting skillet recipe videos to me #latecapitalism


Good news is, the flick it self generally runs (at fully random times) throughout the week, so if you miss it, it's not like you can't watch it (even if you don't have it and don't feel like downloading it), and hit the # so there it is... Ideally more during the event is better but m, we all have lives. ;)

@ella_kane @Mnemonic

I hope that David Cronenberg produces a Phillip K. Dick movie adaptation before he retires.

gross (ish) 

:WeAreNameless:​ Damn! This was quite the movie. I'm still dizzy, everyone! :ablobcathappypaws:

Thanks to @Mnemonic for suggesting it and hosting today's #WeAreNameless session.

And to #OTV for doing its thing over at and supporting this idea.

Mnemonic will take the reigns over WAN from today on.

Thank you very much for making WAN what it is rn, everyone! :C_H:

Thanks to all the peeps :HalfTheFedi:​ for joining in the watching.

#OTV thanks for the streaming for the ones who were without copy ! Over 5K streaming! :k_whoa:

A big Thank you to @ella_kane for #WeAreNameless at all!

Awwww yeah cool movie! Cheers, @ella_kane and crew for the steady announcements, and for hosting the sync!

:WeAreNameless: #WeAreNameless :WeAreNameless:
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