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I got some sunburn today, so I've tried on some new attire just now and it seems effective and looks totally cute! :blobhearteyesa:​ [might delete later]

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That was good use of the 1 second you can show boos.

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First they come for the hackers...


(okay, hackers were like a few thousand down the list)

I remember watching this scene and shitting mah pants

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It's been a fun year with !

Thank you to @ella_kane for keeping this all going :WeAreNameless::hacker:

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#WeAreNameless, get readyyyyyyy! :ameowbongo:

:WeAreNameless: We're watching Hackers at 22:00 UTC!

That's 3 minutes from the moment of this toot! :blobaww:

:WeAreNameless: If you don't have a copy of the movie then #OTV at shall be your best friend today! :blobblush:

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Ascending to broadcast level :k_whoa:
Public toots standardized :blobastonished:
Movie watch machine ready :blobcatpirate1fluid:
Toot Machine got an extra keyboard ⌨️​
Tea, already cooling down, I have a wicked way with tea, don't ask and I don't gross you out 🧐​
Snacks, missing, because the TimeCounter is TOO DAMN HIGH to be snacking on a sunday :blobcatgooglytrash:
Confessions to make, 1, Never watched it in it's entirety ⚰️​

:WeAreNameless:​ : checked and ready, timer set, and now, we, wait... :blob_dizzy_face:

22:00 UTC so +- 2 hours!

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You know what would be cool

A history channel that shows history shows

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