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Wait did a quarter of my life just passed ?
The next 2 should be the interesting ones.
Lets hope for the best.

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#mastoadmin tip for ya'll. when you're doing a #fediblock of just block as mastodon will also block all of it's subdomains.



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Trump's new social network is preparing to launch... look familiar?

I advise you get on blocking the below domains.

You knew it was going to happen.

Boost it far and wide!

I have a very specific question about computer science research.

I am interested in HPC. In my uni, there is a lot of research about schedulers, memory flow across an entire system, etc... But what I'd like to do would be more at the node level.
To try to be more precise, I'd like to study OS designed for the smol computers inside the big one.
Do you know anyone/anywhere that would do this kind of things ?
For now, I asked multiple professors and they all said : "well I dont know. Not in france at least". I tried looking on the Wired but I couldn't find anything relevant yet.
A bit of a bottle to the sea but this sometimes goes a long way.
(RT appriciated ofc)

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A casual reminder that @Framasoft almost exclusively lives on donations.

Do you value their technical work: @peertube, @mobilizon and many smaller contributions to various projects?

Do you value their fantastic social work which encourages citizens and organisations to emancipate themselves from bad actors?

Then you can support their work financially on !

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Btw. are there any people livestreaming stuff they do with their homelab?

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Me : lets do public research. I should be somehow protected from wild capitalism there.

French government : lets transform our great system into something profit oriented.

fuck capitalism, really.

Guy in my class : cybersecurity enthusiast, perma hoodie on, matrix crack codes tattooed in in eyes, sql master,etc...

Uses windows 10.

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Does anyone have any recommendations on books about compilers architecture? I've read good things about Engineering a compiler, by Cooper and Torczon, and also read that the dragon book is a bit outdated.

Boosts welcome.

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I wish I could tell her all this. But every time I try to I feel like I shouldn't do this. She has to work so much more than me for a way worse result, she been through so much more than me. I just can't bother her with this.

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every evening I tell myself that it will pass with the night. It does. Every night. But...

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How can I be so cheered up, lively and just happy during the day only to have all that taken away when I go to sleep.
Dunno actually what the problem is. I am happy and fullfiled most of the time. I am so lucky for the life I have. It just keeps hitting harder and harder every evening.

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Mastodon, toi qui connait beaucoup de choses, j'aurai besoin de ton aide pour retrouver une musique via son clip:

le type passe son temps à taper des antennes rateau sur un toit d'immeuble.
Je ne sais plus si c'est la même musique, en tout cas le même artiste: il est dans la mer et il tape l'eau pour que ça éclabousse.

C'est un peu vieux, ça doit dater des 80's, c'est un peu ringard, mais j'aimerai la réentendre :)
merci pour votre aide!

#Musique #Clip #80's

Please let people point their "gender" field to whatever address in memory they want.


talking with that girl sometimes goes to weird things out of context.

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question. I'm looking for source code to an interrupt-driven serial driver for a NS16550 UART chip, preferably in C.

Would anyone in the embedded or early PC software development worlds have any leads? I looked high and low, and couldn't find anything. It's almost as if this UART design has mysteriously vanished from the face of the planet.


Boosts welcome.

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