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qualified or not, it looks like I’m the one to review popular apps for privacy issues at my company.

I’m pretty sure I’ll get to publish my findings so watch here for those.

> is set to auto-renew in 7 days

> Your domain registration for will automatically renew in 7 days, for one additional year. This is just a friendly reminder. You don't need to take any action.

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Java downloads now come bundled with Tiktok.

ERLite-3 Quick Start Guide

> Installation Requirements
> Drill with a 6 mm drill bit (for wall-mounting)

dude, i like you but not enough to mount you to the wall.

you're going to hang by your ethernet like all the other SOHO trash.

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visual studio build tools container 

# escape=`
ADD C:\docker\visualstudio.release.chman
ADD C:\docker\vs_buildtools.exe
COPY .vsconfig C:\docker\.vsconfig
RUN C:\docker\vs_buildtools.exe --quiet --wait --norestart --nocache `
    --channelUri C:\docker\visualstudio.release.chman `
    --installChannelUri C:\docker\visualstudio.release.chman `
    --config "C:\docker\.vsconfig" `
    --installPath C:\msvc
RUN setx path "%path%;C:\msvc\MSBuild\Current\Bin"

.vsconfig is generated with the visual studio graphical installer.

When you select your packages you can export it as a file.

you can't see california without marlon brando's eyes

Hrm, that Flipper Zero is cool but what if I put a bigger radio on it?
What if I had a lot of money to put a bigger radio on it?

if I write a perl script at a hackathon is it called a `perl jam`?

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homegrown golden oyster mushrooms, Pleurotus citrinopileatus.

materialized views are kinda scary

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since when did windows drop rtf support?

i want more default unix aliases in powershell.

this looks neat for a nice all in one radio hacker portable

usually i'd point people to the bread board platforms but given how plug and play those are they might as well be this.

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Why wearing cone-shaped metal hats is a bad idea. 

What the hell, [python]( Yet another project configuration file?

oh can I finally delete keybase from my phone?

dreams and reality are the same, subjectively.

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