simulation theory is boring
who cares if we're in a simulation? it doesn't change the fact that if there are gods we should kill them

NFT, Funny 

OpenSea went down.

Hellbird's new feature was based on OpenSea.

Decentralization is awesome.

@Jetengineweasel Whoa, freaky to see that domain again so soon - just blocked them on our main mail server based on the junk they were sending. So yeah, strongly agree! *Plonk* 'em from orbit, it's the only way to be sure.

Here's one example that I think still shines through: he brought a philosophy where character sprites are paper-dolled to create many expressions, so they could change on every single line, even if it was just minor—that way the girls felt like they were animated.

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Saw someone repeatedly saying "codex" instead of "codec" and I think we should just switch to that, it sounds a lot cooler

Go ahead and blackhole * for being shitty spamming assholes.

If you care about disasters but you haven’t done NIMS 100, you’re under-equipped.

Is there an alternative to Google Scholar that respects software freedom and privacy?

Sharing is very appreciated.

It should be a scholar search engine that collects papers and journals from Arxiv, Doaj, PLOS, universities' repositories etc. in one. I see that we need this alternative for academic, education and scientific purposes.

Thank you in advance.

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Pride flags and thin $COLOR line flags have at their roots the same instinct. This is not a value judgement.

@Jetengineweasel It's like the more you pay for something the more money they assume you have in your budget for support contracts...

Frustratingly they might be right. Still infuriating.

And yeah, there was another vendor that sold a device for $650 that actually worked so now I just tell everyone to get that. In my department of hundreds of researchers.

“Yeah we charge for support calls, we’re not a charity”
Motherfucker if your business model is contingent on your customers paying for you to support your shitty product then that’s not their problem

Installing an always on camera on your front door facing your neighborhood that sends data to corps and cops is fucked up. Hope this offends

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the 'introduction to #uxn programming' ebook is now published! you can get it in #epub, #gempub and #mobi formats! :tealheart:

by buying the book, you help to support @compudanzas and our projects!

thank you @neauoire @alderwick @exquisitecorp, merveilles and the #uxn community, for your support, encouragement and inspiration for this project! :merveilles:


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@guerrillarain not app-exclusive at all, you can download them and read them wherever. And there's loads DRM-free but again, it depends on the publisher. If a big publisher says 'I want DRM' then the ebook seller cannot strip it. As an example, I think every book I've read from Tor there had no DRM.

Sometimes I think about Rural Telephone Lines, How To Build Them, published by Montgomery Ward circa 1900.

It’s effectively an ad for their telephones and telephone equipment, but it’s also an interesting look at how people deployed their own telephone systems in their rural communities. (Note that there’s no talk of switching in this brochure, either - these lines were, as far as I can tell, just independent party lines, that if anyone wanted to talk, they’d end up ringing every phone on the line. AFAIK it was a thing that these lines could end up getting tied into the PSTN at some point, but that seems to be out of the scope of this brochure.)


Spent the entire day in bed sick, watching American dad and drinking Gatorade, why didn’t I have this when I was in high school???


i think i have pretty substantial quibbles with, like, moxie's whole way of thinking about things, but this was worth the read:

"However, if they had built a platform to buy and sell images that wasn’t nominally based on crypto, I don’t think it would have taken off. Not because it isn’t distributed, because as we’ve seen so much of what’s required to make it work is already not distributed. I don’t think it would have taken off because this is a gold rush."

NOT: Non ownable tokens. If you give me money, I will destroy a universally unique set of data on your behalf giving you the sole right to say you are the person who destroyed that specific data. The content cannot be reveled to the buyer as they are only buying the destruction and not the information. Proceeds will benefit me temporarily and nobody in the long term.

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