Alright. I need some help finding some . I've got this see? And I keep planting things and they're doing their thing and I'm eating them like the heartless beast I am... but I feel like I could be a much more efficient heartless beast. I would like to do better planning and tracking of dates planted, quantities harvested, etc.

Does anyone know of a tool that would allow me to
1. Work locally without anyone tracking me to figure out what they can try selling me.
2. Use a GUI to build a garden layout
3. Track planting and harvest details on this graphic layout.

Boosts and addition of forgotten tags are absolutely encouraged, and also I hope you're having an awesome day 😊

@HiRezCanDo I tried and failed to build this precise thing to manage our 2021 farming season. gemini://gemini.sensorstation.

Software and gardening don't mix very well. My advice is to live slower and not worry about efficiency. Pencil and notebook will suffice, or simple spreadsheet if you're so inclined.

@winduptoy Ok, first off thank you for introducing me to Gemini. That's cool.

Second, I love the content you have there. I think we'll get along just fine.

Third, hood point. I was mostly tongue in cheek there, I think my main requirement is to be able to visualize what's in the ground and when it may start being ready. I have a spreadsheet started and I think it'll help keep things straight but I've really only just started to track things so I don't know what im doing 😁

@j12i Hey, that's a nice helper, thanks! And by the power of source code I can add any crops I'd like to grow that aren't there.

@HiRezCanDo @j12i author here, feel free to send patches my way. my year got real crazy and the drought didn't help so I didn't follow my own guide once summer arrived, but it was a handy reference when I was feeling motivated enough to use it and I'll keep dogfooding it next year. I would love to expand it with a rectangular bed planner tool to replace my current pen and paper system. I have dreams of making a fediverse app for garden journaling but I don't know if I'll ever get to it.

@dthompson @j12i Awesome. I love the fediverse. 😁

Absolutely, I'll give it a clone and share any changes I make!

Guess you could you run FarmOS locally? It does loads of nwat stuff.
Theres a load of other open source software thats useful for growers listed in the appropriate technology section of
@dthompson @j12i

@j12i @HiRezCanDo @dthompson what a wonderful resource for generating planting calendars, thank you for creating it and you for sharing the link 😄🍃

@HiRezCanDo not exactly what your looking for but maybe could do some of what you want.

@hieronymus @HiRezCanDo @opensourceseeds there is an open source software with a GUI to build a garden layout and to track planting and harvest details without tracking yourself, it is called Garden Party:

The author is Manuel Tancoigne, you cannot reach him on Mastodon but on Matrix

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