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I live in Canada, born and raised. I've lived in a tiny town, a large city, and a medium sized city, in that order. I think the medium sized city is my favourite.

I've been exploring computers and systems since an early age and over the past decade or so I've started putting more emphasis on privacy, security, obscurity, self expression, and how those things can be supported or hindered by technology. I'm not a professional coder but I've taken a few years of school focused on programming and computers in general. My main source of income isn't directly programming but it sure is made easier by knowing how to tell computers what to do for me!

The past few years have been filled with raising my two young kids, Python, Java, Raspberry Pi, home networking, reducing my internet footprint, securing my home network, etc etc etc, ad nauseum.

Anyway, I'm glad to be here with you fine entities, I hope to learn and share lots! I'm very easy going, so if you ever have any questions or comments, or if I do something that rubs you the wrong way, please let me know!

Realforce board in a Norbaforce Mark II Ghost of Christmas Future Edition case. Keycaps are GMK Bentō with Kobe kit and Rama Salmon Cap. goguma.kb built this and had to use custom adapters on the topre switches. Neat!

Morning Crew Silly 

Life before Google:

You’d think of something, ask your friends, and they would be like “Gosh, I don’t know” and then you’d be like “Oh, well, guess that’s a thing I’ll never know” and then everyone just proceeds with their fucking day.

There are some new metal printing techniques that allow existing printers to generate parts that are ready for debinding with no intermediate steps. All those solid metal bits in engines and shit? They're about to be ours.
Here's the thing with 3d printing. We're not just seizing the means of production. We're expanding the realm of possibilities beyond what capitalism is willing to consider. The tools are getting better every day and opening up more doors. Hell, we're 3d printing *buildings* now.

"That which we look on with unselfish love
And true humility is surely ours,
Even as a lake looks at the stars above
And makes within itself a heaven of stars."

Author: Mary Gardiner Brainard. 1837-1905
Attribution: Ownership.

Hey, does Mastodon generally strip metadata from uploaded media? I know it's not safe to assume, so I strip it myself, but if it does by default that's cool.

The French government switched to Matrix, the German government evaluates free, open and federated messaging solutions, Nextcloud Talk became a great Slack replacement, public authorities in Germany consider a mass exodus from Twitter & Co after EuGH ruling, next stop Mastodon... Seems like we have both, the (political) momentum and the technology to make 2020 a great year for the free & open internet!
#Matrix #XMPP #Nextcloud #Mastodon #Germany #France

So uh what kind of courses do you need re: privacy?

Alright so in about a month I'm going to launch some small courses on how to make your social media and stuff private.

If I can get a bunch of sales I'll be able to make it to DEFCON.

If not, I won't.

I'm here to kick ass and chew bubblegum... and I'm all out of gum.

@haskal Some of my favourite #DdgBangs:

!w Wikipedia
!worldcat Worldcat union library catalogue
!hn Hacker News
!ngram Google Ngram Viewer
!trends Google Trends
!wikisource Wikisource
!dict and !define: dictionaries
!etym Online Etymological Dictionary
!noaa Weather
!se Stack Exchange
!twitter Birbshite
!ud Urban Dictionary

There are *thousands*.

!bang <term> to search bangs.

All from the navbar as DDG is my default search engine.

#ddg #DuckDuckGo

PSA: duckduckgo has !-keywords that redirect searches to other sites
!w - wikipedia
!g - if you want to be a heretic
!aur - the AUR lol
!gh - github
!wa - wolfram alpha

so to search wikipedia for the article on crabs you type
!w crab

if you set ddg as yr default search you can jump to literally all of the webbed site searches with minimal keystrokes :blobcat:

Poverty, billionaires, inequality, wage slavery 

that paper where they scraped Mastodon and found cauliflowers 

You know what, I think I'd like to become more active in reclaiming some power from these hierarchical surveillance states we've found ourselves in.

I believe that would bring me joy.

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