Staying up in the hopes to see the comet again. Hoping the weather clears up.

Of course the clouds are picking up the night I want to go out for some observing.

Hopefully they dissipate by midnight.

Some other pics from this morning's Comet NEOWISE expedition.

Venus, Toronto just before sunrise, and the sunrise.

"Cancel culture" criticism 


On the Harper's "cancel culture" letter.

The problem is this privileged bunch of elites are upset that people are now actually willing to call out their bad ideas as bad.

I do wish it had better batch processing. If anything is going to get to me, I expect it will be that.

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Zotero is pretty decent. It manages to be more help than hindrance in most cases, and even when it can't auto-fill stuff it's not difficult to add things manually.

I have a bunch of old manuals and magazine scans that it (understandably) can't find results for so I will just have to work my way through them.

Stood in the return line at Ikea for nearly 2.5 hours to deal with the standing desk. But it's gone and the office has been rearranged.

Cabling is better, but I now need a longer HDMI cable to connect my monitor to my tower. Not bad. These things usually result in more problems than that.

My ROCK64 is on its way. Outside chance I get it before the end of my vacation.

Oh, nice. Zotero does do something that I wanted it to do. It's just got a silly name in the menu.

Handy. Maybe tomorrow I will spend some time importing a ton of stuff.

Tomorrow I deal with my standing desk that has not worked for some time. I intend to get rid of it since, when I did try it, it felt like a gimmick more than anything else.

I set it to be a sitting desk and after a while I tried the standing thing again, but by then the motor mechanism just failed to work.

I expect it will be an annoying day tomorrow, but I think I need a desk that, well, works.

Zotero solves some of my problems, but not the crucial one, it seems.

Adding new references from their source on the web is easy. Adding the many I already have is not.

Looks like I'm going to have to keep updating my local BiBTeX database for a while, then I'll import it to Zotero.

Now that I can actually launch Zotero, I guess it's time to putting my research docs in order.

Just spent 15+ minutes screwing around with a desktop file because XFCE seemingly doesn't support the %k field code. Due to caching of some kind, my changes were not used until I logged out or locked the screen or whatever Ctrl-Alt-F1 did.

That face!

Even with the eye problems (that aren't slowing her down at all!).

Went out with a midnight walk with my wife to see a bit of the penumbral eclipse, take a peek at Jupiter and Saturn with the new binoculars (I could easily see the four Galilean moon of Jupiter and the oblong shape of Saturn with the rings), as well as a quick look at the Andromeda galaxy.

Nice little viewing night.

This is Mr. Kitty. He was my wife's cat when we met and was a stellar companion for 19 years. This is our favourite picture of him, taken a few months before he died. My wife says this picture reveals his soul.

He loved to snuggle with my wife when she slept by curling up in her shoulder under her arm. He was an amazing cat.

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