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@TechnicolorRainbow Time to vote on the next book!

We had a fun discussion at the last meeting and everyone was enthusiastic about the book, so it's time for a new one.

Pick what you'd like to read, or you want somone else to read and talk about. (Reading the book is not a prerequisite to participating!)

Caya (aka Lil' Toothless, aka Gummy) is doing very well. She is big on rest at the moment. She also drools a lot and has trouble grooming herself, but it's not serious.

Resting like a champ here.

Good bike ride today. I added 8+ kms to my usual ride. Getting further along for my long term goals.

Saddle soreness is also a new reality.

I'm not sold on the idea that adding software to things makes it better. It can help, but the problem is that, like so many things, we go too far.

As soon as Caya got home, Haba started grooming her.

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Caya had surgery to remove all her teeth and is recovering well. Her sister is helping to watch over her.

Today is the day I finish (or get very close to finishing) this review I've been working on for over a month.

My little Caya, post surgery. All teeth have been removed! But her mouth should be a lot better soon.

She was incredibly happy to see me.

The @TechnicolorRainbow meeting didn't really happen this past week, and I don't know if it's because no one read the book but I do know I didn't advertise it well.

Part of the reason for it was that I didn't get a copy of the book yet despite ordering it weeks ago (I still don't have it!). I'd like to still talk about Afterwar with anyone who also read it.

More to come but if you have some feedback, please share. It is appreciated.

My wife always asks her students what they didn't like or what they would improve about her class at the end of the year.

This year, without fail, their response is "online sucks I don't ever want to do it again".

@TechnicolorRainbow Reminder: we're talking about @lilithsaintcrow 's Afterwar tonight, 20:00 EDT on Jitsi.

Feel free to participate even if you haven't read the book but meant to!

My cat has a big dental procedure coming up. It should make her mouth feel a lot better.

Based on the look on her face, she may know.

I thought I'd have and adverse reaction to the new Firefox UI stuff, but honestly... I think it's okay.

Since I get all my music on Bandcamp these days and I don't have kids, I have no idea what popular music is anymore.

I have reached the de facto definition of "old".

Essay writing technique:

  • Write down random thoughts in a bunch of sections
  • Try to review but get confused
  • Start another random thought, but this time keep going with it
  • Get a few such thoughts, loosely connected
  • Put all the other random thoughts away somewhere
  • Edit and realize you do need those other random thoughts
  • Wonder where your evenings went for the last week
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