Donated to Wikipedia because somebody's gotta do it.

I guess you don't use SET and it's all good.

Is this a BAT file thing or a quirk/bug in dosemu? I can't find docs that describe this behaviour.

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I guess I have to be a part of a team before I can sign in?

This makes no sense.

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dosemu2 has this annoying thing where it will reset the PATH in batch files.


I haven't used Slack for a while. Wow. The signup process is utterly obtuse.

Also, I'm told that the Slack channel is where I'll get more responses anyway.

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Boo. I have to register for Slack for something.

Not sure which one I like less: Slack or Discord.

I wish mailing lists weren't such shitshows.

Spent most of the day getting DOS compilers to work in Compiler Explorer.

Anyone know a program that will disassemble or unassemble MS-DOS executables on Linux?

I know there are a lot of disassemblers out there, but it's really unclear which ones support old MS-DOS executables.

Did you know H. Jon Benjamin (the voice of Archer) has a jazz album?

Also, did you know he doesn't know how to play an instrument?

I hate how many "inspirational" stories are all "oh well I was supposed to be a lawyer like my father but I very bravely decided to open a restaurant!" like fuck off

Oddly, it appears to be the compiler's fault for the bad news.

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Good news: I was able to setup DOSemu2 and run an old compiler and use a version of DEBUG to unassemble it. Yay!

Bad news: My PATH resets whenever I run anything.

MASTER BOOT RECORD released some free tracks recently (I think you have to have been a supporter on Bandcamp) and it's all covers of video game music from the glory days of gaming for me.

It is wonderous.

The desire to work on something that I would really appreciate outweighs my extreme dislike of modern web development.

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Save me, I just might be working with a Node app in my spare time soon.

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