Predestination is a criminally underrated movie.

If what I'm hearing is true, beware of out-of-town looters.

And good lord police departments don't need to be small armies.

The George Floyd thing is just horrendous.

Keep up the protests. Don't burn down your own house, but keep up the protests.

re: Astronomy story 

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Astronomy story 

Looking to take the scope out tonight to try and take a picture of something, but then I realized I forget how to align it!

I need the alignment to take decent pics, so maybe I should practice a few times before heading out...

Saw this on Twitter a while ago and found it fun.

One of them was a complete mystery. A few of them are pretty clever.

IMDB trivia bit: "According to reports at the time of the production and interviews with some members of cast and crew, the test screening was disastrous." #wearenameless

If there's nobody falling from the 200th floor in this movie it'll be ruined for me. #wearenameless

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