Maybe the best paper title ever.

"Confronting indifference toward truth: Dealing with workplace bullshit"

Many organizations are drowning in a flood of corporate bullshit, and this is particularly true of organizations in trouble, whose managers tend to make up stuff on the fly and with little regard for future consequences.

Dawkins is like Pinker: read his early stuff; avoid anything recent.

Every time I poke my nose into the Richard Dawkins corner of the world, I feel better that I walked away from it some time ago.

Mike Godwin on the early Internet.

We didn’t see these monopolies and market-dominant players coming, although we should have. Back in the 1990s, we thought that a thousand website flowers would bloom and no single company would be dominant.

I thought this too, but I was a naive bumpkin out of high school. Actually believing this, and building things based on it, are, in hindsight, a categorical mistake that will take a long time to shift away from. Also, John Perry Barlow's essay -- whether sincere or not -- about not having nation states on the Internet was remarkably naive. These early attitudes about the Internet are ones we should not think will just go away because of (good!) things like decentralization.

I found the rest of Godwin's piece worth reading, even if I don't really think he's right in other ways.

My wife asked me the other day how to shut off the music in my office, in case I forget to turn it off. I told her it is easiest to just turn off the speaker. She pressed a bit to know more.

Dare I tell her about SSH'ing into my home server to control cmus? That could be grounds for divorce.

Today is the day I work toward getting rid of gpg-agent. I only need it for one thing and I now have a plan for eradicating that POS software from my system.

Leave it to the local amateur astronomer's association to have a meeting on Valentine's day.

Too tired to read now. Will have to finish in the morning.

I began my investigation with a strong presumption of chicanery. I was unable to imagine the project kickoff meeting in which Wacom decided to bundle Google Analytics with their device, which - remember - is essentially a mouse, but managed to restrain themselves from also grabbing some deliciously intrusive information while they were at it.

Felt awful this afternoon and had to sleep. My cats were giving me tips.


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