#TechnicolorRainbow cDc 

Not cyberpunk, but if you want to see a good movie, check out The Farewell.

Star Trek: Picard 

Checking fedi while I wait for logs to download. As you do.

Time to curl up with the cDc book before falling asleep.

Cheers to Fastmail for answering my question about their TLS certificate promptly via Twitter.

Jeers to them getting my name wrong.

Hey, does Mastodon generally strip metadata from uploaded media? I know it's not safe to assume, so I strip it myself, but if it does by default that's cool.

Shipping was more than the book. Still worth it.

Uh oh... another old computer book that's not too expensive...

I'd just like to reiterate that gpg-agent and pinentry are a detriment to enjoyable computing in every environment I have used them in.

Wikis really are where information goes to die.

My wife and I went for a walk earlier today and helped a person in an motorized wheelchair get through the snow on the sidewalk.

Felt good to help someone out.

Also, it was a bit lucky we happened to come along. It's not clear how long he would have had to wait to get help otherwise.

Even though this article goes into why, I simply do not get why there is so much anti-vax sentiment out there.

(The story within the story here is how two mothers learned the almost-hard-way why vaccines are so important.)


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