It's not staying, but still... :)

Mall tracking, Canadian edition.

A sticker displayed on doors at the mall’s entrance directed shoppers to obtain a copy of the company’s privacy policy at the guest services kiosk. But investigators found the relevant information was buried in the middle of the 5,000-page document

Transferring a cassette to MP3 because that's the kind of year it is.

JOHN OUSTERHOUT: *creates a dynamically language that's good for throwing together code quickly but quickly becomes a mess when things get big*

SOMEONE: hm; I have noticed that this language is handy for writing code quickly but it's not that fast, and things fall apart on larger code bases due to a lack of structure.

OUSTERHOUT: oh, that's because, uh... of an inherent dichotomy in computer languages! and definitely not because of mistakes in the design of the language I created, yeah .... must be some kind of deeper fundamental truth that explains all this.

OUSTERHOUT: (also smalltalk and common lisp do not exist.)

Did you hear about my girl? She likes to party. In fact, at any time you will find her partying. As you would usually say, all the time.

In at least one instance, a foreign adversary was able to take advantage of a back door invented by U.S. intelligence

Here is my surprised face. 😐​

Really wondering: did they know what my password was? (Hint: it was something like 20 random characters.)

I have a feeling they lost some data and are just saying "it's to protect your information".

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Got a reply to my question about why I was told to reset my password!

I understand you were prompted to reset your password. I can help by sharing that we’ve added some measures such as this one to protect yours and all customer information, which is why we’re asking you to strengthen your password.

To reset your password, you can click on the ‘Forgot password’ button and use your current email address to have a temporary password emailed to you.

It answers nothing! I'm gonna drag this out on the principle alone.

2.5 days spent investigating a bug that turned out to be user error.

In the user's defense, it is an obscure thing to deal with.

By the way, if you ever file a bug report and I have to deal with it, please include relevant information. Wish I could expand on that, but to do so will require we meet and have drinks.

Linker bugs are the best(*) bugs.

(*) Best for frustrating you.

The Good Place is one of the best shows in the past 20, maybe 50 years.

Fite me.

I remember reading this a while ago and it describes many of the problems with PGP. No serious cryptographer I've heard thinks it's wrong.

The post reminded me of age/rage, which seems to be ready for use now, so I think I'm going to move anything I have that uses GPG to use that instead.

The project:

By the way, I went through the password reset routine. Now I'm going to email them and ask them how and why my password expired.

Because I'm "old" in the tech world, so I guess I will complain like an old man, except this old man actually knows a thing or two about tech.

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Also fun: when I did log in, it had a popup saying "Go paperless!" which I have, in fact, been doing for some time.

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And now I have to deal with this horseshit.

Can we take the GPG ecosystem and toss it into the sun at this point? Jesus...

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