For some reason I am totally in the mood for Korean BBQ.

"If you can’t be certain what data Microsoft collects or how the company will use it, then you can’t give informed consent."

I think I've got a handle on focussing and settled on some reasonable camera settings. Next up: software and post-processing.

If there's a clear night this week, I'll try to get a decent shot of Jupiter.

Experimenting with the camera on the telescope last night and took a picture of the Toronto skyline.

Ya know, an awful lot of self-publishing advice is "how to use Microsoft Word".

And yes, I am well aware of the pain involved in writing and self-publishing a book.

The book would probably take me a few years to write, but I already knew that.

I think this book is gonna happen...

Getting positive reinforcement from influential friends and acquaintances.

Me to self: "Careful buddy, you're taking this 'writing a book thing' really seriously."

Self: "It's the ultimate side project."

Me: "Oooo, so true. You put forth a good argument."

Watching my cat play with a feather is just pure entertainment right now.

One thing I didn't appreciate about this movie when I was younger was how cartoonish the villian is, yet how much it doesn't matter.

"Frankenstien Monster's monster, Frankenstien" is one of those bizarre weirdness things that you don't really understand for a while and isn't for everyone.

Now that the Eagle has landed, I might go out for some ice cream.

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