The Globe's Report On Business does, in fact, endorse shitposting.

Can we please stop paying attention to most of anything Uncle Bob says these days? The meaningfulness to crackpot ratio is pretty low.

Chasing a gin and tonic with a single malt scotch. Good night to mess with keyboard firmware.

Okay, so I'm liking the Mastodon thing these days. I was leery at first but I've been won over.

Seriously, QMK Toolbox just doesn't work and the QMK Driver Installer is like some sort of Win95 throwback batch file.

Worked in FreeBSD on the first try.

Of course, the instructions assume you're root all the time. *sigh*

QMK firmware is fun but the Windows stuff is just not good.

FreeBSD for the win.

A win for #opensource in Canada.

* Favour open source solutions
* Favour non-prorietary solutions
* Source for custom-built solutions must be released under open source licenses through Government of Canada sites

See C.2.3.8 for the relevant clauses:

are you keeping up? ‘cause the commodire is keeping up with you!


The worst way to start a privacy policy is with a condescending excuse.

I know one of my New Year's Resolutions: set up a gopher server and blog there. I am getting mighty tired of the web.

I wasn't aware how wonky the stabilizers are in their default state. You really do have to modify them.

So I didn't clip the stabilizers for this keyboard and I think the PCB is a bit too close to the housing. Boo.

That said, the point to this was to mess with QMK firmware and learn the basics of keyboard assembly. Thankfully I only need to order a new PCB and switches.

I may have to get a different soldering iron. The one I had was a bit course.

Keyboard completed! Too bad I screwed up the stablizers. :(

Still fun though. I will be doing it again.

I'm not against 'post-filesystem' system designs per se. I actually think a lot of 'post-filesystem' designs would be kind of cool. LIke orthogonal persistence.

Or a database like system where you have copious metadata on objects and navigate through various views of them.

What I don't like is the garbage way Android decided to do things such that every application scans the entire phone and looks for a given filetype and adds them all to its catalog indiscriminately.

(Yes, I know about .nomedia. .nomedia improves matters, but that it's needed shows the design is fundamentally stupid.)

Also the catalogs don't seem to be very good for managing very large amounts of content. And metadata and organization from one application seems not to be portable to other applications.

(Of course we already know that the 'apps own data' paradigm is BAD AND WRONG AND MUST NOT BE ALLOWED, but…)

Got the soldering iron out and it's time to see if I can finish this keyboard construction.

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