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Reminder: @TechnicolorRainbow

We're meeting on Thursday, July 15 at 20:00 EDT to discuss Afterwar, by @lilithsaintcrow and Snow Crash, by Neal Stephenson.

We'll be meeting on Jitsi.

A great irony of digital music is that you often have less information about a track than you do with physical media.

I buy lots of music from Bandcamp. The tags don't contain stuff like who played on the track, the producer, when/where it was recorded, and so forth. The CDs I have almost all have that.

I seem to have a lot of stuff that is not in the Musicbrainz database and as a result, Beets knows nothing about it. Adding to Musicbrainz is an incredible chore and it makes you feel bad if you're even a little bit wrong.

I think the beets/Musicbrainz thing is not working out well here.

I have some real problems with the online world, but man do I love me some wildlife rescue stories.

When asked the question, “What is 1241 × 123?”, GPT-3 outputs “14812”.

CDNpoli #MassiveCringe 

@GeoffWozniak Reminds me of doing presentations in high school and the teacher asked questions

I'm reading home computer magazines from the 1970s. Here is basically what everyone was doing:

  • Creating patches for various versions of BASIC
  • A new language, which was some version of BASIC
  • A Star Trek game
  • A macro processor for the Z80 or 8080

CDNpoli #MassiveCringe 

Check out the answer this Conservative candidate has for how the PPC are different than the Conservatives.

Man, it's been a week.

Wait... what's that? It's not over?

Thinking of relaxing this evening, but I also want to get my music collection in order.

These things do not coincide.

To see the genius of Norm Macdonald, look no further than his delivery of the moth joke.

This reads like a really bad fantasy short story. It's stunning in its stupidity and further proof that if you have money, it does not mean you have intelligence.

The true irony of trying to use a program to deal with duplicates in a mass import of music is that it's actually faster if I did it myself, manally, for each album.

The Musicbrainz style guidelines, were you to read them all, would take you the entire evening.

Maybe "guidelines" is the wrong term here.

Adding stuff to the Musicbrainz database is a helluva chore.

Sooooo... music tagging is as messy as ever, I see.

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