Went to donate to a local food bank and I got a password prompt.

I think someone put in the wrong link.

For the Emacs-ers out there:

They say that dumb-jump is superior.

It is not.

That is all.

Dipping into some White Zombie while I try to come up with an EOL solution for this C compiler.

I already donated a bike to a family who could use it. And we're helping supply food to a family in need.

It's sad that charity is a necessity for so many, but until it isn't, I'm gonna help out.

Going to make a sizable donation to the local food bank this year.

I'm tired of giving and getting gifts. Time for some charity.

What it's like to play with one of my cats 

Caya, bless her adorable face, is the biggest diva when it comes to playtime. She only gets interested if I can throw her crinkley ball on the top of the desk and have it come to rest there. The picture here is my perspective on what throwing the ball is like.

In order for the ball to actually land and rest on the desk, I have to throw it pretty much where the arrow is pointing. Even then, it's about a 70% chance. If I miss, then is much less.

She sits on the floor, waiting for it to land there. If I miss, she doesn't to anything but give me a "wtf, loser" look. If I make it, she jumps up and brings the ball to me to show me her "kill".

I just finished David Graeber's "Debt: The First 5000 Years" and it may be one of the best books I've ever read.

I guess Discord is appealing to somebody, somewhere.

If I wanted to, I could spend $300+

I'd have to put it in the vault!

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Found a copy of an old book I want to get, but because it's an academic collection of papers it's obscure.

Gonna run me about $130 to get it. Guess I'm becoming a book collector.

Hey Canucks in the Fediverse,

Anyone know how to retrieve voicemail remotely from a Rogers ZTE WF720 device?

The Googles tell me it's a 1-800 number to call, but it tells me this account has no access to that function. Howevet I know he's done it for years so there's something I'm missing.

My Dad passed away and I'm trying to figure this out for my Mom. Any help is appreciated.

Happy Thanksgiving to my American fedi friends!

It's not a holiday here but I really don't feel like doing anything tonight.

Trying to get Small C to compile on a DOS system and it's pretty awful.

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