Setup my telescope today in my living room to do basic terrestrial viewing to get a feel for things, like how much dimmer and fuzzier things are with the Barlow lens.

I pointed it at a random place in the sky and saw a satellite go by. Cool.

FUCK! google!

trying to log into an old gmail account, I know the password, never set a "backup email address" or phone number (on purpose), and now google "can't confirm my identity". account lost forever because I don't log into it often enough.

looking for suggestions on an alternative email service that won't fuck me.

I am doing Very Important Research: which scifi film features space coffee the most.

Right now my top two candidates are Alien(1979) and Event Horizon(1997).

If you know of films with more/equal appearances of space coffee, please let me know! Boosts appreciated for this Very Important Research.

"For years, Apple and Google have allowed companies to bury surveillance features inside the apps offered in their app stores. And both companies conduct their own beacon surveillance through iOS and Android."

"It's time for the institution of public libraries to die."

After a couple days away, one of the first things I see on my Twitter feed.

How quaint.

The lastest logo is pretty sweet.

Here's a shot of Hamilton Harbour my wife took through some binoculars. Because hey, why not?

Some rather lame pics of Jupiter. It was a lot more impressive through the eyepiece than this.

You can barely make out a couple of moons. The phone camera was not fast enough to take a picture and avoid the blurriness.

I'll post some pics we took of Jupiter, although they aren't good.

That was a successful first outing with the telescope.

- Got to see Jupiter and its moons
- Also see the bands of clouds!
- It was the first thing I showed my wife (who was a trooper for coming out with me)
- Some random passerbys got to see Jupiter too!
- We took some not so good photos of Jupiter and a couple of the moon

I'm also getting better at setting up the scope.

I forgot how much I liked this.

Astronomy luck today: sky is clear and Jupiter is going to be visible. Maybe I should have a nap.

I know nothing about the book A Wrinkle In Time, but I can say the movie is not captivating me.

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