They [cryptocurrencies] fail as “digital gold” or a “store of value” because they consume ludicrous amounts of energy to run what is essentially a glorified spreadsheet.

Can't have a classical CD collection without at least one of them saying "Naxos" on it somewhere.

Reading a bit about "DWeb" (decentrailized web) stuff on the Internet Archive blogs and these people are delusional.

Never opened, so still in the original packaging.

Should put it in a time capsule somewhere.

That the Internet Archive seems to think Web3 is a good idea tells me someone there had better give their head a shake.

22 classical CDs and I suspect exactly one of them will have known metadata.


Questionable music 

This is the best song on that "wake up: get out of my fucking house" album, imo.


I have an album called "wake up: get out of my fucking house"

One of the tracks is from a band called "czechoslovakian cock".

The titles are generally better than the songs.

If you want to see MusicBrainz really fall over, just query it for a classical CD.

I love it that my copy of "Songs in the Key of Springfield" is directly beside my copy of "Songs in the Key of X" in my CD collection.

Now that I'm ripping my CDs again, I've decided I'm actually going to listen to the joke ones I have, including The Simpons Sing the Blues and David Hasselhoff's album.

Really curious to find out which one is more tolerable.

Back to ripping CDs. Still deciding what to do about album art.

I was plumbing the depths of GCC today.

Send help.

Wearing the socks that have slots for each toe that I got when I worked at what was then RIM.

Lots of colours too. It wasn't much of a gift, but they've lasted 10 years!

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