Not long ago I hurriedly copied all my stuff onto my archive drive to sort it out later.

It is now later.

Tab reduction and backup setup day.

Gotta happen sometime.

There is this real faith that technology will be able to do all these things and that in using these technologies we’d reduce traffic congestion, we’d eliminate deaths on the road, we’d eliminate or significantly reduce the transportation system’s contribution to climate change, we’d ensure that it was much easier for underserved people to get access to transportation, all of these things. And largely that has not been followed through on.

Summer camping trip pics, con't.

A couple shots of the Petawawa River. It was a lovely paddle with lots of portages, but they were really short. They mostly existed to get past rapids.

Summer camping trip pics, con't.

Site on the second night on Misty Lake. Also a typical site but not much is seen here. It's just my shadow, a fire pit, some chairs, and a canoe.

Summer camping trip pics, con't.

This was the first site we setup at on Wenona Lake. It was a long day (six portages) but the site was really nice.

Here it's a calm lake and there are trees all the way to edge and all the way around the lake.

That's a common theme. 😃

Summer camping trip pics, con't.

A portage route. The elevation here wasn't uncommon. Going down is actually worse than going up.

Lots of rocks and roots. At least it wasn't wet!


US Pol: Trump may have had Top Secret documents related to the nuclear program at his home.

CAN pol: The premier of Ontario swallowed a bee at a news conference.

Here's the route we took on our backcountry portage trip in Algonquin Provincial Park.

It's about 12km of portaging and close to 60km of paddling.

"You now have 15 minutes to reach minimum safe distance."

I promise more pics of the portage and camping trip are coming.

I am somehow swamped with little things to take care of that need more attention.

I did manage to sneak in the first episode of The Sandman and it feels like it might be good.

It's amazing how busy you can be right after vacation.

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