Doing about 15 words a minute on Colemak home row only. Feel pretty good about it, for the most part. Getting used to the 'e' and 's' has been the toughest part.

Now at the confidence level to type on social media. ;)

Colemak training is going well. As is learning the Ergodox.

Slow, but getting better.

Leaked audio from a recycling coalition about how Coke is using hefty public donations to recycling coalitions to shape policy such that no meaningful reduction of plastic bottle generation can happen.

Decided to go with Colemack while I'm at it. Since I have to learn to type again anyway...

Bit of luck and I was able to pick up the keyboard today.

Time to learn to type again.

Boo. I can't get my keyboard until Monday.

So much for that weekend plan.

The thing about books that attempt to teach you about practical debugging tools is that they rarely talk about the hairy stuff.

You know, the stuff that you'll always run into.

No one cares much about using a debugger to fix a toy binary tree example. How about the stuff where the data structures are structs with a bunch of unions? Deciphering the output without some help is borderline impossible.

Brain won't let go of an issue that came up today. Now ranting in my head.

I'm not sure if I'm enjoying it so much that I want to research it some more, knowing that I need some sleep.

Got the trackball today. It will take a little getting used to, but I can see it working well once I have the split keyboard.

Services automating things has pushed the complexity onto the users.

Delivery boondoggle 

Keyboard shipped! Maybe I'll be learning to type again on the weekend!

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