So work VPN is a nightmare here at the hotel. Drops every minute or two.

Looks like the hotel is fucking with VPN traffic. I'm using TunnelBear (don't judge) and I had to turn on "GhostBear" (probably some kind of traffic hiding) in order for the connection to be stable.

Keep in mind I know very little about VPNs and how they work, aside from the basic concepts.

Oh, and guess what? It doesn't find my SSH agent when I ssh into the box.

That's it, I'm done. Never again.

The solution, of course, is some magic bullshit:

echo UPDATESTARTUPTTY | gpg-connect-agent

Can we please get rid of this crap?

Fuck GnuGP sucks.

"Use it as an ssh-agent."

This happens. Every. Damn. Time.

"But when reductive functions stopped being lenses to make sense of the world as it was, and started being references for how the world should be, pests like clickbait became swarms, and the digital forest started to die."

I live in an old apartment with no air conditioning. I also live in the Toronto area. The summers can be humid and uncomfortable. I'm content without AC. Lower ceilings and ceiling fans work very well.

When I do have AC (say, in hotel rooms where open windows are rarely an option), I tend to keep it at high temperature. It boggles my mind when I walk into a place and it's actually cold in the summer.

Nothing was disrupted (and the film was good). We did run into this guy screaming "Lies lies lies" and occasionally "Fuck you!" on the street.

It was really hard to read his sign. It had a lot of things on it. I know part of it said, "Google Touchi, Eat Sushi. Free Mental Patient. Mental Patient Puppet. Bee Happy."

Wearing my t-shirt to TIFF.

If the projector messes up, you know who to blame.

In fact, some of what I wanted to cite is in those missing pages.

Reading a book on the history of mathematics. It was published in 1923.

There is a lot of casual racism in it. Stuff like "primitive savages", "races of lesser intelligence", and a prevailing notion that contact with Europeans is a prerequisite to being smart enough to understand numbers.

I have a hard copy, but it's also available on However, it is missing pages.

Went to a backyard BBQ competition today and, well, I don't need to eat for about a week.

Sites that require you to register and then don't offer a way of deleting your account is nothing short of malfeasance.

I think my favourite thing about the "Report on Business" section of The Globe and Mail is that it regularly refers to itself as "ROB".

I doubt they're going for irony.

When I hate computers like I do right now, I turn to my cats to feel better.

Thank you, gpg-agent and pinentry, for making me hate computers even more.

Is it just me or do gpg-agent and pinentry really do the opposite of what they claim, that is, make key caching easy.

If you only use GUI or only use a terminal, then you might be okay. As soon as you combine the two, it's a fucking disaster.

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