“The library has always been a community center, a place where the public can get something they wouldn’t have otherwise, like free Internet,” another D.C. children’s librarian said. “But it feels like we’ve become too good at our jobs. It becomes, ‘Oh, the library can handle it.’ We’re getting more and more tasks and responsibilities that just feel overwhelming.”


work hunting 

current work is gettign pretty bad... time for a new job (at least until such time as we can depart this capitalist hellscape forever, in the meantime tho there are bills, sooooo.... )

anyway, looking for a new job. i do data egineering / analytics / data science type stuff... lotsa python and sql and many sets of data and data plumbing and all that kind of thing... if anyone has leads on that sort of work at a nice place with kind people, feel free to ping me or point me in the right direction.

Monday: Fuck you Mozilla 🖕
Tuesday: *Searches for usable browsers that are not google in a trenchcoat or otherwise have some fatal issue*
Wednesday: *angry continued use of Firefox sounds*

Hey, Fediverse? Do you mind if I ask a question?

I've been looking for something that's basically federated, decentralized Tumblr. I found Movim... and I'm gonna throw that at a Yunohost this weekend. Anything else I should know about?

Yeah, yeah sure I have a wireless network running throughout my house.

But never underestimate the bandwidth of an external SSD running up and down the stairs.


Seasons Greetings! May your holiday be merry and bright and may C-3PO find pants under his tree.

Gives new meaning to the term "goldenrod."

@CyberpunkLibrarian I'd very much like that.

I've been half-assedly kicking around an idea to build such a thing, generally referred to as #KFC (Krell Functional Context / Krell Fucking Context, variously). See also #WebFS and #DocFS which relate: accessing the Web as a filesystem (see Plan9OS) and a documents-oriented filesystem in which "paths" are actually "search queries" through various spaces (author, title, pubdates, subjects / keywords, publishers, identifiers ISBN/OCLC/LOCCN/DOI, etc).

The results of any path specification are strictly one of:

  • No results (a failed search).
  • One result (an identity search, at least at the time performed).
  • Multiple results (a set). Which might be variously small or large (I'm thinking of some vaguely logrithmic scale for classifying this.)

I'd also like to see workflow included, some sense of a cataloguing workflow (desired, aquired, classified, converted (to some minimally-sufficient complexity best format, which is to say, LaTeX 😺 ) privacy scopes and controls, and relations between works (citations, references, translations, authors, concepts, projects, ...)

Mind, this is all but entirely vapourware.


@CyberpunkLibrarian Great show, and very timely!

I'm very familiar with Plex and have a server and a pro account sitting in front of several terabytes of media.

Like you, I'm not pleased with the direction that Plex has been heading in lately.
I'd been thinking about Trying Jellyfin again anyway, and your episode pushed me over the edge. It's come a LONG way since I looked at it a couple of years ago!

I'm one of those weirdos who puts the taskbar at the top of the screen. Doesn't matter what the OS or DE is. KDE: on top. XFCE: on top. Windows 10: on top.

Ran into an issue this morning.

Moving the taskbar to the top in Windows 10:

1. Open the Taskbar Settings.
2. Change location.

Moving the taskbar to the top in Windows 11:

1. Search for the location in Taskbar Settings.
2. You won't find it there.
3. Google the problem.
4. Launch RegEdit.
5. Say, out loud to the empty room around you, "There is no way in hell that I'm going to edit my registry only to move this goddamn taskbar."

But, if you really wanna know how to do it:


Gawd, Microsoft is stoopid.

For now I'm running both Plex and Jellyfin in docker containers side-by-side.
The media server containers are on their own Ubuntu server, and they're pointing at the media which is on a separate Unraid server. That makes it pretty easy to run them both in parallel until I'm totally comfortable with moving completely to Jellyfin. I've only been playing with it for a couple of days, and I'm really liking it so far.
Thanks for putting that Cyberpunk Librarian episode together!

@CyberpunkLibrarian Nothing off the top of my head. I'm largely just using files in directories myself, with index pages. That's for a small subset of my contents.

I'd run across mention somewhere to some kind of digital media library management tool that's Free Software / Open Source, though I can't remember the name offhand. I believe it's geared mostly at music and video, but can serve ebooks as well.

If you actually want to track stuff by read/not read status, or project, or classify it ... I really don't know. Most of what I've seen is a clusterf*ck.

Calibre and Zotero seem to be the nearest thing to a general sollution.

Wallabag might fit this bill, and can be self-hosted. It's more geared at HTML, though it might be flexible.


Look, I need you to understand. I've been a drummer for damn near 30 years.

I still have no idea how to do any of this.


Holy shit this patron has an email from prodigy.net.

I figure someone in here has an address at well.com.

Hey can anyone recommend something in the way of a document management server software? Like, I've got tonnes of files; some are text, others are PDF, some DOCX, XLSX, and so on. We're not talking books, we're talking documentation, help files, spreadsheets, etc.

Is there something out there (preferably with a browser based system) that I can throw this stuff at and make it searchable? It'd be great if I could just upload files en masse.

I suppose NextCloud does something like this, but I'm looking for a dedicated solution. I use BookStack for other things, but I don't think it'd be great for this stuff.

Maybe it's just me. In fact, it's quite likely just me. But just in case it's not...

Dear App Developers:

Might I suggest a different colour? Any different colour?

Because all day and all night
Everything I see is just blue
Like me
Inside and outside

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