Hello, good afternoon, yes, sorry for the bother, but...

Someone needs to make this, please? So that I might give them all the money.

eye contact, movie trailer image 

Every so often I catch a glimpse of the Cruella trailer on my timeline on whatever social network is advertising it. And every time my brain processes it as Sia.

And now for something completely different:*

Vishten - Tobie Lapierre


* It's not that different. Those who know me and what I normally listen to? They'd think this was more of the same. Either way, much 馃挏 for Visht猫n.

For now, it's 07:24 local and thus time to fire up my RSS reader and get pissed at the news.

Surely there's an iOS app that takes the "Five O'Clock Somewhere" philosophy to its logical conclusion and, based off your current location, will tell you exactly where on Earth it's five o'clock.

I don't need such a thing, but I'd be happy to know it exists.

That moment when you pop your neck and it's so loud that the dogs look up at you to make sure you're okay.

My favorite Star Wars movie is every single episode of The Mandalorian.

The cable tech left about an hour ago. I've got my main computer hooked up to the new cable connection in my office, through a gigabit network switch hooked into the router.

I'd forgotten the speed difference between wifi and wired. I was legit startled by the speed difference when I loaded a website to test the connection.

Now I just need a second UPS, an hour or so to move everything around, and I'll be set for the next time that goddamn transformer down the street explodes.

If you鈥檙e a fan of educational YouTube, or a guy named Michael Stevens鈥 then you鈥檒l likely know the song Moon Men by Jake Chudnow.


Closing Firefox so I can reboot the computer:

Firefox: You are about to close 52 tabs.

Me: Ummm... maybe I should do some clean up and triage right quick.

馃摎馃 It does a nerdy librarian's heart good when I get an email from another librarian I've never met, and they've been checking out my repository of useful SQL for Polaris ILS. And they're not only using it, but they've got a question about it.

And then that question turns into an answer, which turns into an update, which turns into a new commit and new useful stuff on the repo! 馃馃摎

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