re: Adventures in advertising. Also: The Hitman series of video games. 

Amazon: Here is a jump rope! We'll categorize it under Office Products → Office & School Supplies → Desk Accessories & Workspace Organizers → Drawer Organizers.


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Adventures in advertising. Also: The Hitman series of video games. 

I clicked on this thing because I was curious what Amazon was trying to sell me this time.

Their story is... this is a jump rope.

But ya see, I've played the Hitman series of video games...

I finally removed Instagram from my phone. It was hard to see my friends’ posts within the stream of ads, suggestions, and other algorithmic bullshit.

Besides, I’ve been wanting to use my Pixelfed more often.

😩 Summary of my emails with Xencelabs, PicassoTab, Huion, XpPen, Artisul and UGEE: it's hopeless. 😅

browsers, operating systems, and swearing - based upon a true story 

Browser defaults on the major desktop operating systems:

macOS: Safari is awesome!
Me: I wanna use Firefox.
macOS: Ok!

Linux: <<DistroPreferredBrowser>> is awesome!
Me: I wanna use Firefox.
Linux: Ok!

Windows: Use Edge, bitch. We know what's best for you.
Me: I wanna use Firefox.
Windows: Fuck you.

ohai there, did you know you can skip all of youtube's fucking bullshit and just download the actual video files to your computer and do whatever the fuck you want with them like, put 'em in a folder! for later! or maybe you hate the youtube algorithm tracking your every interaction!

WHATEVER YOUR REASON, here's a real quick guide to basic usage of the yt-dlp tool, which is a command-line software that can download NOT ONLY from youtube but a whole BUNCH of website type things where videos play

Naughty professional voice actors, sex, US politics, and the birdsite. 

Reason number 638 in the book Reasons Why I Love Grey DeLisle.

@CyberpunkLibrarian I've seen that image captioned "What happens when you fart in a Smart Car".

Criminals and alcohol. 

Martha Stewart is on bottles of 19 Crimes.

Yeah, okay. I’m good with that. 👍

@CyberpunkLibrarian The worm was my favorite character in Scary's World. Thanks for childhood memories.

Last time I saw a car like this it was in a Richard Scarry book, and the worm driving it was having a busy day.

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