Nothing shows how cryptocurrency is fundamentally about oppressing the poor quite like NFTs, which essentially exist only to con people or launder outrageous sums of money.

At least Bitcoin handles a handful of actual financial transactions every few minutes. It's absolutely terrible at what it does, but it *does* something.

NFTs are a misrepresention of a non-solution to imagined problems and I confess that when someone talks to me about them credulously, my mind wanders into the structural properties of their jaw.

He’s a very elegant sort of dog. The kind who would take the dishes out of the sink before he pees in it.

We shipped a few comment improvements!

- Autocomplete hashtags + mentions
- New UI, optimized for mobile
- Remembers timeline position when you go back to timelines

While this is only available for timeline comments, we plan to roll this out to the rest of :pixelfed: later this week.


re: Food porn: kinda almost literally? 

Also, today I learned that, when you record a screencast from iOS, it records the background audio too. Enjoy the music. It's Thistle Radio on Soma FM.

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Food porn: kinda almost literally? 

So this is the animated thingy Telegram gave me when someone on my contacts list joined the service.

In other news, I have a filthy mind.

alcohol, beer 

Tiki Island Wheat and Nightfall porter from Galveston Island Brewing. Top shelf stuff right here!

a beautiful, well-made website does not need to be flashy

Google fired another woman working in the ethics of AI... because she was looking into why they fired the woman before her who was working in the ethics of AI.

Loituma - Now and Then

A mid-2000s Internet meme.

Two videos.
The same group.
The same song.
23 years between them.

Salivili hipput tupput täppyt
Äppyt tipput hilijalleen

I'm at that point where I reboot my computer because I have, like, 60 apps open and I don't even remember why.

The latest episode of Cyberpunk Librarian is live and online!

Join me for Episode 61 - Cyberpunk Community Librarian Part Two in which we take on digital print management, from eBooks to digital zines, digital magazines, and eComics!

This is Cosmo. Cosmo woke me up this morning by walking out of bed into a laundry basket and getting himself stuck. Good boy, Cosmo. I’m glad we don’t live near any sinkholes or canyons or something.

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