People love Autobots in 2029AD.

As a dude who's into cyberpunk, and also happens to be a fan of Transformers, this one resonates with me on several levels.

Art by: kriksix -

I’m a sucker for Snoopy. And when I saw this Samurai Snoopy (I call him Beagle Yojimbo) I had no choice but to snag it.

Updated the Useful Polaris SQL repo.

Added query to get basic item history based on an ItemRecordID. SimplyReports can get ItemHistory, but can only do so through an item barcode. If the item has been deleted, Simply won't work. But this will.

Thank god. The FTC is finally tackling the tough issues that plague the common person.

Report: FTC investigating McDonald's and why their ice cream machines are "always broken"

Francisco Partners acquires Follett School Solutions which, of course, includes Destiny LMS.

Am I the only one who can't wait for his kids to turn 21 so I can throw them a beer and say "C'mon. We gotta go outside and talk some shit."?

Coconut Pineapple Sparkling Ice and Kirkland Signature Spiced Rum is a keto friendly beverage.

Tell your friends. They won't care, but tell them anyway. Gotta keep those fuckers on their toes.

Look, I'm not upset or anything. It's just that I didn't know Gillian Anderson as Morticia Addams was an option that was available to me. DefCon meetup tonight at 8PM in Bally’s bar area.

Yes, it’s going to be a cigar party… but you don’t have to have one.

It started on the road.
It found you at home.
And this fall, there's something else sharing the airwaves.

@CyberpunkLibrarian Cyberpunk 2084, the prequel. IKEA meatballs gain sentience and are rather upset about their treatment.

Continuing consolidations in Electric Libraryland - Volaris is buying EnvisionWare. This is the same group that owns BiblioCommons, Softlink, and Prima.

I'm an open source nerd. I'm a library nerd. I work with Polaris ILS and Innovative products every damn day.

So my eyebrows shot straight up when I read that ByWater is working with Innovative to make Koha, a FOSS ILS, work with INN-Reach:

hell yeah I can tell these extensions apart by their icons, can't you?

This isn't Dylan
It's not Henry Rollins
This guy with blonde hair?
Is a younger Phil Collins.

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