Did Moxie literally take a position as the new matrix baddie or something? Because... Like days after 'to serve man' as 💩.

@thegibson sounds about right on schedule; "Moxie gets bored with stuff and moves on suddenly" is within expected parameters

@calcifer @thegibson Multiple other tech ceos have all done the same thing in the last couple months, which is weird.

@vortex_egg @thegibson fair, but tbh all of tech is undergoing massive churn at the moment. Which is weird, sure, but I don't see any additional signal in the fact that CxOs are part of the churn.

@vortex_egg @calcifer @thegibson And I don't think Moxie is all that much against cryptocurrency.

But who knows. I don't follow him that closely.

@thegibson @GeoffWozniak @calcifer I can tell you from my time looking into the conspiracy theory and cults space, which is riddled with and heavily overlaps with scams, grifts, and pyramid schemes, there is not hard line between the grifter and the true believer and the most successful people are both at the same time.

@GeoffWozniak @thegibson @vortex_egg with Moxie? I'd say a little of column A, a little of column B. I'd be surprised if he was all "cryptocoins and blockchains will solve everything" like the true believers.

But my read is that he genuinely sees cryptocurrency as having real value and is going after it because he believes he can make it better.

@ged @vortex_egg @thegibson @GeoffWozniak yes. A blockchain is a distributed public ledger with strong non-repudiation properties. It has a few legitimate uses but is overused due to buzzword status. PoW/PoS are designed to be approaches to creating an artificial scarcity

Any cryptocurrency needs to have some kind of scarcity (PoW/etc.) and some kind of distributed proof of ownership (blockchain/Merkle tree/etc). So far, no one has come up with a solution to that pair of problems that doesn't cause a whole bunch of other problems, unfortunately

@GeoffWozniak @calcifer @thegibson Despite the recent critical article, Moxie launched a cryptocurrency literally the day before it was published.

@vortex_egg @calcifer @thegibson They're all divesting of Earthly obligations so they can go live in Elon's bunker on Mars.

(I'm not actually an Elon-conspiracy type, but it's implausible that Bezos can get his offworld bunker built & reachable this decade)

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