I kind of want an M1 Mac to play with.

No I can’t justify it, but it would be cheaper than upgrading my workstation.

@TheGibson macs as the cheaper option, hell really has frozen over

@cinebox To be fair... that is in comparison to a threadripper rig.

@thegibson @cinebox spend some time with iOS (I mean, OS X) before committing to it. It’s become a real piece of shit over the last few years.

@requiem @thegibson @cinebox I'm curious what a concrete thing is that you think is shitty about it lately?

@vortex_egg @thegibson @cinebox hard to pick one but the way it interferes with installing and running software would be one of them.

OS X was once a nice pretty Unix, but now it’s continuously mettlesome, slow and unreliable.

@requiem @thegibson @cinebox It doesn't seem to be as rock solid as it used to, but it isn't falling over constantly for me as a daily driver or anything like that either. I'm also not doing a whole lot of techy-techy stuff with it, so I'm probably not hitting the same broken edges.

I should really get onto a Linux one of these days.

@thegibson Correct. And iOS at 6 (before it got transparent)

@thegibson @vortex_egg @requiem @cinebox I usually say Tiger was peak. Leopard/Snow Leopard fixed stuff but also "fixed" stuff.

But really I'm on Bug Sir now and it's… uglier, sometimes annoys me, but it's the same Mach-BSD workstation as ever. I can bang out system-fucking-around code in Xcode anytime I like.

Mac apps are so damned good.

People get all bent out of shape about a few gatekeeper dialogs (self kinda included); you can turn off SIP if you like living dangerously (no, do not).

@mdhughes @thegibson @vortex_egg @cinebox another one of my favorites is how they removed support for most filesystems, and crippled the ones they still support.

God help you if you want to use an SD card that works on anything other than another Mac.

@requiem @thegibson @vortex_egg @cinebox Apple's never really supported that, except incidentally to supporting CDROMs, but MacFuse works fine with any FS you can want on Big Sur.

@mdhughes @thegibson @vortex_egg @cinebox it claims to support FAT-family file systems, it just doesn’t work right 😇

They also used to support others but dropped them over the years for one reason or another.

Just one more thing that makes using a Mac today annoying. If the only computers you use are Apple products it’s probably less of a problem, but for people who hack on a lot of different stuff it’s death by 1k cuts…

@requiem @thegibson @vortex_egg @cinebox I read/write SD cards in EXFAT, FAT-32, NTFS (last only with MacFuse) all the time. I don't bother with anything but HPFS+ on my USB drives, but it'd work the same. Learn to love MacFuse. Everything you want to do on the Mac is possible, but you may have to hack a bit.

@mdhughes @thegibson @vortex_egg @cinebox again these are just a few things that come to mind and I’m sure with an infinite amount of time there are work-arounds.

How about the hell that is the forced iCloud integration?

I used to love the Mac, and there have been a few times in history that I thought it was great, but right now it’s coasting, and each new release causes more problems without adding much value.

Hopefully they’ll come back again.

@requiem @thegibson @vortex_egg @cinebox Who's forcing you to use iCloud? If you don't use a mac.com address (or whatever it is now, I still have my OG mac.com), there's Reminders & Notes, but you don't have to use those. iWork will save there unless you save elsewhere (mine all goes in DropBox).

Nor is it especially hellish, just a service you may or may not want.

@mdhughes @thegibson @vortex_egg @cinebox since they implemented that everything defaults to saving to the cloud. Every time you save a file you have to point it somewhere else.

Even the built-in text editor does this, which to me is obnoxious.

Again I’m sure you can work-around it, but why should “opt-out” be the default? I’ve also experienced all of those opt-outs getting reset after a system update.

@requiem @thegibson @vortex_egg @cinebox That's not true. Files save where they were opened from, or last folder, depending on app (it's not specified in AppKit itself). I dunno what's happened to your setup, but it Works On My Machine, as they say. I have a local drive full of stuff, the iClouds haven't taken it away.

@mdhughes @thegibson @vortex_egg @cinebox you’re right, I’m making all this stuff up.

OS X is perfect.

@requiem @thegibson @vortex_egg @cinebox
1) Open TextEdit from Spotlight.
2) Type something.
3) ⌘S
4) iCloud & TextEdit's iCloud container (before and after, it's empty, because I've never saved there) are in the sidebar, but I'm prompted and allowed to save in Home as expected.
5) Profit!

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