Turnips, ACNH 

Turnips in my island are at 173.

If you want to come here and sell yours just lemme know and I'll open the gates (less than 3 hours left)! :ablobcatrave:

#AnimalCrossing #Turnips

re: Turnips, ACNH 

@eloisa How about a whole backpack of rotten ones?

You want those? :P

My daighter tricked me into time travelling by a few hours to try to sell them in a desperate attempt a few weeks ago... she knew what would happen...

I got social engineered by a 13 yr. old cybercrime mastermind.

re: Turnips, ACNH 

@thegibson @eloisa HOT DAMN

That cyberbully, I'm coming to like her.


re: Turnips, ACNH 

@m4iler @eloisa oh no, the cyberbully is the 17 yr. old.

this one is sneaky, mischievious, underhanded, and everyone underestimates her...

you never she her move, you just look up and realize she sliced you.

re: Turnips, ACNH 

@thegibson @eloisa Anyone who can outgibson gibson is a buddy of mine.

re: re: Turnips, ACNH 

@m4iler @eloisa

I'm usually selling mine on turnip.exchange

The lowest I've ever sold was 480.

Well, I'm playing for 4 Weeks now, but still...
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