RepRap folks, the ones who believe strongly in 3d printing their next printer. I wanna see a fully transparent build. I want a 3d printer where I can see the print through the hotend. Yes, I'm aware it it'll involve transparent aluminum which only exists on star trek. Don't care. Get cracking.

@sungo Using a mirror on the bed does help with seeing things and looks really cool.


@DistroJunkie I've got a glass bed that works well enough for that. I just have a printhead that's full of fans and was printing some small parts with dodgy interiors. I was struggling to see the interiors

@sungo Just about the sleekest hot end is probably the E3D V6. Depending on your cooling fan setup, it gets out of the way. And you can buy Chinese clones for less than $20USD.

@DistroJunkie The hotend isn't actually the visibility issue. The rostock printhead has three big fans around it. But at least it has lights

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