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All times in UTC (PDT -7).

1800-1900 Dally Rhythm w/ @iiogama

1930-2000 Dubious Goals Committee w/ tob

2000-2100 The Sound Show w/ mjt

2200-0100+1 Hardmous w/ @hardmous

0100-0200 Intergalactic Wasabi Mix w/ @snowdusk_

0200-0300 OpenVoIP call 929-299-1269

0300-0600 OpenMic

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U can chat w/ the DJ et al on COM & IRC!

Daily show lineup in pictures:

@snowdusk_ I don't understand what I'm listening to right now.

@dokuja @snowdusk_ It definitely had the script from "The Matrix" but all the mentions of "The Matrix" were replaced with "Brexit" And then a bunch of robot gibberish.

@estoricru @dokuja oh hahaha yes dokuja is right, that's the aNONradio headline news -- which is really our robo DJ Daniel (he is actually one of the text-to-speech voices installed on macOS) is reading actual BBC headline news from their home page 😅 and hacked Matrix script LOL

@estoricru @dokuja thank u so mucch!!!! don't let the stream go to waste! 😅✌️it's going to get busy from 2PM EDT when the actual living organic DJs will be DJing live via your fibre-optic cables or crappy copper wires! 😂 thank u for your support!

@snowdusk_ @dokuja Hell yeah I'm just chilling at home for the next couple hours so I'll keep it on.

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