I hear this all the time:

"I'm a nobody; why would anyone want to hack me?"

I've got six reasons for you:

  1. You have money.
  2. You have good credit.
  3. You were randomly chosen.
  4. You pissed off the wrong person.
  5. Your friend or family members pissed off the wrong person.
  6. You put yourself out there as an online entrepreneur, Twitch streamer, YouTuber, etc.

If you think no one would ever try to hack you, you need this episode.

There's going to be a live YouTube Premier of this episode at YourSecure.Life/2 at 5 PM Eastern US time.

If you're not seeing this post until after that time, don't worry...you can still watch it. Any time, anywhere. Just go to the website.

There is also an audio version (it is a podcast afterall) and a text version of the transcripts, if you're more into reading.

@estoricru #7: you're a step towards someone who they do want to hack. We're all 6 degrees of separation at most from someone worth hacking.

@jeffcliff That’s what #5 actually is in the episode. The “Pissing someone Off” was just the example but I should have made it more clear that I meant any of the other steps could be someone close to you.

Thanks for pointing that out. I’ll be sure to include it next time I talk on this :)


@jeffcliff Yeah, the original post is discussing my podcast episode that went out yesterday.

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