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1. Walk away from meaningless conflict.
2. Do your best to avoid creating meaningless conflict.

But maybe that's the same thing more words :)

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@endomain @xj9 It's arbitrating the "meaningless" part that stumps people.
@matilde @endomain

that's where things get subjective, and the real question becomes "do we have compatible values?"
@xj9 @endomain My favourite follow-up is "Can it be okay if we don't? Can we just agree to go do our own thing in our own independent spaces, then?"
@matilde @endomain

maybe the "meaningless" part is not needed then.

1. Walk away from conflict
2. Do you best to avoid creating conflict
@endomain @matilde

to me the operative word would be useful. if there is some value that can be derived from a conflict then it can be worthwhile to pursue. "meaningful" seems a little bit too abstract and subjective. defining the goal or the utility of the conflict is a more revealing introspection i think.
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